Bernice Liu to Star in Hollywood Film, “Lost in the Pacific”

The road was not easy for Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) since leaving TVB management in 2011. After an unsuccessful post-TVB career with HKTV and in Mainland China, Bernice may have set her sights on Hollywood again.

According to recent reports, Bernice has been cast in the upcoming Hollywood film Lost in the Pacific, which features Superman Returns star Brandon Routh and Chinese actress Kitty Zhang (張雨綺). Portraying an assassin, it was said that Bernice was paid $1 million HKD to star in the film. Filming began in Johor, Malaysia last month.

With a background in ballet, tae kwon do, and wing chun, action scenes in the film should not be a problem for Bernice, who has been actively training in the past few months. She has also been training Walking Dead star, Vincent Ward.

According to an inside source, the film’s director Vincent Zhou (周文武貝) decided to cast Bernice due to her English fluency and her experience with action films in the past. In 2010, Bernice starred alongside Maggie Q and Sean Faris in the martial arts film The King of Fighters. Bernice also had an action-packed role in the 2010 Hong Kong crime film Bad Blood <滅門>.

Portraying the film’s second female lead, Bernice has a pivotal role in Lost in the Pacific. The source said that Bernice and her new agency, Style International Management, hope that Lost in the Pacific will be a successful stepping stone for Bernice to break into Hollywood, and replicate Maggie Q’s success in the United States.

In regards to the $1 million HKD pay Bernice has received for the film, her manager Michelle denied to reveal the details due to confidentiality, but did confirm that Bernice will be staying in Malaysia for two months to film the movie.


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  1. Wow! that is so awesome! glad to see Bernice getting bigger opportunities! I miss seeing her in TVB dramas, but happy she’s doing so much more now!

  2. somebody pls tell her to stop doing her hair like that. it makes her look so severe and nun-like.

  3. Sounds like an independent film. 1 million HKD is a pretty low salary for the 2nd lead role for a hollywood film…but its the first step….hope she does well.

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