Bobby Au Yeung and Esther Kwan to Reunite in Tragic Love Drama

Dubbed as the golden couple in Armed Reaction <陀槍師姐>, Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震) and Esther Kwan (關詠荷) may reunite again onscreen!

As TVB is gearing up for increased local competition next year, the drama production team has been pressured to produce more blockbuster dramas. Production executive, Tommy Leung (梁家樹) has invited Esther Kwan to return to TVB, reuniting with her old partner Bobby Au Yeung in a love drama!

A Tragic Love Story that Transcends 1,000 Years

Esther and Bobby may pair as a tragic couple in a catastrophic love story which transcends 1,000 years. Esther’s character is under a curse in which she will die in the arms of her lover, Bobby in three different eras, Song Dynasty, the 1960s and the modern world. Other supporting actors will include Ben Wong (黃智賢) and Ngo Ka Nin (敖嘉年).

Producer Chong Wai Kin (莊偉建) admitted that he has approached Esther and was confident that she and Bobby would create sparks again onscreen. As it was still in the initial discussion, producer Chong revealed that they still needed to iron out certain issues.

Esther and Bobby to Be Main Leads

As the story revolves around the tragic couple, Esther and Bobby will be the only lead actors in the entire drama. “They will be leading the drama from beginning to the end. However, there will be other actors such as Ben Wong and Ngo Ka Nin. Besides the cast, we also pay much attention to the film location. As we are filming in the 1950s to 1960s era, we will travel to Foshan TV City for shooting to present a more realistic backdrop.”

Esther Excited to Reunite with Bobby

When the reporter sought confirmation from Esther, she was surprised and said, “How do you know about it so fast? TVB did talk to me, but it is still at a preliminary stage. I find that the story is very unique and I like it very much.”

Talking about her old partner Bobby, Esther said, “This partner really attracts me. After working together in Armed Reaction, we did act together again as a couple. In The Legendary Four Aces <金裝四大才子>, I paired with Nick Cheung (張家輝) and not with Bobby. We have not worked for over ten years and it’s important to have a good partner. After all, we know each other’s working style and we do not need to find time to figure out our style again. It’s more comfortable this way and I really wish to work with him again. However, the discussions are only in the initial stage and they have not materialized yet.”

Esther Craves to Act Again

Revealing that she has rejected TVB’s invitation before due to unsuitable roles, Esther craves to act again. “I rarely watch drama nowadays, but sometimes, I will itch for acting again. In the past, I can act a few characters in a year. Realistically speaking, I only act one character now.”

Bobby Persuades Nick to Release Wife 

Sharing that they had great chemistry, Bobby has not been able to find a partner that matched him so well. Bobby also hopes to work with Esther again and even tried to persuade Nick to release his wife.

Revealing in a light-hearted tone, Bobby said, “I called Nick and asked him to let his wife to film again. It’s better that she partners with me and does not need to worry about having any rumors with me.  It’s better than partnering with Benny Chan (陳浩民)!”

Nick Cheung Supports Esther

Although Nick has turned down TVB’s invitation many times due to conflicting schedules, he is supportive of his wife returning to TVB. “I know that she has liaised with TVB before, but it’s really up to her to decide if she wants to act again. I do not lock her at home. If there is a good partner and good script, I will definitely support her to make a comeback. Even though the family needs her, I will still let her return to filming. Our daughter is also older now. As for me, my schedule is fully packed now.”

Esther also revealed that Brittany is more independent and she can return to work with a peace of mind. However, Esther will first need to find someone to take care of Brittany before she will consider filming again.

Source: Ming Pao Weekly #2287 via

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  1. Why tragic love story that spans different lifetimes? That’s best left for an idol drama!

    Bobby and Esther are best in a romantic comedy and not tragic love story!

    “Armed Reaction” was an excuse of a police drama with weak cases. It was really the chemistry between the lead actors that made the characters come alive and remain memorable. Their silly banter with their family members at the dinner table and with their co-workers.

    1. That’s so true. Let the younger generations takes on this drama. As much as I love Bobby and Ester, I really dont think they should film tragic romance series. They ARE old now. And no offense.

    2. I am excited. I want a happy ending but perhaps such a story will require a pair with great chemistry and who can act and no doubt they will have great chemistry and Esther can act. Moreover it is just a skeletal story, I am sure TVB wil change here, there, everywhere.

      If not them then who? Him Law and Mandy? Tavia and Raymond? Christine and Kevin?

      I don’t care about old. They can play middle aged couple in all 3 lifetime.

      1. Ahhh Raymond and Ty and Him Law and Mandy have been in like a gazillion series with each other already.

        I’m all up for Bobby and Esther!

      2. Agree with Funn. They are great actor and actress and could pull off whatever roles thrown to them, unlike those current fadans or idols. So I’m all for Bobby and Esther!

      3. tvb probably looking for the leads to be able to carry the old drama.. i doubt him him or raymond cn do so.. am up for bobby n esther.. in fact film it now..

      4. Esther is awesome and one of the few actress that is versatile in drama, comedy, ancient or modern and can take professionals roles well.

      5. Fala Chen busy dating her Neway owner boyfriend and trying to look like a teenage punk but unsuccessful

      6. Damn! Gwing TV Queen already deleted her weibo that was shown on the forum above given by bigbangjaypark. LOL Sham Shui Po

      7. LOL michel you’re belated. They already vacation to Korea and Himhim didn’t deny anymore.

      8. Celebrities = politics does not go well together unless you’re in India.

      9. “Tavia is dating Him Law”

        Which in itself is an endless sitcom acting until suddenly announce last episode.

      10. Or USA Funn. LOL Arnold Schwarzenegger please. But damn I assume these HK netizens are mad because our ‘Queen’ is supporting a pro-mainland political party?

        ROFL at the sitcom dating of Himhim and TY. I hope it doesn’t end up with someone’s precious organ broken.

      11. No thks. LF and Christine Kuo is even more interesting to me. Or LF and Mandy. At least it’s fresh.

        Well, Wayne and Myolie can do young love story, Bobby and Esther also can. But dont repeat the Princess something they had because Esther dun suit pretty lady.

      12. I saw the Myolie supporting the election news in Singpao and Mingpao


        but can someone explain why the HK netizens are running amok over this? Isn’t HK more open minded? I thought stars in politics is something meh although I personally prefer if they support in silence, because some people can immediately go noisy about using public figure in encouraging election results.

      13. Yeah vivien, too bad she deleted her weibo. I’m curious why the HK netizens look very unhappy about this. I never like her acting in TVB series, but as a citizen I think everyone has right to support and vote a political faction of his/her choice without being criticized. Unless it’s because she’s a public figure.

      14. Myolie was only supporting her brother in law. There’s nothing wrong. These netizens are overreacting and crazy! What’s wrong with supporting a family member when he’s competing in something?

      15. I’m a fan of Myolie and I’m not a hk citizen but even I think she shouldn’t have posted that weibo, there is just too much hate against the chief executive and pro-beijing parties right now.

        The party her brother in law is in is a pro-beijing political party and so happens the chief executive, who is backed by beijing had planned to introduce national education to schools in HK. Nothing wrong with national education, many countries have it, but in this case the curriculum is just plain sick. One example is students have to listen to the national song and if students do not show patriotic responses they will be asked to reflect. One more thing is the curriculum left out certain events which will show the CCP in a bad light, such as the Tiananmen incident. The whole curriculum just reeks of communism and forced patriotism.

        HK students have been protesting against this brainwashing education for a few months, with 3 students going on a hunger strike for 56 hours last week, but even so, the government refused to budge. Only on saturday night when the crowd grew to 130000 did the chief executive announced national education will not be compulsory.

        I think there are lots of news articles on the internet, unless you’re in Mainland China, cos I can’t serach 国民教育 or 洗脑 on weibo.

      16. Not just netizens, many celebrities are also against this brainwashing national education, such as Kelly Chen, Kay Tse, Anthony Wong, Joey Yung, Hins Cheung, Paul Wong, Johnny To, Chapman To, Kristal Tin and many more.

        When atv’s news programme said something negative about the protest (not too sure what cos I didn’t watch), Kristal said this on her weibo: “呢件事我都好失望,話晒都係大事大非,咁擦鞋法離譜啲,亞視今次贏TVB,投訴最多,恭喜晒!不過真係一代不如一代。” ROFL.

        Some parents also said if national education is implemented they would not bring their kids to school.

      17. @Nicole

        Haha thanks. I thought I was going to get slammed by Myolie fans and patriotic Chinese.

      18. The article states that Myolie has actually opposed the implementation of National Education before (Idk where’s the source), however, today, she showed open support of her brother-in-law who is in the pro-beijing political party.

      19. @nemesis Just because we are fans, doesn’t mean we should support our favourites blindly 😛 They are humans prone to mistakes like us.

      20. Not against Myolie but it’s not just the weibo. She should know better as someone who’s experienced as a famous artiste that her appearance at her brother in law’s pro Beijing political campaign WILL definitely be associated as using her face to gain attention and grab negative attention from HK youths who are now in fire over the plan to introduce the National Education. These youths saw her there, saw her helping there for a pro Beijing political power who’s trying to dictate HK education, so it’s natural that these netizens are fired up against a famous individual who appear to be helping their ‘opponent while they’re still fighting for their cause.

        Myolie might be sincerely helping her brother in law, but we need to look from the HK netizen’s ers too. From their eyes, Myolie was helping out and support her brother in law at an occasion where they were both helping the pro Beijing party whom are against their beliefs. Especially when the National syllabus issue is still ripe.

      21. The two of you here are understanding the situation, but many Myolie fans in weibo are fast to slam netizens when I believe these mainland or overseas fans don’t even have a clue about the situation in HK and WHY the netizens are riled up. Maybe because they’re not well informed about the issues in HK now.

      22. Here’s the article on Myolie’s comments on national education.


        Hope someone can give an accurate translation.

      23. @nemesis
        That does sound like what Myolie will say. She tends to make comments straddling the middle ground. I can’t say I agree with it, but I suppose it keeps her job safe.

      24. After the explanation above and going to some other forums I understand better!

      25. This is her response that I found at other place:

        Myolie said “I don’t know much about politics, I’m just there to support my family. My brother-in-law is very hardworking!”

        Personally I don’t think we should criticize others for their politics preference but after reading some of you guy’s posts I also can get the situation more or less now.

      26. Anyway from Myolie’s response quoted by salamander, she kinda admits not involved in the politics and is just an innocent sister in law who’s supporting her brother in law? So although I’m not her supporter and never think highly of her overthetop acting, I think HK is a free country and she is free to support her brother in law 😀

      27. I am with Funn for a happy ending. Better yet if this is a comedy. Is there any chance the tragic genre can change?

    3. But I love Bobby and Esther in ancient series and modern series!~ If only it was romantic comedy laced with hte 3 era idea not a tragedy!

  2. Awesome Esther Kwan & Bobby Au-Yueng I miss see them in TVB series so much!!!

  3. I’m very excited though the storyline is so-so. It’s time to see some old faces/veterans… I’m tired of the new so-called fadans.

    1. Same here. They should bring kwong Wah bac. He’s one funny man 🙂 especailly with Bobby 2 🙂

      1. To be honest, I’d much rather see Kwong Wah back than anyone else. Actually, if he does come back, I’ll be greedy and ask for more ahaha

      2. Yes! I know Bobby+Esther were the ultimate pairing back then, but I actually had more of a soft spot for her and Kwong Wah ever since Lady Flower Fist.

        And Kwong Wah’s just a delight to watch on his own anyway!

      3. I like Kong Wah, too, but I heard that he is a difficult artiste to work with. Perhaps Kong Wah does not want to film any more drama series. I think he has not been very actively lately.

  4. I miss Esther! Agreed. Tired of the so called fadans especially the fives! I welcome Esther back hasn’t seen her since the last sitcom which she did great on.

  5. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to see Esther partner with Bobby again.

    1. Can add Eliza or Christine as supporting actress. Sure got curves.

  6. i miss Esther! if she is confirm to film this serie me going to be really happy miss her and bobby as a pair cant wait to hear more news about this serie. Glad that she is willing to come back to film a serie after retiring/quitting for a long time. Well maybe she retire to take care of her kid

  7. Haven’t seen her since the series with Roger and Michelle! Looking forward to this series a lot. 🙂

  8. I don’t blame Bobby to persuade Nick Cheung to let Esther co-act with him. All the current fadans are too young to be partners with Bobby.

    Sheren will be a good actress to co-act with Bobby. They did well in a series about private tutoring.

  9. Yess! I like esther kwan! Hopefully its gonna be official. Tired of all those fadans and newcomers. Give me a break.

  10. nice, miss her in TV, she hardly act in any series now. Frankly i’m quite bored with all of those recycled actor and actresses who can’t really act in recent drama, how many zillion time have we watch tavia, kate, etc…look forward for this drama!!

  11. the same like the joe ma and charmaine sheh series… forget what it was called.

  12. Esther please come back do filming.I rooting for tis onscreen couple reunite so long

  13. Two of my fav actors coming back together!!! How wonderful!!! But i agree with Jayne that they might not fit a tragic drama… seriously like them in a light hearted romantic comedy like Taming of the Princess 醉打金枝 I adore them as a couple and they do so well in romantic comedy genre.

    Leave the tragic love stories to Shereen and Wayne oops… Myolie n Wayne now

  14. That’s a good pairing. However I hope the storyline will match and it will be interesting and exciting.

    Please do not copy Gallen Lo
    “Ancient Terracotta War Situation”

    For anyone who has seen it it was a great storyline.

    Emperor Qin Shi Huang dispatched a group of men and women on a quest to find an elixir that would grant him immortality. When they found it, Dong Er fed it to the man she loved, Meng Tian Fang. The furious Emperor sentenced Dong Er to death and encased Meng in clay as a terracotta warrior.Thousands of years later, the lovers reunited.

    Here is the beginning and end theme:

    1. Sounds like Gong Li-Zhang Yimou movie which is probably what the series is based on.

      1. Yeah, the TV series is definitely based on the movie. Same title, same character names and they also re-used the theme song from the movie.

      2. Also the famous scene of Gong Li in red running towards the burning fire?

      3. There’s definitely a scene in which the male lead is being burnt into a terracotta warrior and Ady An runs towards the burning fire, but I can’t remember if she’s wearing red, LOL.

        The modern day part of the storyline of the TV series is very different from the movie, though.

      4. Ah, I have never seen the film or heard of it…. but the series is quite good.

        Yes, I guess sometimes people re-use the same storyline like “Gong” and “Bu Bu Jin Xing” and both wwere enjoyable to watch.

        Although “Gong” storyline did remind me of “meteor garden” wich is from the anime “Hana Yori Dango”

  15. ATV made this series in the 80s. Is TVB that desperate that they are copying ATV from the 80s???

    1. ATV made? I thought this sound like Maiden’s Vow made by TVB LOL

  16. Looking forward to this one! I like reincarnation love stories (a trope which has a pretty long tradition in the Chinese sphere, so I don’t think it’s necessarily copying any other series).

  17. Love the 2 of them in light comedy… they are the BEST!!!
    No tragic story please…….
    I also like Bobby with Ada- cute too!

    1. Bobby Au Yeung acts better in comedies, not as good in tragedies.

      Esther Kwan is good in both.

  18. How exciting bobby n esther yah! Please dont make a tragic love series, mayb a light comedy.

    1. I don’t remember Bobby in a tragic romance before. Has he acted in one?
      Maybe he wants to try something new. But really.. LOL

      1. Sort of. Witness To A Prosecution 2 where both his wives from part 1 died in a fire. I consider Armed Reaction tragic because all the chasing around and at the end of the day he never got to marry Esther.

      2. But Witness to a Prosecution is a ultimately a comedy! and Hmmm.. Armed Reaction.. Idk, but I think I will keep laughing while watching Bobby in a tragic romance.

  19. Haha, idk I can’t associate Bobby with tragic love 😀 perhaps this will turn into tragic comedy.

  20. TVB should made Armed Reaction 5 with Ada Choi, Joyce Tand, Esther and Bobby! it will be interesting to see them all together!

  21. Finally, people that can act and won’t be paired up with people that can’t act. However, I have no faith in the script based on history. I haven’t been able to complete a TVB series in years.

  22. Hey TVB, how about giving ‘Armed Reaction’ a better concluding sequel?

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