Bedridden Vivian Hsu’s Difficult Pregnancy Journey

Taiwanese artiste Vivian Hsu (徐若瑄) is going through a difficult pregnancy. Due to cervical incompetence, Vivian is confined to bed and only leaves her hospital bed when she has to take care of her daily necessities. Currently at 27 weeks and entering her final trimester, the 40-year-old singer shared her struggles with her fans on her official Facebook, saying, “Sometimes, I feel weak.”

Bed-bound for the rest of her pregnancy, Vivian said her weight has now increased to over 60 kg. Staying in bed for a long period of time made her leg muscles weak, and she needs help to stand up and walk.

“After giving birth, I will definitely work hard and go through a monster work out, to get back to how I was like before!” wrote Vivian on her Facebook.

Vivian has been very honest with her fans, and shared her struggles about being pregnant. She has to take up to 13 pills per day and has taken over 200 injections. She confessed that being bedridden made her lack confidence, and she cracks for warmth and love. To not upset her friends and family when they visit her, Vivian tries her beset to keep on a happy face, although in reality, she feels quite lonely and helpless. The injections she had to take took a toll on her mood.

“I’ve always worked hard to take care of others, but lying here, not only do I not have the ability to take care of them, I even have to rely on them to help me change my urine and clean myself. Sometimes, that would make me lose my self-confidence. I am a strong person. I hold on to my beliefs and I’m always hoping for a brighter future, but sometimes hidden inside me is weakness. I hate myself like this. But I’m sure that with time, this feeling of mine will disappear. When I heal, I will stand up again!”


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