Bosco Wong Buys a 3 Carat Ring to Propose to Myolie Wu?

It has been nearly a month since Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) announced their shocking breakup to the world. Alhough Myolie seems to be ready to put their breakup behind her and start anew, Bosco is apparently still longing for reconciliation.

Earlier, tabloids reported that Bosco lost about 15 to 20 lbs after leaving Hong Kong to Taiwan for the filming of mainland Chinese drama, The Woman Above the Bread Tree <面包树上的女人>. During his stay in Taiwan, he reportedly sent at least 50 text messages to Myolie daily, hoping to patch up their relationship. Oriental Sunday also alleged that Bosco plans to propose to Myolie with a 3 carat diamond ring once he returns to Hong Kong.

Bosco Still Misses Myolie

On the night of August 15th, Bosco was seen returning to his hotel after an entire day of filming. The actor was asked if he still missed Myolie, in which he replied with a slight nod. When asked about his sudden weight loss, Bosco admitted, “I work long hours every day, and I’m not done until the end of the month!” Before the reporters could ask more questions, Bosco expressed that he had nothing further to comment, and quickly exited into the elevator.

Bosco Writes Apology Letter to Myolie?

To prevent new rumors from sprouting, Bosco hired a male driver and a middle-aged female assistant for his one-month work trip in Taiwan. For the past few weeks in Taiwan, Bosco diligently went to work every day, and was never seen leaving the film studio unless work was done for the day. He had his assistants order takeout for him for lunch and dinner, and on filming breaks, the actor would sit at the side and fiddle around with his phone instead of socializing with the rest of his colleagues.

An insider revealed, “He has his phone with him at all times, and he’s always texting, every single day. His messages are usually really long, and sometimes he would ask us how to write certain [difficult] characters. I think he’s writing a letter of apology to his girlfriend!”

Bosco Buys a 3 Carat Diamond Ring

The outbreak of Boscolie’s breakup had dramatically different outcomes for both parties. When Bosco was reported to have been depressed and morose over their lost relationship, Myolie was reported to have become a popular target for everyone, winning the affections of TVB siu sangKenneth Ma (馬國明), and Taiwan TTV’s “Big Brother” Eric Huang (黃少祺).

According to Oriental Sunday, Bosco was perturbed with Myolie’s rumors with Kenneth and Eric, which prompted him to buy a 3 carat diamond ring to propose to Myolie as soon as possible. Another insider revealed, “Bosco gave Myolie many gifts, but never a ring. In the past, he didn’t want to settle down so quickly, and insisted that he still had more time. It is different this time. Since he wants to get back with her, he needs to be more sincere about it. The ring represents that he is giving the rest of his life to her.”

Will Bosco be able to win Myolie’s heart back? A close friend of Myolie said, “Myolie knew what she was getting into when she began dating Bosco. She endured things even when she knew it was impossible. Myolie knew she would be unwilling to let him go, so that’s why she was so firm in breaking off the relationship this time. She does not want to go back. I heard Bosco wrote an apology letter to Myolie, promising her that he will correct his flaws. I also heard that he bought a diamond ring to propose to her. I don’t know what Myolie thinks about this, but she seems to be in a really good mood nowadays. I think it’s because she knows Bosco genuinely cares for her!”

Bosco will return to Hong Kong in the end of August after completing his Taiwan scenes for The Woman Above the Bread Tree. Will Bosco be able to patch up his relationship with Myolie?

Eric Huang: No Contact with Myolie

On August 19th, during a recording for The Million Dollars Primary School <百萬小學堂> variety show in Taiwan, Eric Huang responded to his love rumors with Myolie, “We have not contacted each other since we finished filming Jin Yu Man Tang <金玉满堂> in March. The last time I saw her was when we promoted our drama at the Shanghai Television Festival in June. Where did these rumors come from?”

Eric continued, “She had a boyfriend when we were still working together, so I didn’t really think of anything else. I didn’t even know they broke up until I read the news!”

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  1. I wonder how true this is?! If there any truth to it, I wonder if a proposal ring will move Myolie in anyway?? Let’s see but I think the more time that passes by the less likely they will reunite.

    1. HeTieShou,
      Based on Eric Huang’s response, it seems as if he and Myolie did not maintain contact since filming. This matches with Myolie’s interview responses in April, in which she spoke of loving Bosco deeply.

      If Myolie doesn’t have another man in her heart right now, certainly Bosco will have a higher chance of winning her trust again.

      1. Jayne,
        Well you know that artists are known for lying through their teeth but If Eric is telling the truth then yes Myolie may give Bosco another chance since I think she still really loves him.

      2. If I’m Eric Huang I won’t admit publicly now too. The other day a HK newspaper insider said Myolie has fallen for Eric Huang and her sisters like Eric Huang more because Eric Huang had bigger income than Myolie. Her sisters don’t like how Myolie has bigger income than Bosco.

      3. The insider said however that Eric Huang doesn’t like how the breakup news going too big though.

      4. Myolie said she’s happy because she’s now single and she’s already moving out. Elaine Yiu publicly announced Myolie has a forest of men to choose from. Mandy Wong said Myolie is in a good mood.

  2. She would be a fool for taking him back. I was kind of hoping the rumor with Eric Huang was true…

    1. Why ? Because Eric Huang has the money ? Don’t forget both Myolie & Bosco loves each other & have been together for 8 long years.

      1. Yep, he loved her so much that he cheated on her. I applaud Myolie for respecting herself enough to leave him. BTW, Eric Huang is just an actor so he’s not insanely wealthy.

      2. it mght just be rumors lee. he mght nt hve cheated..bosco is nt exactly a bad catch..i do hope the best for myolie

    2. Eric is a better man. I also hope the Eric rumour is true.

      1. How do you know if Eric is a better man?? Is it because he has more money?

      2. No doubt that Bosco is still loving Myolie deeply, being together for 8 years is not something you can just let go. Unfortunetely, there is something Myolie can’t accept from what Bosco “did”, therefore she called for the quit. Whatever it is.. Myolie has to really thick twice before reuniting with Bosco because her biological clock is ticking and its surely not wise to lose anymore youth on a guy who happen to hurt you many times 🙂

  3. I hope Bosco really change and they would get back together. I love seeing them together. They look the happiest when they’re together.

    1. Myolie look happier now. Her post in her weibo showed happiness and she’s constantly smiling and being cheerful. Don’t be a fool Myolie. Guys never change. I’ve been there. He promise he’ll change and man up but after 4 years, he’s still a mommy boy. I give up.

  4. I’m a big fan of Boscolie but don’t want to see Myolie go back. Anyway let leave it to faith.

  5. Their personalities aren’t suitable for each other. Both are chasing after career. Love alone can’t create a harmonious family.

  6. I hope they will make,it n stuck it out to the end…. really wishing them all the best…….. HK shd declare Public Holiday when they are indeed getting married… 😉

    1. me too, i hope they get back together , look at angela tong and chin kar lok who thought he will ever marry anyone and now look , bosco much better than kar lok so miracles can happen and I hope so

  7. I hope they can batch things up between them and talk about their issues. But I truly hope they can be together again. && i think Myolie should give Bosco another chance since they have been together for like 8 years it is kinda pity about the breakup. && I still believe that Myolie still have feelings for Bosco since they have been together for pretty much a long time . You can’t just drop the feelings overnight..unless Myolie found someone better than Bosco . Lets just see whats going to happen when Bosco is back to HK & lets leave it to fate ~

    1. Myolie look happier and constantly laughing now so I assume she has moved on. The way to forget an ex fast is to avoid seeing him face to face and touching him. Bosco being away in Taiwan made the breakup easier for Myolie. Thank god. I don’t want her to go back to Bosco. She said on her own that she’s waiting for the best man. What if the best man is Eric Huang? Bt staying single she has more opportunities to choose the best man.

      1. The best way to forget yr ex fast is you’ve already hv another waiting

  8. I wish both the best. As long as they are happy, I will be happy for them. I would never say I wish to see them apart because of my own personal feelings on the matter.

  9. Noooo!!! Myolie do not accept the jerk who cheated on you!!!

  10. If Bosco wants to change, he should change long time ago, not now. If Bosco does really changes his personality, then I sincerely and really hope that he can really change.

    I’ve seen guys promise to change but they never will or they will change only for very short time, then they come back to their own self again.

    Good luck to both Bosco and Myolie eventhough I think they look cute together!!

    1. i know i shouldn’t. but i still hope for a happy ending for them.

      perhaps he realizes how important she is to him, now that he has lost her.

      1. I think so, it seems like he don’t care about his image and pride, when he dare to cry and show emotion on how much he really care for myolie and how heartbroken he is. I think he really regret.

  11. No Myolie. You’ll be a fool and look desperate if you reconcile! Don’t be like the cheap Joyce Tang. A strong independent woman never look back! A break up is a break up. You look happier now! I broke up with my mommy boy boyfriend a year ago and never look back.

  12. Well it is up to Myolie and not anyone else do whatever she chooses to do is her business. I do not think we have the right to say that it is right or wrong. As long as she is happy then that is what counts. But time will tell.. However, I have a feeling that she may have moved on…

  13. I think this report might contain some truth in it because two days ago Nancy posted in her weibo and said “朋友…想那麼多幹嗎?!” then Myolie replied her back saying “我也不知道!”(with a indecisive emoticon). Soon after Myolie deleted that post in her weibo.

    1. saw this too , and i thought it was quite weird. I really hope they’re together cuz 8 years is indeed a long time , and you wouldn’t spend 8 yrs tgt for nth if they are really in love .

      1. People keep on mentioning this 8 year thing. It is true that 8 years is a long time, but there have been many other couples that were together even longer but broke up for good in the end. For example, Joyce and Marco was 9 years, Annie and her ex was 10 years, Fann Wong and her other boyfriend was 11 years,etc.. But now they are all either married to someone else or dating someone else. Therefore, I don’t think length of dating time is always significant. There are some that get married within just a few months or weeks(like Barbie Hsu)so you never know,while others that date for years and years just to end up in a break up… It just varies..

  14. A little too late. Besides, the proposal loses it’s meaning and significance when he does so just because he’s scared of losing you.

  15. Go on Myolie, give Bosco another chance. After this Bosco will treasure her. Hope this ring business is true!!

  16. Poor him. Please give him a chance, Myolie. Hope you and him always happy together. Love Boscolie so much.

  17. Although I love them as a couple but to be honest, once a cheater, always a cheater! He’s been fooling around multiples times and I’m sure she’s finally realised that he can’t change, no matter how hard she tries to fight for their relationship. It’s in his character.
    I won’t be surprised if she takes him back though. Women tend to be soft hearted and weak when it comes to love…=(

    1. is flirting being a cheater? Because from all I know people say that he is a flirter, not a guy who sleep around, at least there is no evidence.
      But then again, it is my though.

      1. it depends on how far the flirting goes. Sexy text messaging? There’s also emotional cheating which is sometimes worse than the pysical act of cheating.

      2. You honestly believe that all these rumors are groundless and unfounded? I’m a Bosco fan too, but seriously, there’s no smoke without fire. Apart from that, he’s in the entertainment business, where temptations are everywhere. I doubt there are many loyal and faithful boyfriends/husbands who works in that field. I know friends in the entertainment business, and believe me. It’s even worse than our imagination…
        Flirting will eventually lead to something else, if opportunity is given. It can also lead to emotional cheating, which J mentioned. And flirting behind your partners back is already a sign of disrespect. She and other acquaintances have mentioned about his wrongdoings in the past too, but she forgave him. Of course, we will never know the whole truth. But as I said, once a cheater, always a cheater.

  18. Yes… propose to a girl who threw you out for infidelity while she’s still pretty angry. Bosco has no idea how to treat women. It’s all about his needs.

    An expensive ring, cars, and houses can’t buy trust. Stop trying to buy Myolie off.

  19. All I care about now, is Bosco to be happy again. Off course I still have hopes and really wish for them to get back together, but to see him suffer like this makes me sad.

    I still has hopes and I am still praying for them to reconcile, but like a lot of you guys has being said, let’s fate decide, and it is up to them, and most of all Myolie to decide if they really can get back together.

    1. Bosco’s unhappiness is of his own doing. I have no sympathy for him. Myolie’s already given him one chance in the past… and he still messed up. It would seem in Bosco’s case that a leopard can’t change its spots. it’s time for him to move on instead of trying to play the needy sympathy card.

      He had Myolie once, and he let her slip through his hands while they were busy with other girls. Too bad.

      1. oh, and as I stated in another thread, if he TRULY wants her back, then he needs to go right back to square one and start courting her again as if their relationship was new. None of this “Will you marry me stuff” now… it’s too late for that. He’s acting like a child when you threaten them.

        Parent : I’m going to take that away if you don’t stop that

        (child keeps playing)

        Parent : That’s it! give me that and go to your room!

        child: No! i’ll be good now, I promise!

      2. Flirting might be wrong, ok it is wrong, but sometime flirting is in peoples nature, I wont say that Bosco didn’t do anything wrong, and yes he deserves to feel hurt like Myolie did, but I don’t think he do it because he want sympati from people, but that he actually mean it. From my point of view then when a guy dare to show their hurt feelings in public because of a girl then he really care for her, that’s why I think he deserves another chance. It says that you don’t see what you have before you lose it. A lot of people may just say that they will change if you give them a chance, but actually they dont, but it is also people that do change, so you never know if you don’t give it a try. And at the beggining I also though that he deserves to feel the pain, but when I heard and saw pictures of him being so depressed then I couldn’t do anything then feel hurt for him, it’s like when a friend of you is falling down, and you know that person did something wrong, but watching that person hurts you still feel that person’s pain, and understand that that person has suffer, and want that person to come stronger back, and hope that he/she has learned his lesson, the same goes to Bosco, I can see that he has learned his mistake(or I hope) and I hope he can come stronger back and actually be happy and chas Myolie.

        But I also get your point of view, I myself has been in this situation, so I know why your though is like that. And It is also I got something positive back after the big break down, that I have the view I am sitting with.

      3. I also know that he got a chance from her already, but they didn’t really broke up did they? But this time is different, she left him, that is the biggest punish you can get if you love a person, so give it a chance if he truly don’t chance then she has the right to leave him forever

  20. Oh, whatever. I wish the pair of them all the best; they deserve to be happy, whether it be together or not.

    (It looks weird seeing Myolie’s shirt next to Bosco’s face…)

  21. I think Molie should not reject him outright. It is payback time and let him suffer. I’ sure only time will tell if he is sincere, talk and 3 carat diamond ring is cheap. Being Bosco, to value and live up to fidelity is too tough and too much for him, therefore i know he would suffer as hell. On the other hand, years of sacrifice and investment in a relationship is just too much to starts all over again.
    Keep your eyes open, and if he does repent, it is not a bad thing to get back together-only when you are very sure that you have already nip him on the bud and had him twirled between your fingers for

  22. I hope Bosco and Myolie will get bck together. If Bosco can drop 15 to 20 lbs bcoz of Myolie than he is sincere and truely love myolie. Myolie shd give him a chance. Not easy to drop so much weight especially fr a guy.

  23. I believe he loves her very very much. He’s handsome, famous and rich, he can easily to have a good new girlfriend, but… He lost weigh, tired, sad and did many things to reunite. She’s very important in his heart. May be, in the past, he always had her so he did not know she’s his everything. Now he lost her, he really regret, he want to change himself. Let’s give him another chance and give yourself a chance to have a perfect husband Myolie. You’re a good girl, you deserve to have a happy life. Good luck to you, Myolie.

    1. But she already gave him another chance apparently… how many chances is she supposed to give him?

      1. Maybe, the last chance, if he continues to cheat her, dump him immediately without regret. In this case, he’ll lose her forever.

    2. I agree with everything you wrote. Nobody really knows the extent of their breakup. Maybe Myolie wanted him to settle down and give her a lifetime commitment, but he felt the timing is not right yet. But now, being apart made him realize she is his soulmate. Also, his mom really likes her and treats her like family. I hope very much for Myolie to consider his proposal and reunite with him. But I also understand it is very hard to trust (him) again. Hopefully we hear good news soon!!

    1. lol it could almost be his brother =P Next news out from the media will be, Myolie is dating Bosco look alike? =P Im joking

      1. Ma Tian Yu is 7 years younger than Myolie so not sure if she would go for a guy that much younger.

    2. I don’t think Ma Tian Yu looks like Bosco at all. I find that he resembles Ada Choi’s husband Max Zhang a lot more. He looks like a younger version of Max but nothing like Bosco. By the way, I love Ma Tian Yu. His singing and acting are great!!

  24. Move on and away from Bosco, Myolie. ‘Once a cheat always a cheat.’

    1. Interesting article and thanks for sharing Larry. I did not know that HK had a gender imbalance like China, however, they are the opposite that they have more girls while China has more guys. I think it is a good idea for them to complement each other…

    2. One more news is that HK women live the longest in the entire world.

      1. What the heck?? Are you saying that the gender imbalance is not true then??

      2. Oh yea, I almost forgot about that… I guess they do have that problem then. The Hk girls can marry foreigners or go overseas to find men. They don’t necessarily have to marry HK men.

      3. Niki,
        Ok you truly are Tony/Rony based on the way you talk. It is none of your business if I am wanted or not. You had better shut up and get a life!! It appears that no one wants you so you have to sit online an troll this site!!!

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