Asians on TC Candler’s “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018”

The annual 100 Most Handsome Faces, created by TC Candler for the Independent Critics, just released its list of 2018. Many Asians, who have reached international stardom, have managed to secure a place on the list. Nonetheless, Godfrey Gao (高以翔) is perhaps the only East Asian celebrity who made it to the list without a connection to K-Pop.

Check out some of the nominees of Asian celebrities on TC Candler’s list below:

Jackson Wang (GOT7), Hong Kong

Godfrey Gao, Taiwan and Canada

Lu Han, China

Kris Wu, China and Canada

Donghae (Super Junior), South Korea

Choi Siwon (Super Junior), South Korea

Taeyang (Big Bang), South Korea

Taemin (SHINee), South Korea

Suho (EXO), South Korea

Chanyeol (EXO), South Korea

D.O. (EXO), South Korea

Kai (EXO), South Korea

RM (BTS), South Korea

Jin (BTS), South Korea

Suga (BTS), South Korea

Jimin (BTS), South Korea

V (BTS), South Korea

Mino (Winner), South Korea

Nam Joo-hyuk, South Korea

Wonwoo (Seventeen), South Korea

Mingyu (Seventeen), South Korea

Taeyong (NCT), South Korea

Jaehyun (NCT), South Korea

Kang Daniel (Wanna One), South Korea

Jin Akanishi, Japan


Mario Maurer, Thailand

Check out more nominees on the Facebook page.


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  1. I must have poor taste. The only one I consider handsome is Geoffrey. The rest appears too feminine to me. Maybe they are still too young? IMO, good bone structure is a must in bring considered beautiful and ability to withstand photoshoot at any angle.

    All no plastic surgeries? LOL

    1. @mangotango I second that. With the exception of Godfrey & Mario, the rest sucks OMG. Ugly like shit. Like that considered handsome no wonder any T, D & H can be an idol

  2. haha I agree…
    Only Godfrey has a handsome face.
    I love Taeyang music but seriously people…
    Even the BTS members… RM??
    Another popularity contest.

  3. Beauty is indeed subjective. For me I say pass me the barf bag. None are handsome to me especially the Korean stars, too effeminate too fake with overly high noses (obviously man-made cos the nose tips are naturally rounded and broad and don’t match the high bridges) and bee stung lips. Some have an inch of makeup on. I think they made the list only becos they’re currently hot.

  4. I think Jaynestar should stop posting news about “effeminate” look stars to avoid these stars being bashed.

    Obviously the most the age range of people on this site are probably over 30s.

    To me, all of them are good looking in their own ways. Sure i think some does not even deserve to be nominate but hey, who am i to judge. If i’m that perfect i’m probably in the showbiz right now.

    But yeah, many bitter people visiting this site

    1. @joojin Why should we be bitter? These pretty boys did not steal my husband? LOL. No offence intended. We just have different notions of ‘beautiful’ and I have stated my perspective of what I considered ‘beautiful’. I query PS because it is so common these days that I do not know who is natural and who is not.

      And I agree with @Sugarcane, ‘Cute, pretty and young” is a better title for them.

      1. @mangotango Respect your opinion, but as a frequent visitor of this site WITHOUT commenting much. I find many of the people who comment talks as if they know what’s best as consider “good looking” when their comment are just purely bashing without any respect to the artistes.

        Sure you are entitle your right to comment, but with some respect at least. As much you think one artiste does not deserve something, they still worked their butt off (even maybe not 100%)

    2. @joojin young people just need to lighten up? Someone said they don’t like the look, is not exactly bashing. To the young generation, any negative = bashing.

      Respect is earned, not given, I don’t condone calling people name or show down right disrespectful manners, but I don’t think the frequent users are disrespectful to the artists (apart from some cases where I’m sure many would flame such person down). What they show is their straight feeling, if that feeling hurt you, then understand that your idol haven’t earned it from them yet, and move on.

      1. @littlefish if you think some users that say comments like “they look weak and like a girl” and “how can girls like these kind of feminine idols” (referring to other article) is not bashing then you older generation needs some self realization.

        You may be the users that does not bash (or maybe you are) but i see alot of them doing that.

        “To the young generation, any negative = bashing.”

        According to that sentence it just shows younger generation has more respect to individual while older generation (maybe just you) think negative is not bashing which shows lack of respect to others and yourself.

        Negative comment is not = bashing when it is given justification or at least reasons with ways to improve or may appeal to you or a certain public.

        Look at your own comment on this thread. This list is 100% fail? wow harsh or not. Determine yourself 😀

        Lastly, before you think the list are idols that i really like. No, not a fan of any listed above

      2. Sometimes like and dislike can not be justified, I was raised to accept criticisms, and through life I understand sometimes no matter what you try, there will always be differences and you just need to let it go.

        But hey whatever float your boat, I don’t go around and call people names just because they gave a negative comment here and there without giving me a (short) essay explaining why 🙂

        Lol if you think my saying the list (that jaynestar show) is 100% fail is harsh… a light wind can ruffle your feathers I guess lol. As a matter of fact, if you read the rest of the comment, I did say to my taste, but whatever, like I said, whatever float your boat 🙂

  5. I think “100 Most Pretty Faces of 2018” would be more accurate.

  6. Lol obviously a popularity list, obviously wanted to avoid upsetting the young fans cause they didn’t put their idols on here. I’m 21 so it’s not like these guys are too young for me, but eh, just my opinion. Zhu YiLong tops my list

  7. Handsome faces should be the bare face, not the full makeup, full contoured face, with good lighting and photographer.

    Many Korean Stars fall under this category, because if they clean their face, their eyebrows will not be as jet black, as long, or as define! Their eyes won’t be as big either. Anyway, none of these faces are what I considered handsome but like every list every year, it’s a beauty contest, meh.

    If your idol gets on, they will get criticised one way or another, this website or another website, part of the internet life.

  8. Jackson Wang <3. They chose a really bad pic of him. He's much manlier than other Kpop stars. Not just in terms of his face, but his body structure is very solid.

  9. Choi Siwon, Jackson Wang, Godfrey Gao, Jin, Jimin and Mario Maurer are the only ones I can take a look at and tell that I am looking at the face of a man. All the rest of them look girly girly, especially Mss Taeyong, who looks like a sofr, beautiful Korean female. To think that women are attracted to men looking like him. If I saw him getting cozy with a girl, I’d automatically assume it’s a lesbian couple.We live in a strange world.

  10. The only nominee from my country is badminton athlete who won gold medal on Asian Games 2018. Unfortunately jaynestars doesn’t post about him in this article.

    They used picture of him during Asian Games match, so compared to other pictures here, it’s the only natural pic without makeup, lightning, photoshop etc

  11. Objectively, many of these guys are quite beautiful but I don’t find them appealing personally. Maybe because I don’t really know any of them, but I have always been more attracted to seeing people in motion first before I can admire photos. In motion, I can gauge talent, humor, intelligence, and charisma. That complete package is much sexier.

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