Benjamin Yuen and Arnold Kwok Lock Lips for “Three Women, One Gene”

By on June 17, 2016 in NEWS, TV Dramas

Benjamin Yuen and Arnold Kwok Lock Lips for “Three Women, One Gene”

Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) and Arnold Kwok (郭子豪) are sending fangirls to a frenzy with their open-mouth kiss in the upcoming TVB drama, Three Women, One Gene <三個女人一個「因」>.

The two male leads, who star opposite Mandy Wong (黃智雯) in the upcoming romantic drama, did a silly kissing scene that involved some smelly durian and cheese. In the scene Arnold, who dreams to be a celebrity, is struggling to deliver a particular expression for the camera. To help him, Ben recommends him to eat some watermelon and durian so he can make an exaggerated expression. To his misfortune, Ben accidentally slips and lands on Arnold. Their lips lock tightly.

After the scene, Ben and Arnold laughed and yelled out cries of help. The rest of the cast and crew also pulled out their mobile phones to film the hilarious scenario. For different camera angles, Ben and Arnold kissed two more times. Ben accidentally knocked into Arnold’s teeth during their second kiss.

“Arnold ate cheese and watermelon and durian for the scene,” said Ben. “I really cannot stand durian, but I held my breath and went for it. I can’t believe I kissed a guy before I kissed the female lead!” (Will you have a kissing scene with Mandy?) “I don’t know yet!”

How did Ben prepare for his kissing scene with Arnold? He laughed and said, “There’s no need to prepare! I just went for it! But it did get the staff really hyper!”

Three Women, One Gene stars Mandy Wong as a woman with dissociative identity disorder. The drama also stars Jason Chan (陳智燊).

Source: Oriental Daily

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30 comments to Benjamin Yuen and Arnold Kwok Lock Lips for “Three Women, One Gene”

  1. onlyyou says:

    omg that’s gross lol. let’s see how the drama fares.

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    • devilsadvocate replied:

      @onlyyou Agreed! Highly inappropriate and since when did TBB promote homosexuality?

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      • unknown replied:

        @devilsadvocate Lol it’s TVB not TBB!

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      • coralie replied:

        @devilsadvocate did you know that having subsequent sons after your first son actually increases the chance of them being gay? by at least 30%. there are studies correlating and confirming this data. and did you know, that almost all of us are homosexual to some extent? we’re all on a spectrum of homosexuality. you could be 3% homo and 97% hetero but it could still mean you are, to some degree, gay or lesbian.

        it makes sense to me. think about it. if you weren’t homo to a point, you wouldn’t be able to tolerate people of your gender and sex. that means, you would absolutely hate all women, because they are your competition.

        so knowing this info, and knowing you’re partially homosexual, does that mean you should hate yourself?

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    • @onlyyou you’re gross

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  2. coralie says:

    When 6wing locked lips with that guy with glasses in Blue Veins — that was cringey but funny. When two good-looking guys do it for the sake of comedy…it doesn’t have the same effect. It’s just plain unnecessary

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  3. As a devote christian, this is disgusting and disturbing. It’s irresponsible for the scriptwriters to promote homosexual agenda to viewers, especially HK children viewers.

    Just because the Orlando shooting victims deserve sympathy, doesn’t mean we condone gay behaviour.

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    • lyu310 replied:

      @devilsadvocate This is disgusting and disturbing? Please do not try to justify your bigotry with “as a [devout/devoted] (sp) Christian”. We don’t condone gay behavior? Who are we? It’s funny that you bring up the Orlando shooting and mention they deserve sympathy (no really!) but have to mention how “disgusting” you think homosexuality is. It’s people like you who give people of the LGBT community a hard time. Why do you think the depression and suicide rate is so high in their community? Because of people like you who tell them they are disgusting and as a result, they develop this internalized hate for themselves.

      You know what’s disgusting? The shooter. Homophobes. Rapists. Serial killers. Pedophiles.

      Regardless of religious beliefs, we should learn to tolerate one another. Why do what people do behind closed doors bother you? It really is none of your business. If you did not like this article, just skip it. You cannot PROMOTE a homosexual agenda. You cannot “become” gay, you are BORN gay! Bye! I respect other people’s opinion but when I see mean comments like yours, I do feel the need to comment. I know it’s not going to change your mind, but seriously, be more accepting of others.

      As for this article itself, I don’t think TVB intended for this to promote or even accept homosexuality. It’s more of a comedic scene because they think a man kissing another man is disgusting/something to laugh at. So there is no agenda. I don’t even like this scene because it’s not very funny.

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      • chloelee12345 replied:

        Very well said.
        We have to tolerate one another, regardless of race, religion or sexual preference.

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      • devilsadvocate replied:

        @chloelee12345 I’m usually not nosy and don’t mind them doing their own business but when it comes to public display its an offence to the public to witness an eyesore. Totally disrespectful.

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      • replied:

        I know and that’s “devote Christians” for you. lol….
        Unbelievable!! At this day and age they still say such nonsense. Look pass someone’s sexual orientation and just look at whether a person has a good heart. Since he mentioned the shooting incident, that dude is married w/a kid, does that mean you condone his despicable behavior just b/c he loves women and started a family as should be in your bible b/c that’s normal? He’s disgusting period whether or not he’s a heteo or a homo.
        TVB series are just crappy nonsensical humor and can’t believe you even think of topic of homo.

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      • sasamii replied:

        @lyu310 Agreed! Thank you for writing it so eloquently.

        @devilsadvocate, please keep in mind that everyone has feelings. By calling gay people and their behavior ‘disgusting’, are you really showing a charitable Christian spirit? Imagine if other people called you disgusting and disturbing, over something you have no control over.

        And yeah, this scene was filmed as a joke; the characters are obviously supposed to be straight. So… if there is any ‘agenda’ here, it’s that TVB is trying to promote heterosexuality!

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      • happybi replied:

        @lyu310 well said!!!!!

        I’m not religious but isn’t there something in the bible that say one should not be judgemental?!

        As for the Orlando incident. The shooter was a sicko! He is what is wrong with this world and not lgbt group!

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      • devilsadvocate replied:

        @lyu310 Look. I’m just being honest. It’s in the bible. It’s in the Quran. It’s in pretty much the book of many other traditions. Homosexuality is a sin. Even in contemporary society it is destroying the traditional marriage between a man and a woman.

        God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

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    • linvin8 replied:

      @devilsadvocate If you have nothing nice to say, just keep quiet.

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      • devilsadvocate replied:

        @linvin8 In America we value freedom of speech, which means everyone is entitled to their own opinion and have the right to say whatever they want.

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    • msxie0714 replied:

      As a devoted christian, shouldn’t you feel that a religious and married homophobe who kills 49 gay people
      disgusting and disturbing?

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      • devilsadvocate replied:

        @msxie0714 I think it’s stupid of the shooter to punish them when they will be punished for the sins by god anyway.

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      • msxie0714 replied:


        it’s Christian and Muslim religious fanatics that will be punished in the end for their historic crimes of slaughtering ‘heretics’ and ‘non-believers’.

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    • theyenman replied:


      I know you’re using “devil’s advocate” as the right term in that you want to offer opposing views, but I still find it kind of ironic that “devote Christian” has no problems using that term ha ha. You do realize what devil’s advocate can also mean literally right? If taken literally, you’re saying you’re advocating for the devil.

      Since you Christian type like to take everything written in the bible so freaking literally, shouldn’t this term also be a no no for you?

      Oh wait, i guess you’re like all those other hypocritical Christians. You uphold whatever values suit you, but ignore the ones that don’t. If any of you so called “devote Christians” have had premarital sex, then if you really believe in your fake God, you’ll likely burn in hell like you think homosexuals should.

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    • kk12345 replied:

      @devilsadvocate If you are unhappy about it, you should file a complaint. Google search for TVB and their e-mail address. Even the housewives in HK file complaints if they are unhappy with TVB, so no need to hold back.

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    • kidd replied:


      I don’t have problem with LGBT being depicted in media. Neither do I have problem with 2 guys kissing on screen. But, I do have problem with this series using it as a cheap gag. The liplock doesn’t seem to serve any purpose in the series as far as I can get from the article.

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    • llwy12 replied:

      @devilsadvocate Wait, did I read your comment right?  You’re claiming that TVB is promoting a homosexual agenda with that scene?  Really?  You must not watch HK series much nor know anything about TVB or how they operate.  TVB is pretty much as ‘anti-gay’ as you’ll get from a Hong Kong television station in that they either stay away from the topic or if they have to ‘deal with it’, they do so in either a stereotypical manner (i.e. their portrayal of gay men in their series as always being effeminate) or they ‘make fun’ of homosexuality by putting a comical twist/angle to it (i.e. the scene described in the article above).  And please, no need to bring religion into this nor reference the Orlando shooting, as both are completely irrelevant in this discussion.  Yes, there is freedom of speech, but honestly, you’re only making yourself look ignorant and bigoted with your comment.

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  4. hbee says:

    I purposely created an account just so I can comment on how insensitive and ignorant (to be polite) I found @devilsadvocate comments to be. I’m not religious, but would imagine and hope that all religions teach acceptance of others regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, sexual preference, physical appearance etc etc. For you to say this does not speak well for Christians.

    Further, I want to point out that it’s not “tolerance”, for homosexuals or anyone else for that matter. Tolerance merely means that we are putting up with it. Who here wants to be tolerated? No one wants to be judged or excluded. Instead, need to be accepting of others; show compassion. We need to advocate for love and acceptance.

    On that note, I will tolerate @devilsadvocate comment as we all have the right to free speech, even when it’s “disgusting and disturbing”; I will show compassion to this person for the ignorance he/she has cloaked in religion, but I will not accept it.

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  5. kaykay408 says:

    I think he gets it guys. No need to gang up on him.
    By the ways, nowadays I think there are people who actually become gay, for whatever reasons in their life. They were not born as gay. Hell, who knows maybe with this LGBT topic is so trending right now, some folks might even get confused and look at themselves thinking “maybe I’m gay too?” It messes with people’s head. But also, how do you know if they’re really gay or just pretending to be? Just go to the gay clubs and you see a bunch.
    And sometimes I just don’t know if people actually support LGBT or they just don’t want to be attacked by the crowd. Some will choose to stay quiet. Some will choose to be politically correct. We never know what people really think anymore. You say a wrong thing and you got jumped, so pick your side.

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    • devilsadvocate replied:

      @kaykay408 I know right! I will be brutally honest. Gay people are the scums of Earth. They demand for equality ignoring other important issues going on the world. They chose a lifestyle that is against society and know they think it’s alright to adopt children and ruining their lives – TBB is playing a part by promoting homo agenda as well.

      I do not hate them but I frown upon their life choices and it will be up to God to punish them, not me, not you.

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      • bubbletea replied:

        @devilsadvocate you definitely sound like you do hate them. We can hate the habits and the lifestyles of others, we can voice our opinions on whether we think their actions are wrong or not, but the judgment of others is up to God. You call yourself a Christian, a devout Christian, yet I see an angry, gay hating person. Why don’t you spend some time praying for the gays if you claim to be so righteous. I have neighbor who’s son is gay, her husband and her are born again believers. They have told him they do not agree with his lifestyle, but he has a place in their home and their hearts because they love him and he is their son. They would do anything for that young man. He is a good, honest hardworking young man too. You have a lot of hate against gays, though you said not. God does not love the sin, but he loves the sinner. I am not asking you to love gays, you can work that out with God, but you need to stop playing God on the seat of judgment.

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      • kk12345 replied:

        @devilsadvocate bubbletea is right. God does not love the sin, but he loves the sinner. And we don’t really know how God thinks, but he definitely is a benevolent and forgiving God.

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      • theyenman replied:

        @devilsadvocate That’s cool you feel that way. I feel the same way about extreme Christians such as yourself :-). Total scums of the Earth. They preach from a make believe book written by some dude back in the day to troll the masses, and choose a belief system that is against common sense and evidence. They teach their kids these make believe stories and ruin their lives.

        I do not hate them, but I frown upon their ignorance, and boy are they in for a big surprise when they die and find out there’s no such thing as an afterlife.

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  6. elizabeth says:

    I think you shouldn’t think too much about such a scene.

    I don’t see the scene promoting homosexuality. It is just about two individuals who just happen to have their lips touch accidentally. It is like sometimes I kiss my dog and my dog kisses me but that does not mean that my dog and I are bestiality. Some dads kiss their young daughters on the lips as do mums and young sons but that does not mean that they are pedophiles or promoting incest.

    I am a Christian, but I don’t find the scene offensive; it is just pointless and kind of lame.

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