Artistes Wish Savio Tsang a Speedy Recovery

There have been reports that 58-year-old actor, Savio Tsang (曾偉權), is currently battling lung cancer. However, the media has not been able to reach his cell number to confirm the news. Regardless, Savio’s colleagues and friends from the industry hope that he will recover soon.

With the release of Forensic Heroes 4 <法證先鋒IV>, Savio was initially cast in an important role as Alice Chan’s (陳煒) love interest. Producer Mui Siu Ching (梅小青) expressed that she wanted to reunite Savio and Alice onscreen after their successful partnership in Deep in the Realm of Conscience <宮心計2深宮計>. Due to his sickness, Savio resigned from his role after one day of filming and he was replaced by Timothy Cheng (鄭子誠).

Alice said, “While we were filming, Savio said he wasn’t feeling well. He went to the doctor’s the next day for a check up. He has a really important role in the drama so Mui Siu Ching asked if he could do it. Due to his health, he declined but agreed to a cameo role. I don’t know about his condition right now, but I hope that he will recover soon.”

Producer Mui Siu Ching also confirmed that Savio’s condition had improved slightly after the series started filming, so she cast him in a cameo role in Forensic Heroes 4 instead.

In hopes of learning more about Savio’s health condition, reporters reached out to Mui Siu Ching’s younger sister and former artiste, Cutie Mui (梅小惠), who had dated Savio for 13 years. However, Cutie expressed that the two have lost contact, “I don’t know about his health condition, but I wish him the best and hope that he is recovering. With the current coronavirus outbreak, I hope that everyone’s health is okay.”

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Savio Tsang Regrets Wasting Ex-Girlfriend Cutie Mui’s Youth

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  1. I really hope he isn’t sick. Sure he might be a cheater, but from his interview, he sounded remorseful. He’s always been a good actor, so I hope he continues to be healthy and film.

  2. Savio Tsang is a good actor and he is good looking too. If he did not dump Cutie Mui for another woman, he should have had a more successful acting career, especially with his connection with Producer Mui Siu Ching. It is pretty sad that he has lung cancer when he can do better now in TVB due to the shortage of good actors.

    Wish him best of luck and hope he can recover in the near future.

    1. @orchid123
      It’s a shame that zero contact or communication is made after a break up. As a man, I always feel that with previous happy memories, it is always worth maintaining some form of contact even if things didn’t work out. A quick ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Merry Christmas’ text through the year wouldn’t be too much…

      1. @jimmyszeto it IS sad when people breakup and never talk again. But sometimes that choice is out of their hands especially if their partners don’t agree with them staying in contact.

        No contact is probably best for all parties involved though

      2. @coralie
        Yeh life is short. We don’t spend happy periods of time with too many people in our lifetime.It’s a shame when having to cut ties fully…

      3. @jimmyszeto I mean, he didn’t exactly value their relationship/friendship all that much when he decided to cheat on her.

        I can understand wanting to staying in touch after an amicable break up… in the case of cheating, though? I wouldn’t want to stay in contact with that person either.

        Why would you want to stick around for a man who left you for someone he deemed better? Call me petty, but my pride would never allow it, lol. All those “happy memories” went down the drain the moment he decided to step out.

        That being said, the incident happened well over a decade ago, and it seems that Cutie has long forgiven him. Whatever illness it is he’s battling (if any), I’m sure he’ll be able to overcome it.

      4. @oystergirl Exactly, sometimes it’s best to let bygones be bygones esp BF/GF relationships. I once knew a friend’s uncle who were college sweethearts where the girl loved much more than the guy and he would dumped her once but did not cut off all ties and she found ways to hang again due to mutual friends. Second time he broke up w/her, he changed everything and made sure to cut all contacts. It was probably a good thing as the girl also told friends that she will continue to wait for him while he sows his wild oats or whatever. Long story short he married someone else eventually and she finally came to her senses and also let go after her mid 30’s almost 40. haha lol….Sometimes it’s REALLY best to let go and not everyone can do the ‘can’t be lovers but can be always be friends’.

      5. @wm2017 @oystergirl very true, too. And sometimes if people stay friends after a relationship, that leaves an open window for someone to jump back in. If the relationship was bad, nobody wants to relive or give another chance like that again

      6. @coralie It took a long time (over a year and half) for my last boyfriend to syop texting me back. He kept saying no need to cut all ties. Its not that Im a cold person, I just think some things are better that way. We didnt have much in common and he wasnt the type to pop out once in a while for drinks and meetups so what is the point keeping that contact?

        We meet many people in our lives but its not always possible to stay in touch with every single one.

      7. @jimmyszeto I disagree, sometimes it’s best not to have any connections or contact and let the past stay in the past, whether it is a clean breakup or a messy one. Moving on means just that. Maintaining a quick text here and there might not be a good idea. 1) Your current BF/GF might be unhappy with this friendship, 2) you might unknowing make their new partner unhappy with this friendship, 3) you might give people the impression you still have feelings and not willing to cut ties and move on.

      8. @jimmyszeto Cutie mentioned that Savio was the only boyfriend she ever had. They were together for 13 years. She probably chose to not stay in touch because she had loved him too much, and he had hurt her too deeply when they broke up because he fell for another woman.

      9. @jayne
        Yep. That might be the reason. The pain decreases as time goes on so it’s possible that they can communicate again in the future…

  3. It is a shame because Savio’s small role in ‘deep in the realms of conscience’ was the only possible award winning role of the whole series and it would have been good to reunite with Alice again. It felt weird when saw Timothy popped up playing Alice’s husband in the first scene. First felt like it didn’t fit….

    1. @jimmyszeto
      I guess it is because Timothy Cheng had always acted villainous roles. I have not watched the “Deep in the Realm of Conscience”, so I am not sure if Timothy’s character was a good guy or villain. If it was a good guy, then it was less convincing for him to act such a good guy’s role.

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