Cutie Mui Regrets Having Only One Romantic Relationship

Known for her signature booming laugh, Cutie Mui (梅小惠) established herself as a comedic actress in the 1990s. Although she has starred in many dramas throughout her career, her most notable role to-date was in Virtues of Harmony <皆大歡喜>. After leaving the sitcom in 2004, Cutie took her career in a different direction and is currently working in public relations.

Heartbreak Over Savio Tsang

Currently 52 years old, Cutie remains single. The only relationship she was ever in was with actor, Savio Tsang (曾偉權). After 13 years together, the couple broke up in 1999 due to Savio’s infidelity. This led to an amassed sympathy and compassion for Cutie, but also led to Savio’s plummeting image and the end of his entertainment career.

At the time, her good friend and regular on-screen partner, Louis Yuen (阮兆祥), stayed over at her home for one month to watch over her, in fear that Cutie may harm herself. He even vowed to marry her if she was still single by the time she was 50 years old. Though the promised time has come and gone, Louis clarified that the duo never had any romantic feelings for one another. “We are like brothers and view each other as family. We would invite each other and our respective families out for dinner. The statement I made was to comfort Cutie’s family, because she had her heart broken at the time. I was worried her family would be worried, so I said something in hopes of comforting them.”

Cutie briefly returned to the limelight in 2015 to host a radio show. On the show, Cutie candidly expressed her biggest regret, “A change of heart is hardly considered a failure. I think my biggest failure in life is having just one romantic relationship. This is definitely life’s biggest disappointment!”

In regards to her Savio’s cheating, Cutie openly and confidently stated, “Everyone has the freedom to make their own choices. If our relationship did not have problems, then a third party cannot so easily come between us. At the time, I already had a feeling [about our relationship], but after the incident, I was even more sure. I cannot accept gluing a broken glass cup and try to continue using it and pretend nothing is wrong. Even if the cup can hold water, there will always be cracks.”

Cutie further reflected and shared that her life was the most smooth-sailing before her thirties. In her forties, she experienced tumult. After losing her father in 2003, Cutie has learned the need to be grateful and enjoy life in her fifties. Though still single, Cutie continues to lead a fulfilling life and often shares pictures of her vacations and get-togethers with friends.

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  1. Louis Yuen sounds like a good friend but he should not have vowed to marry Cutie if she is unmarried at 50 years old. He made that promise even to her family!

    wow Savio was good looking back then.

  2. How can she go on to date this guy for 13 years and not get married by 5 years ?? Should have seen it as a clue !

    1. @kenexia both were still working up in the industry and didn’t achieved their goals so marriage was definitely not in the talks.

      Dating long time without marriage doesn’t mean there’s no happy ending just look at Sammi Cheng and Andy Hui they dated long before breaking up/taking break and finally getting married for good.

    2. @kenexia I know, cohabiting is one thing but over 10 years? I can never get that either. Unless they always go w/the saying like ” Marriage is just a piece of paper” doesn’t matter if I get that ring. Since she regrets she probably did want to get married but just never got that from the guy. She’s cute perhaps she was just picky and have very traditional & stubborn if it’s not this guy, it’s nobody. I had a colleague who used to live together for 8 years and finally got married on the 10th year and that was due to family pressure. LOL…Go figure! lol haha

    3. @kenexia I think Louisa So and her boyfriend been together for 20 years? Still haven’t married yet either and they’re still a happy couple I guess everyone is different.

  3. cutie always gave me a very independent, tomboyish vibe. i don’t think she’s the type who wants to get married. i think she just likes companionship that doesn’t impinge on her time. she’s only 50 years old, hardly so old that she can’t find another partner. cutie should make picking a partner a priority if that’s what she really wants, similar to jessica hsuan.

    also, what louis yuen said sounds very…awkward lol. i’m sure he had good intentions though.

    1. @coralie Recalled back then there was an interview when they were still together, she admitted that she was very dependent on him. It gave the impression that she saw moons and stars in him, from his looks to his talent and how fortunate she was to have him by her side, while from the article he seemed more reserved, did not express much about their relationship and more focused on his work.

      1. @bearbear interesting, i had no idea. but at the time…it did feel like savio was above her league. he was good looking back in the day. and cutie mui was cute, but she had an image of being extroverted, loud & wasn’t the best looking. so if she felt she scored big with him, i’m not surprised. it does surprise me that she was very dependent on him, though. i always felt she gave off a tough lady vibe. never knew she placed herself in such a vulnerable position.

  4. wow I miss Cutie, she had unique talent to make you laugh with only her laughter, many of the older comedy I watch which I like do have Cutie in it. I sure hope one day she’ll come back for a sitcom or comedy. Original VOH is epic and possible the best sitcom ever.

    1. @kmuk Best name to use judging on the reactions here. Everyone now knows who Cutie is. Too bad she is no longer in the industry.

  5. Never seen her in dramas but her name is really special ‘cutie’ is it me or what but I noticed Asian celebs tends to go for pet/special names.

    1. @mimi8 Some “unique” names that come to mind are Coffee (Lam) and Fish (Leong). I also got a chuckle out of Evergreen Mak’s name, as it is a direct translation of his Chinese name (麥長青) lol

  6. Haven’t seen her in a long time. She looks great. Knew about her heartache. Was wondering what the woman savio cheated with the one he married and still stay married? The Malaysian actress?

    1. @funnlim Savio Tsang ended up breaking up with the woman . He is also single now. Despite his bad breakup with Cutie, Savio has starred in recent producer Miu Siu Ching’s (who is Cutie’s older sister) new dramas. I guess this indicates that Cutie and Savio made peace since Miu Siu Ching is casting Savio again.

      1. @mike Savio was in “Deep in the Realm of Conscience” as Allice Chan’s husband, and is also starring in “Forensic Heroes IV”. Both dramas are produced by Miu Siu Ching. His screen time is limited, as he already reached his career peak in his 30s, but it is still nice to see actors like Savio back at TVB because he can act well.

  7. I remember she was in this drama with chan miu Ying where cutie was a good person who turned very bad whilst the other one was a mean person turned good. Can’t remember the title.

  8. All i miss watching her in TVB hope she will come back to film as long as she happy with her life then let it be nothing more important then being healthy having good freinds!!

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