Cutie Mui Regrets Not Seeing Savio Tsang for the Last Time

TVB actor Savio Tsang (曾偉權) lost his battle to lung cancer and passed away on November 12, 2020. His most publicized relationship was with actress, Cutie Mui (梅小惠), whom he dated for 13 years before the couple called it quits. Since they parted, the couple has not seen each other for over 10 years and Savio did not ask to see Cutie in the last days of his life.

Since joining the entertainment industry in 1980, the 59-year-old actor filmed at ATV and TVB and kept a low profile on his private life. However, his reputation was ravaged after breaking up with Cutie, as he had fallen for Malaysian singer Yip Lai Yee (葉麗儀), whom he dated for three years afterward.

Savio at one point expressed remorse for hurting Cutie, “I was with Cutie for a very long time. It felt like I wasted a lot of her time. It isn’t fair to her, because time is valuable to a woman. It doesn’t matter if a man is 40 or 50 years old. This is something that I feel to have wronged her in.”

Cutie Wanted to See Savio Again

Savio was her first and only love and, at the young age of 21, Cutie moved into the actor’s home. Reminiscing about their relationship, Cutie shared that she gave Savio a lot of pressure, but he remained patient and taught her many things. It was rumored that the relationship ended because Cutie pressured Savio about marriage, but he was not ready and a third party ultimately intervened.

“Everyone has to make their own choices. If we didn’t have problems, then a third party would not be able to intervene. At the time, I already decided that I cannot accept a broken cup, because even if it is glued back together, it cannot hold water and cannot be used. The scars will remain,” Cutie explained. She felt fortunate that she was able to recover from the heartbreak relatively quickly due to her young age at the time.

Recently, Cutie accepted an interview and talked briefly about her past relationship with the late actor. She expressed that both parties were hurt in the breakup, and that there was no right or wrong in love. Though Savio had continued to work with Cutie’s elder sister, TVB producer Mui Siu Ching (梅小青), the former lovers did not say in touch. Cutie revealed that the last time saw each other was inside TVB’s parking garage over 10 years ago. They both said hi to each other, and then went their separate ways to work.

Though she regrets not being able to see Savio for the last time before his untimely passing, Cutie respects his decision.

Sources: Hket; Sing Tao

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