Savio Tsang Reflects on Transitioning from ATV to TVB

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Savio Tsang Reflects on Transitioning from ATV to TVB

Enjoying good reception since airing, Deep in the Realm of Conscience (宮心計2·深宮計) also brought back familiar ATV artistes such as Savio Tsang (曾偉權) and Alice Chan (陳煒). Although Savio is a recognized face among television watchers and is most often remembered for his roles as the antagonist, many may not recall that the 56-year-old actor was a popular star in the 1980s.

Savio joined the ATV acting training class in 1982 and was classmates with Kenny Ho (何家劲). After graduating, Savio was one of the most heavily promoted new batch of actors and took part in many series, including The Romance of the White Hair Maiden <白髮魔女傳> and Jade Bow Connection <雲海玉弓緣>. Despite his successes with ATV, Savio shared in a previous interview that joining ATV was actually a secondary option. “At that time, enrollment for both ATV and TVB’s acting training courses happened at the same time. When I got there, I saw that the line for TVB’s course was really long, and ATV’s line was shorter. I figured I would have time to sign up for TVB acting course after signing up for ATV’s. However, after signing up with ATV, it was already past 5 p.m. and TVB’s admission closed at 6 p.m. There was still a really long line outside of TVB, so I just decided to go home.”

After a few years, Savio left ATV to join TVB in hopes of experiencing change and new challenges. However, the passionate actor quickly learned that hard work does not necessarily equate to success. Although he was given the chance to star as the main male lead when he first joined TVB, the continual influx of younger actors eventually caused Savio to be demoted to second, and eventually, third line roles.

Although Savio did not enjoy the level of success at TVB as he did while at ATV, he has learned to look on the bright side. He understands that some people just have innate audience fate and will still be successful in the entertainment industry even if they do not necessarily possess the acting chops. He said, “What can you do? Beat him up? Bite him? The world is unfair.” Savio is comforted by the thought that if he were to spend every day moping about world being unfair, then he will never be happy. Instead, he focuses on highlighting his strengths.

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10 comments to Savio Tsang Reflects on Transitioning from ATV to TVB

  1. jimmyszeto says:

    I know Savio has always hoped for some recognition at TVB by being nominated for best support actor. Maybe this is his year. His few scenes in ‘Deep Beyond the Realm of Conscience’ has been the highlight so far……

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  2. coralie says:

    I liked Savio before the whole scandal broke out about him cheating on Cutie Mui. His career hasn’t been the same since. I think he even complained about this a couple of times to the media. But, he kinda ruined his own image & reputation by cheating on Cutie and thus, messed up the audience’s ‘fate’ with him.

    I see he’s finally getting some reprieve from the backlash. Ironically, it’s via BROC 2, which is coproduced by Cutie Mui’s sister. In some way I think this is their way of saying they forgive him.

    Hopefully, the media & audience will too and give him heavier roles from now on.

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  3. nori says:

    Savio is one of the great actors who got neglected of his talent by TVB. I first saw him in ATV’s The Legend Of Fu Hung Suet with Austin Wai, my fondest childhood TVB actor in the 80s. RIP.

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  4. tiffany says:

    A solid veteran. I know he left TVB a couple years ago. Hopefully he will find success with TVB again.

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  5. funnlim says:

    He’s a wonderful actor but he has reached his pinnacle on how far he can go. He was never an A lister to speak but his presence in a series is always welcomed and much noticed. I didn’t think I would care for that Deep in the realm of whatever series and I never thought I would disliked Steven Ma but what happened to his Fu Ma made me dislike Steven’s Lee Long Kei. I think I actually shed a tear for Tai Ping and her very tragic love lives and probably I like her story because it’s when I get a few moments of quietness. All other scenes are music after music after music. And I thought why the drama when the king dies, they can then hang her.

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  6. siro112233 says:

    Dispite his scandal. He is a amazing good actor. I like his characters as a villain. Esspecially in “點解阿Sir係阿Sir[”. He deserve atleast a nomination for support role.then again. At that time he went to HKTV.

    Anyway. A good veteran will always be welcome to help those “no talent newbie TVB fadans And Siu Sang”.

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  7. jimmyszeto says:

    It is all about timing and Savio has been a bit unlucky and in comparison to some others had been quite lucky in some sense earlier on in his career. If he had enrolled into TVB he could have went on to be the 6th tiger or at the very least more comfortably established as a lead actor now. However, at ATV he did receive many lead opportunities but due to the inferior station, most former lead actors did not progress to become TV stars.

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    • llwy12 replied:

      @jimmyszeto Agreed! Relationship scandal aside, there’s no doubt that Savio is a good actor — he’s one of the few actors nowadays who is versatile enough to play good guy and villain roles equally convincingly (sad that we had so many actors back in the 80s who were so tremendously versatile but nowadays there aren’t many left). I still remember how impressed I was with his performance in the first TVB series I saw of his where he was the lead — 1990’s A New Life opposite Donnie Yen (who was not yet famous of course and so played the second fiddle villain role). I liked Savio’s pairing with Margie Tsang in that series and still remember much of his performance from that series (though interestingly, I can’t remember much of Donnie’s). I’m glad Savio is getting more recognition now for his acting — it’s about time!

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      • jimmyszeto replied:

        Watched that recently. Savio was good as the brotherhood prioritized triad. Donnie was horrendous back those days. Like I say, Savio had the looks to be a 6th Tiger if had started at TVB….

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      • jimmyszeto replied:

        Savio, one of his earlier works I have seen in recent years was in ATV/s Empress Wu where he had to step in for Tony Liu as lead after he left halfway during the series. Must have been a big role at the time. My childhood memory of Savio was him leading ‘Gentle Reflections’ for TVB alongside beauties such as Irene Wan and Kenik Kwok. Then antagonist roles in Fist of Power and The Link. He has not been given much to work with in recent years with Treasure Raiders, the Money Maker Recipe and Yes Sir Sorry Sir his bigger support roles. Normally he is wasted by being used as support for a few episodes only…

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