Benny Chan Welcomes Fourth Baby

Forty-six-year-old Benny Chan (陈浩民) and wife Lisa Jiang (蒋丽莎) have been married for four years. Blessed with many children, the couple welcomed their fourth child, a daughter named Victoria. The baby girl weighed 7.5 pounds at birth.

Giving birth via Caesarean section, Benny and Lisa specifically scheduled the surgery for March 30 to correlate with Lisa and their eldest daughter’s birthday. Similar with his other children, Benny accompanied his wife to witness the birth of Victoria. Although Benny intended on cutting the umbilical cord for the first time, the doctor proceeded to cut the cord before Benny could interject.

Benny announced on Weibo, “This morning, my youngest daughter Victoria was born. She weighed 3400 grams. I hope she will grow up safe and healthy!” Benny further expressed that after accompanying his wife into the hospital, he will rush back to Mainland China and continue working hard to earn milk money. Due to his large family, Benny has already purchased a $20 million HKD mansion in Hong Kong.

Benny Chan Lisa Jiang baby 2  Benny Chan Lisa Jiang baby  Benny Chan Lisa Jiang baby 3


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  1. 4 kids in 5 year is a lot of work! Especially when it is a csection! High risk! Baby is adorable. Looks like Mommy! Congratulations!

    1. @happybi
      not sure if it is all c-section but at least it’s not all natural births. having four kids natural birth causes alot of damage down there. c-section is way easier, just a scar and 6 weeks of rest and back as if nothing ever happened.

      1. @m0m0 It should be a c-section as only with cs that you wear a hairnet and a gown. Remember seeing all her after birth photos to look like this one. CS actually take longer to heal as it’s a big operation. You don’t feel pain during the process but afterward it takes about 12 weeks to feel more normal. For V birth you feel pain during the process but you heal faster. Usually it’s recommended to only have 3 kids for cs. Torri Spelling (US celebrity) almost died from her 4th pregnancy as she conceived too quickly after her 3rd and her 4th was also a CS.

  2. wow, every time we do hear from him it’s babies. haha LOL….Wow..4th one already, you wonder how many more they will keep on having? Trying to beat Cathy Tsui huh…haha…..
    I never watch him of anything in mainland so no clue if he makes money or not. But I guess living standards in China probably not that high or else if HK, 4 kids will not be easy.

    1. @kiki
      He is definitely making huge sums of money in the mainland as a lead actor. Doesent matter if living standards are high or not,he can afford it with ease. There’s a few not so outstanding TVB actors who have made it in China. Benny Chan, Samuel Chan, Hawick Lau. No female apart from Michelle Ye have done well so far because there are unlimited amount of female beauties and talent in the mainland already.

      1. @jimmyszeto
        Wow, luck is on his side I suppose. Yes, Hawick Lau is kind of famous from that hateful character he played in that Sealed With A Kiss series. He’s always been cute so not surprise. Samuel Chan – Never watched much of him in TVB and none from the mainland. Interesting that they are doing well, it shows hope for others who are never popular in HK but can make it in the mainland.

      2. @kiki

        All you need is one hit in the mainland and the money will come flooding in. Being young or looking young is also an advantage. None of the 3 to be honest are appealing even as 2nd line leads in TVB. Hawick has improved massively though I must admit.

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