Bernice Liu Leaving TVB Due to Disappointment

Since Bernice Liu Bik Yee was caught on a date with Richard Li’s cousin, Alastair Lam Chi Ho last December, tabloids have portrayed Bernice as a gold digger. The news also brought to light that Bernice’s 6-year relationship with Moses Chan Ho had ended.

At TVB for ten years, Bernice was highly sought after by advertisers and was one of the top earning actresses at one point. Despite this, no TVB executive stepped forward to support Bernice during the onslaught of negative rumors following the exposure of her relationship with Alastair. Disheartened by the lack of company support, Bernice allegedly considered leaving TVB when her contract ends next year.

In contrast, when Raymond Lam Fung was criticized by Shaw Brothers executive, Lawrence Wong, for lacking a firm standing in the film industry, TVB Deputy Chairman, Mona Fong, wrote a letter of encouragement to Raymond. TVB executive, Virginia Lok Yi Ling, showed the letter to the media. TVB executives’ public display of support was much stronger for Raymond in this incident, while Bernice received no support during her scandal.

Bernice Liu Spotted Dining Out With Alastair Lam

Although Bernice may be neglected by TVB, her relationship with rumored boyfriend, Alastair Lam, may have strengthened. Several days ago, reporters spotted Bernice eating dinner with Alastair, while accompanied by other friends. When reporters asked Alastair about his relationship with Bernice, he said, “On that evening, dinner was between three friends and one assistant. The dinner was very enjoyable. I will not respond about the ‘relationship.’ The press seems to publish its own version of the story. Anyway, we were not together and did not break up.” (Did Alastair speak to his cousin, Richard Li, about his break-up with Isabella Leong Lok Sze?) Alastair answered even more carefully, “I will not talk about my family’s private matters. I will not respond.”

Excerpt from Appledaily

Jayne: TVB does play favoritism as currently promoted artists will get very strong backing by management. Bernice’s popularity has plummeted since she was portrayed as a gold digger dating Alastair Lam while dropping Moses Chan. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bernice does leave TVB.

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  1. Unless Bernice plans on becoming a business woman or a married woman, I don’t see her career going anywhere unless she sticks with TVB! I don’t think she’s well known enough to go to Mainland to act. I suppose she could try movies… but it will be hard without TVB connections!

  2. I recently watched ‘Greatness of a Hero’. I’ve never thought very highly of Bernice’s acting. But, in the one scene she cried, she really touched me. She acted very well in that scene. Her crying was very realistic and I can really felt a pain. To be honestly, I was impressed. Maybe I just thought too lowly of her acting before that. So, her spark of good acting was able to impress me. 😛

    I don’t think Bernice should leave TVB. She’s not like Charmaine who has the popularity and standing who make it in Mainland. Also, I don’t find her look suitable for Mainland drama.

    As for movie, I guess she can try. But, that industry is kinda saturated. Very few movies were made nowadays and the producers always use back that few actors.
    I won’t say she has no connection though. She have acted in several movies and some were not arranged by TVB.

  3. Although Bernice has the body figure and looks to succeed in the industry, I feel like she’s hardly trying to improve her Cantonese. After all these years of being in series (although she was never lead), she still doesn’t prove that her acting is improving as much as others. Amongst all the TVB actress from overseas, Fala is definitely impressed me with her vastly improved Cantonese. I cringed when I heard her speak in her earlier series (e.g., Heart of Greed and A Journey Called Life); but now, she’s been one of my favorites after Ghost Writer, In the Eye of the Beholder, and Can’t Buy Me Love. Her voice is so cute and sweet now while Bernice seems to continue to struggle with her speaking.

    I don’t think Bernice is suitable for mainland dramas mostly because I feel like most of the ones I see TVB actresses film are ancient. She has the modern look and her Chinese just isn’t fluent enough. Btw, are their voices dubbed? I’m not sure if she can speak proper Mandarin either.

    While I like her optimistic and happy-go-lucky nature, I must admit that her scandal news has affected my image of her. If what the tabloids claim is true and she has in fact called Moses gay and had cheated on him before, then I don’t think she’s a noble woman.

    1. Totally agree. Fala becomes a strong actress and improved her cantonese in just a few years while Bernice still can’t speak Cantonese properly. She also doesn’t fit for ancient series and need serious improvement for her acting.

      She’s pretty and sexy but she doesn’t have acting skills and now her image is bad too.

      1. I totally agree about how you said she doesn’t fit in ancient series ! I mean, I can’t even imagine her in those ancient hairstyles and clothing..and in terms of her acting, I never really saw her in many series. The last one I saw was TMOL. I would say her acting is mediocre, but her voice sounded really hoarse when she talked loudly in those dramas, which is kinda unpleasant.

      2. Fala’s cantonese should be good. I mean come on, she is a fob that went to the states at age 15. She was born and raised in China. Bernice was born in Canada.

    2. I don’t think Bernice is that type of woman. As you said she’s from a qestern country, and I don’t think she is like that…. she has a twitter and I follow her, she was really sad when the reporters called her a gold digger and got her friends involved. I think that is very wrong, she expressed how she felt, and I could tell she was angry, I feel her. She is not an amazing actress, but I think if TVB gave her more opportunities she will succeed. You really don’t know what happens behind the scenes and how stressful actress/actors are…. so you shouldn’t say she doesn’t work hard.

      1. Totally agree with you Star. I am not a fan of Bernice myself but I don’t dislike her either. No one knows for sure if she or anyone does not work hard. I think all celebs have to work hard to some extent or else how will they compete and keep up in this industry?? It is true that some need to work harder than others, but they all do work hard to some extent or else they can easily disappear and no one will notice due to the large number of celebs these days. I also don’t feel that Bernice is that type of person. IF she was then I don’t think that Moses would have even considered dating her all of those years. Moses seems to be pretty wise when choosing his girlfriend/potential mate…

    3. @Chriselle,

      I partially agree with you and YES all actors and actresses from HK are dubbed in Mainland China series even if they can speak Mandarin well. IN fact even the celebs from Taiwan and even the mainland celebs are often dubbed as well(sometimes their real voice is used too but it just depends).

      Even though Bernice’s Cantonese isn’t that good, she is still trying and working hard. I think she looks nice in ancient series. I don’t feel that Fala’s acting is any better than hers. What does the language have to do with whether she can act well or not? I often see Korean actors and actresses act in Chinese and Taiwanese series and of course they are dubbed since they speak a completely different language, however, they still manage to act well in spite of the language barrier. THerefore, I don’t see why Fala’s acting is better just because her Cantonese is better than Bernice’s. Also, didn’t Fala come to the US when she was a lot older while Bernice was born and raised in Canada?? If so, then I don’t think it is fair judge their performance based on their language improvement.

      Who really knows if the tabloids about her are true or not? I guess IF you originally dislike her, you will say that everything is true. However, if you originally liked her then you will more likely give her the benefit of the doubt. I think that goes for everyone since everyone is bias to a certain extent in judging someone they like or dislike.

  4. She’s pretty, bubbly looking and sexy but unfortunately she lacks one aspect to be an acting force; actual acting talent. Her cantonese is a problem but her acting is terrible.

    1. I thought so too until I came across this picture – wonky eyes. Damn it she was like “Sporty Spice” hot when i saw her in Love Bonds.

    2. I wholeheartedly agree with you, Bernice’s acting is atrocious, she needs to take some drama classes to improve on her acting skills. I have been watching her for years, unfortunately, her acting skills did not improve over the years. Furthermore, She should not expect the same support from TVB for Raymond Lam because Raymond can act and wheras she cannot. It is like comparing oranges and apples. Nevertheless, I can see her earning money by taking on modeling assignments because she is a beautiful woman.

      1. The reason TVB support Raymond is not because he can act. It’s because he brings in the money.

    3. In spite of all of the other things that you need to have as an artist, I still feel that you need to have talent or else you cannot be truly admired by anyone…

  5. actually I feel that why should she get any support if she has really done something wrong..

  6. Hm. I feel that to compare Raymond’s incident with Bernice’s is not accurate and can be misleading. Raymond was criticized about his lack of firm standing in the film industry. That criticism spoke of Raymond-the actor. For Bernice, on the other hand, it’s her personal life that is involved and her own decisions in her personal life that are being scrutinized. If a TVB executive did step up to defend her, I can see how that could have assuaged the public opinion in her favor, just a little bit at least. Possibly, Bernice could know that someone was on her side if TVB had done so.

    However, is that appropriate? Bernice is an adult. She seems to be the type that prefers not to be second guessed about her actions. That just seems to be the impression I get of her. I personally don’t think she’s a gold digger although I do think that she’s failed to improve and impress the audience with her acting. Maybe TVB was disheartened first with Bernice’s mediocre acting skills and are now choosing to neglect her on purpose. These are all just my speculations. :T

    If she does leave TVB, I hope she pursues an alternative career path from acting. I can see her as a business woman.

    1. I think Bernice’s acting is average only and she really needs to stay with TVB if she wants to continue to pursue a decent acting career. Maybe TVB just wants her to leave??? Who really knows?? We can all just guess…

      I heard that Bernice used to go to school in Canada but put a hold on her schooling to pursue an acting career. Maybe she will go back to that and do something else besides acting?? I guess pursing a long career in acting may not be for her.

      1. I’m surprised you’re not a big fan of her! or are you? Just joking 😛

      2. @SDS,
        No, I am NOT a big fan of hers but I do admit that I did like her for a period of time after seeing VOH which is why I expressed some interest in knowing more about her. Therefore, I followed some of her news for awhile. But since I like many celebs, I can’t keep up with everyone and of course, I ONLY follow people that I somewhat like or really like. Who has the time to follow the news about people they don’t like???

  7. Bernice’s image after the incident with Moses is seriously damaged. Pity. I always think she has potential. Her acting is raw but she has the charisma to shine.

    However, leaving TVB might be a wrong decision of her. She didn’t have the background to leave yet. Michelle Yip (I consider her leave in 2004 is too soon) left TVB when her name in TVB is in the peak but still have hard time after that. Bernice now seems to have no where to go. Her US movie Street Fighters is failed. She doesn’t have market in Mainland. Her image in HK is bad now. Poor Bernice. I don’t know which path for her to go.

    1. I agree with you, I feel sad for bernice… I think TVB is purposely dishearting her because they don’t want her anymore :(.. Although her acting isn’t amazing, but she is a pleasure to watch onscreen. I think if she does leave TVB she will most likely not continue the acting career, perhaps business? or she already has a new plan…. Bernice is a smart girl.

  8. It’s really a pity that her image is ruined now. And sadly, she really has nowhere to go. The media has been unkind to her. I wonder what’s the real truth…..

    1. I don’t know the real truth, but I’m sure what the media did was wrong… I follow bernice on her real twitter, and she expressed how she felt about this one time, i could tell she was really unhappy and angry. And besides, it’s her personal life. She didn’t do anything bad like murder, drugs… what is the big deaL? Plus she’s westernized, going out with friends guy or girl is SOO normal.

  9. i think that if it’s possible her Cantonese makes her acting not flow as much it always seems like she is reading a book than real acting. Compared to Fala and Linda I don’t see any improvement in her Cantonese. But than again Fala cMe from China and left when she was fairly old so her canto being good us not surprising. But if Bernice were to leave TVB I think she will have Bo where to go, but home…

  10. Have you people seen Bernice in the 2010 movie ‘Bad Blood’? She can act a badass bitch character really well. I’d totally buy that she’s a badass bitch after seeing that movie. That aside, her TV acting, based on her recent two series, hasn’t really shown any marked improvement.

    Anyhow why do people hate her because she’s a ‘gold digger’? Most guys are ‘skirt chasers’ anyway, they don’t get so much flak. And who the hell really knows she’s actually digging for gold anyway? Fuck can’t someone like being with someone for the simple reason they like their company? Or is Moses Chan the holy grail that no one may turn away from?

    Bernice’s career in TVB is limited anyway if they don’t ever decide to give her a lead action role. She could take out most of TVB’s currently promoted male leads in a ring easily, hence why she cannot be stereotypically placed into any of TVB’s traditional female-lead roles.

    1. Bernice’s acting is really not as bad as some people say. yes her cantonese isn’t perfect, but I think she has potential. I HATE how the reporters will make up stories or assume that whenever a actress is hanging out with the opposite gender that is rich, they assume they are a gold digger. It’s like some stereotype in HK.

      Did Bernice and Moses date? I don’t know… They never actually admitted but I think Moses is making situations worse? Whenever reporters ask him and his relationship with BErnice. He just goes… it’s the past don’t talk about it or whatever. He never admitted in the beginning (if they did go out) so he should just keep it that way, by Moses responding like that, it’s saying that Bernice broke up with him, and makes Bernice’s image more worse than it is.

      1. I share the same feeling with you. I don’t know why the reporters make Moses like a saint and Bernice like a gold digger?

        A year there are at least 5-10 actresses, models, singers, etc. get married with/date rich guys. Even if Bernice and Alastair dated, what make them hate her so much? Bernice and Moses have never admitted they are dated, nor in love. Now Moses is the victim? Even if Bernice and Moses dated, there is no rule that they can break up before Bernice started with Alastair.

        The reporters made these news and now they put words in Bernice’s mouth. Can’t understand, can’t understand.

    2. “Or is Moses Chan the holy grail that no one may turn away from?”

      Love this phrase. 😀

    3. Agree with you on this point! “She could take out most of TVB’s currently promoted male leads in a ring easily,”

  11. I’m still confused about the Alastair and Bernice news. What does she see in him that Moses does not have?

    How did she just let 6 years go like that?

    And, TVB is to blame anyways. She was first line actress for a while a few years back, but then TVB decided to give her guest roles and downgraded her status.

    And, speaking about their cooperation, TVB made the wrongest move by giving the Female Newcomer award to Kate Tsui instead of her at the 2007 Awards Ceremony. That was also the year when Moses won, which would have bonded their relationship if the award was given to Bernice. It’s been 10 years, and other actresses have all gotten the newcomer award already! That was just unfair and wrong.

    1. Well they never actually disclosed there was a relationship between Bernice-Moses. It was only heavily implied- but to be honest TVB could have easily manufactured those implications. Talk about conspiracy theories! meh

      You should lighten up and not get too caught up in the private lives of celebrities. Just treat it as the strawberry on top of the acting ughh the cake thing. And you definitely need to lighten up about TVB Awards… I mean… seriously…

  12. I’m confused by what some of you claimed re her and Moses, did they really dated?? I thought they both didn’t admit to any relationship and it was the media that stirred up the rumour that they were dating. It still a lost that she’s leaving cause I think she has potential. Her action is quite real, just that TVB didn’t give her roles to excel in her acting. I don’t if Fala knew any Chinese before coming to HK, but I know Bernice didn’t know any Chinese at all, and only learn it when she moved to HK. So for her to be able to speak it now, I have to give her credit. Maybe I’m more of a Bernice fan than Linda and Fala, combined.

    1. Exactly what I think, poor bernice :(… If a company treated me that way I would definitely leave, but I don’t want Bernice to leave.

      1. Do Bernice believe she has found love, or is she just some rich man’s play doll?
        is it a gamble!?
        in my opinion, all goes up will come down!

  13. Let’s see what the company’s response is, then we can determine whether the company wants her or not.

    The analogy with Raymond lam was pretty pathetic, as someone pointed out. If the company says something now, I suggest she stays with TVB.

    TV actors are just as big as movie actors now, especially if you are a female from Hong Kong. Mainland and Taiwan artist do a lot better in movies than HK artist so there’s no point in tapping into that market unless you are really good with excellent connections.

  14. She is quite pleasant to watch on screen, but I wouldn’t think it’s a big loss for TVB if she leaves. Charmaine is the one that they are probably most concerned about now.

    1. Maybe they are gonna cut her do that they can keep Charmaine Sheh, after all at one point Bernice made more than Charmaine. To get one, TVB has to lose one…

    2. its tvb or atv is it not!!
      is yhis possible:
      what happens if they merge or control
      one of the other as we are seeing lots of actor/actresses moving between them, whats going on!?

  15. I think both Moses and Alastair is ugly! Who cares what happens!!! We’ll find out later o. As time goes by. Of course TVB will help Raymond lam, his family jewels can crush all those TVB executives. These hk dramas suck so bad nowadays. After finishing watching each drama I asked myself why did I even bother. The editing is poor. I do favor a lot of hk actors but their dramas are not like how it used to be in the 90s.

    1. Stay on topic!!! Leave your TVB-bashing and Raymond Lam-hating for the new forum I will soon create 😛

    2. Well there is more to a person rather than just looks..

  16. TVB just uses her for any event that requires Dancing or strong strength for girls events….like Tung Wah or any specials.

  17. Honestly I don’t really care how she is in her private life…she is an artist and I prefer to judge her on her job such as acting, I think she is a great actress, not the best but she can act ok. She can dance and has charisma. Who cares about her private life? It’s her life not yours right? And as for tvb…it sounds kinda corrupt XD

    1. It’s cause it kinda is in hk entertainment I’d controlled by certain companies and everything is planned out to make money!!!!!! jus like the awards as well…

  18. I don’t get why she would be upset over TVB reaction. I mean Raymond Lam’s issue was a career one and hers is in her personal life and their is nothing TVB can do to fix that. I also don’t think that Moses and Bernice dated for six years, it was just a thing TVB created just like Boscolie (but they are looking more coupon these days) and Raymond Lam and Linda Chung.
    As for her career it’s been going downhill since 2007 soot she dumps TVB or if TVB dumps her its not that mug of a surprise. Afterall she did learn Cantonese when she was in her twenties and her accent is very “visible” and in a way affects her action a lot. Not matter how good her acting may get the language thing is still in the way.
    If she gets dumped by TVB, it’s never too late to change career paths xD. She can always go back to school…

    1. That’s a very good point you made. Not only is Raymond’s issue more of a career one and hers of a personal one, but Raymond has a much larger fanbase and thus, it’s understandable if TVB values him over Bernice.

  19. I doubt she can do anything without TVB. Her Cantonese has not been improving, neither has her acting. Good luck to her future?

  20. I’m not surprise that Bernice is leaving TVB, she should’ve left sooner. I felt ever since Fala Chen, Kate Tsui and Linda Chung enter the TVB, Bernice’s career has been on the downhill.

  21. It’s not like TVB will give her a push so it doesn’t matter if she leaves. Perhaps she can find a better future outside.

    I don’t find anything special in her acting and she’s far from versatile but she has the looks. She has also filmed a few movies before so she might have established connection with the silver screen people and might work in this area. HK is lacking in new film actors and actresses so there’s room for more, given that you find the right connection.

    Some HK movie companies is indeed scouting for TVB actors and actresses to join them, just that these stars are bound by contract and can’t simply leave(What a pity for these actors with long contracts). But since Bernice’s contract has ended, and her position in TVB is no longer strong with competition from new talents such as Fala and Linda, why wouldn’t she leave 😀

    About her image, a well written role with a decent acting from her may erase it. She’s not Amigo Chui who feeds his real persona onscreen.

  22. Bernice’s acting is superficial and she seems to stereotype her expressions. Unlike many who have left TVB, I don’t think she’ll be missed by many.

  23. She has been missing for a while now. I don’t even think she is beautiful, her face is square but she has a great figure. Her acting is so-so only, nothing great and like ang said, she’ll not be missed by many. Her reputation has been badly damaged by the spliting with Moses. Before this, we can see her attending function every week but this time, she has not appear in any function for nearly 3 mths.

  24. @Bernice’s public image has been in decline. I think the problem lies in the fact that the tabloid thoroughly sensationalized the news, focusing on the angle that she left Moses for the wealthier Alastair Lam. Since everyone was caught by surprise that Bernice and Moses had split up, when they had appeared at PR and TVB Lighting Ceremony in November, the public was thrown off as to how soon Bernice moved on to Alastair and speculated that money may be the only reason.

    Personally, I think that Bernice and Moses should have hinted to the press that their relationship was over first, let the public absorb the news slowly. But they continued to appear at PR events together because their fees in joint appearances are higher.

    Bernice appeared to underestimate the power of the HK paparazzi in shaping public image. Many tabloids, not just one, took the gold digger branding and ran with it. It was tempting not to do so, since these headlines sell copies.

    Personally, I felt that Bernice could have done more to clarify her reputation. Although she may have valued privacy in her personal life, it would have helped to talk about why she broke off with Moses. She could have even provided generic reasons, such as both having different values in life etc. But she failed to truly come forward to reveal more details and advocate for herself, which was a major flaw in the handling of the situation and her public image. The tabloids wrote whatever they wanted and people started believing the gold digger situation, whether it was true or not.

    After the news broke, there was a splashy feature in Ming Pao, which was surprisingly biased and further alluded to the image that Bernice was a gold digger. An anonymous friend of Moses said that Bernice was always looking for a richer man and alluded that she stole another woman’s boyfriend in the past.

    Since Bernice doesn’t have a long term contract with TVB anymore, perhaps no one, including Virginia Lok, advised her on how to handle this PR mess. I am truly surprised Bernice didn’t pick up the phone and volunteer to give one publication on the inside scoop to the story. Revealing a little as to what happened with Moses in a gracious matter would have satisfied everyone’s curioisity. She didn’t have to admit anything with Alastair if she didn’t want to.

  25. she was gone for a yr and nobody cared or missed her. in fact, they became fans of the newer actresses. sorry to say, Bernice doesnt make a difference and with the bad image now, she can’t make money for TVB like the others can.

    i find Oceane Zhu looks look like her but a thinner faced version. Zhu is also a Miss Chinese International. Virginia Lok has taken a liking to her and has even took her on vacation with her(the same way she did Linda back then) so this is likely Bernice’s replacement. Oceane Zhu already have a headstart in film industry as she was nominated for Best New Performer at HK Film Awards. for TVB, its bye Bernice and HELLO Oceane Zhu(who you will see in the new upcoming cooking sitcom.)

  26. Her acting I feel has gotten worse over time. You know an actor doesn’t have talent when they can’t carry a scene. Bernice’s emotionless tone and face is what makes her unique and at the same time will be the downfall for her career. It’s hard to believe that after all these years, she still makes me cringe every time she opens her mouth.

    Her leaving tvb was inevitable, I’m not sure if she still has any followers. Two words: Good riddance.

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