Bernice Liu and Alastair Lam Are Business Partners?

Bernice Liu Bik Yee and Alastair Lam have switched to an underground dating relationship. Last week, the pair was spotted at three locations [in one night]. However, Bernice and Alastair appeared extremely evasive. In addition to having the presence of friends as a cover, Bernice and Alastair arrived at the location separately.

At 11 PM, Bernice and Alastair had dinner with several friends in the Central district. Afterwards, they went to Lan Kwai Fong for after-dinner entertainment. Bernice and Alastair appeared loving and often whispered in each other’s ears. Partying until 2 AM, Alastair watched as Bernice drove away in her car before driving away himself.

A few days later, Alastair was spotted dining with Yedda Chiu Dan and several friends at a Japanese restaurant. Yedda and Alastair smiled lovingly with each other and left in a 7-passenger car to head to another location. The pair stayed until midnight before leaving separately.

When reporters confronted Bernice about her late-night date with Alastair, she said, “It was not only the two of us! There both male and female friends present. We have a collaboration project in mind, so we asked our partners out to discuss the plans.” Regarding Alastair and Yedda’s date, Bernice said, “I don’t know her! It’s is one’s freedom to choose his friends. I am friends with Mr. Lam and do not care about these matters.”

Source: Orientaldaily

Jayne: I wonder what collaboration project Bernice has in mind with Alastair Lam?

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      1. That’s why it is planning. Planning can take 1 year.

      2. Oh and keyword “Bernice has in mind with Alastair Lam”

        Not two way, but one way. So it can be…

      3. I don’t think marriage is too soon. Just look at Barbie’s case…Anything is possible these days.

      4. HetieShou is right. Look at Barbie how express it is. Bernice and Alastair have been going on for a while

      5. After Barbie’s case, I feel that we should not be shocked at all if Bernice and Alastair do get married. Barbie got engaged after 20 days and then married pretty much right away. Basically from what I heard, she met Xiao Fei in Sept 2010, got engaged in Oct 2010, married through a small ceremony in Nov 2010 and then had her wedding banquet in March of this year. Therefore, we can see how fast that all was… So if wedding bells do ring for Bernice and Alastair, it isn’t anything we have not seen before.

      6. @HeTieShou While it’s true about Barbie’s case, it’s still very rare that that would happen to a lot of people. People, especially celebrities of the entertainment circle are getting married later and later. They either want to focus on their work and take their career to a higher level, earning more income first or want to wait around for someone better. However, I must say it should be loads of fun to meet someone you’re so passionate about, get engaged, and married in less than three months, lol! 😀

      7. @Chriselle,
        Yea, I know that that is something rare, but at least we know that it is a possibility. I used to think that you had to date for many many years before getting married, but I have learned that you don’t really have to anymore. We have seen cases where people can date for many years and end up parting ways while there are others that just meet for a short time, but just get married in the blink of an eye. Maybe that is just fate.

        But I wonder if many would want to take their chances and marry someone that they hardly even know so soon? It is true that it is fun and your love and passion may be strong and fresh at first. However, marriage is supposed to be a lifelong committment, so I think most would want to get to know a person first before dedicating possibly whole life to be with them. Loving someone at first sight is one thing, but I think we also need to take into consideration of the longevity of it as well.

      8. Speaking of marriage being too soon, it seems like there is another wedding to be that is kind of soon(of course not as soon as Barbie’s). Tony Sun of 5566 has just proposed to his girlfriend Angel Han(also an actress) on April 23 after dating knowing each other for 9 months and dating for about 4-5 months. Ok, this is another case of dating for a short time, getting engaged and then married. Therefore, I don’t think any of us should be shocked if Bernice and Alastair do that have in mind since it feels as if they have known each other for quite awhile now. But then again, whether they have been dating or not is another question…

      9. If it is true love, why wait? I mean this is a case about passionate love. If it is passionate love, by all means. After all divorce is easy these days.

  1. Lol, maybe the “We are just friends” quote appears too many times so whenever I hear “we are just friends” I’ll think of “love”.

    1. Yea, that “excuse” is overused in the circle and in real life. I just get sooo sick of it… Then when the truth comes out, we all will know that have been lying through their teeth.

    1. Pretty cool link, thanks for sharing Fox! I enjoyed viewing it.

  2. Artificial insemination is what Bernice is planning with Alistair! lol

    She is keen to have children isn’t she?

  3. but that guy is ugly,,, and he don’t sound he has a nice personality,,,,,,,,

    1. When a guy is rich and has some type of status, I don’t think many women would care if he is ugly or not. As for personality, no one knows him personally so I don’t think we should say that…Unless he did some really obvious things to make it seem like he has a bad personality. But I don’t think he has yet..

    2. @moontialia As long as the person hasn’t done something completely unredeemable, sometimes personality can be based on compatibility. If Bernice is hanging out with Alistair, then there has to be something about him that attracts her. Maybe it’s his intelligence? Or maybe it’s something else.

      Btw, curious to know why you think negatively about his personality?

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