Candy Chang Cries Innocence Over Marijuana Arrest

TVB actress, Candy Chang (張慧雯), and a male friend were arrested by the police for possession of marijuana yesterday. The police stopped the pair’s van for speeding at 93 miles (or 150 kilometers) per hour and discovered 13 bags of 1.9 ounce (or 54 grams) of a powder-like substance suspected to be marijuana.

Candy Chang was the third runner-up in the 2010 Miss Chinese International pageant. Born in Hong Kong, Candy immigrated to Canada with her family when she was 7 years old. The 23-year-old gained public recognition after starring in The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時> and was earlier rumored to be a favorite new artist of TVB executive, Virginia Lok (樂易玲).

At 10 PM last night, when Candy was arrested by the Hong Kong police, she was with a 32-year-old driver known by the surname of Law. The van was speeding along San Tin Highway at dangerously high speed. Law passed the breathalyzer test, but not the roadside drug test. The police immediately brought Law and Candy back to the police station for suspected drug possession.

Virginia Lok Believes in Candy Chang

According to Virgina Lok, Candy Chang has been released on bail and required to report back at the police station on December 28. It is currently unnecessary for TVB to hire a lawyer on Candy’s behalf.

Ms. Lok believed that Candy was innocent, stating, “I do not know all the details of the case. Candy is currently accompanied by a family member; her father is a senior voice actor. After speaking with Candy, she cried and used more than one pack of tissues. We also spoke about other issues; she is a good girl. I feel that the innocent will remain innocent. Let the police investigate the case and as she said, she will try her best to assist the police.”

Candy was originally scheduled to star in new drama, Master, Understood <師父.明白了> opposite Raymond Wong (黃浩然). Since the drama’s filming will last through January, the producer will decide whether it is necessary to replace Candy’s role with another actress.

Ms. Lok added, “It is important to be a role model working in this industry. Candy is a good girl, but she has to let the company know that she is a hard working actress.”

Candy Chang Cries Innocence on Weibo

On November 26 at noon time, Candy cried her innocence on Weibo. She wrote, “Aiya, why did I encounter such things. I originally asked the driver, who was introduced by a friend to take me home. I just fell into a short nap and such an unexpected disaster occurred and involved me…. The media also erroneously speculated about my relationship with that driver. I have bad luck! Really, really bad luck! I hope friends can pray for me, and that matters will soon be settled safe and sound.” Shortly after posting the message on Weibo, Candy deleted the post.

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  1. The explanation provided by Candy is not impossible but if true, shows how gullible and trusting she is in the company of someone she does not know well.

    Did the male driver, Law, take marijuana while in the car while Candy was sleeping? Or he had already done so before picking up Candy, who didn’t suspect anything to be wrong when she boarded the van?

    1. It’s hard to imagine there are people that gullible in the entertainment industry, but nothing is impossible, I suppose.

    2. Very gullible indeed. I was very surprised she will nap in a stranger’s car. However more gullible things have happened. It could be a case of real bad luck or the truth. Either way I am disappointed.

    3. I believe her, but then at the same time, also disappointed. It is never wise to get a ride home late at night by a male (and with no other people you closely know of..) who’ve just been introduced to you by a friend, let fall asleep in their car…afterall, mutual friends can very much be strangers. That’s not very intelligent thinking…hope she gets this over with sooner or later and get back on track. She has potential in acting, lets just hope it’s not too late to salavage her career.

    4. I agree that it’s silly and gullible to (a) hitch a ride with a stranger (b) fall asleep when you are in the car with someone. However, as silly as it may sound, I know many girls who are guilty of doing the above. It may sound stupid but sometimes, when you agree to doing such things it just appears normal and convenient.

      1. And mind you, I am talking about pretty girls who are older than Candy and who are working professional jobs in prestigious firms/ banks. So if they are naive enough to do this sort of thing, I am not surprised if Candy is.

      2. I guess some women don’t realise what they get themselves into until it actually happens. Let this be an experience of a lesson in life.

    1. What career though? She is not famous – yet. If she is cleared, I don’t see why this should effect her potential career that much. I think it’s a bigger blow, if you’re on top and then gets knocked down by these kind of news. And as usual, it will depend on who has your back. If Miss Lok is really taking her under her wings, then as long as she is cleared, no image problem is too big for her.

    2. I think it just began, LOL!. Obviously she’s going to be the media’s target and get exposure over this.

      1. but this is drugs we are talking about. I don’t think her route now will be smooth.

  2. I’m always surprised to see how tabooed marijuana is considered in foreign countries. While I’m not a user myself, pot is already considered to be a non-addictive recreational drug here in Vancouver, or California, or Holland.

    1. Asia has a zero drugs policy, no? That’s my impression, and I guess it includes marijuana even if it’s a “soft” drug.

  3. Wouldn’t a urine test clear her, it’ll show if she has taken drugs and if it’s in her system or not.

      1. It was not her car to begin with, they found the drugs in the car, not on personal body. Whether or not they charge her with possession of the drugs, it’s too unclear now to even say anything since the details of this case is so vague.

  4. almost didnt know who she is. but do remember her face a abit now on that doc series even thou i have no idea what her name was….

  5. I didn’t marijuana is in powder form.

    I had always thought it is dry leaves like tobacco.

  6. For her sake, then I hope her explanation is true. But sleeping in a stranger car is not a good idea anyways. You never know how the other person is, should be more careful.

    If not then i have to say that you should never get betrayed by a innocent look.

  7. A drug test will prove whether she is lying or not. Can they really arrest her for sitting in a car that had marijuana though? It’s not even her car. If the law allows for that then HK really has to rethink their drug laws. That would be like arresting a whole family if drugs were found somewhere in a house.

  8. From the article, it’s says that the police charge her for possession not drug test, so does that mean that they test her but got negative??

  9. I don’t believe her. Looks are so deceiving. Sleeping in a stranger’s car? Coincidentally the stranger can’t wait to smoke pot? And best, she remain sleeping in a pot-smoking vehicle till police wakes her? Fishy!

    1. Agree. It is the biggest joke for any celebrity, especially female ones.

    1. It’s illegal in HK and most of Asia.

      Otherwise yes, it’s just weed, man.

  10. She’s a nobody so this won’t hurt her much with 620 behind her.

  11. Seems like a lot of drug news recently. I saw in newspaper about one involving Eason’s wife and a few other stars. I didn’t read the details. Anyone has link to an english translation?

  12. When she’s caught red handed.. she will cry she’s guillible.. how convenient.. maybe she thinks ppl are also guillible as she is.

  13. Does not make sense. You don’t tag along in stranger’s car. Plus falling asleep in stranger’s car?. Sounds like she is not really smart.

    1. She isn’t so smart when she told the press that she fell asleep in a stranger car, you dont sleep in a stranger car unless you’re drugged.

  14. Poor girl, Virginia Lok is two faced, while proclaiming Candy is innocent, goes back and cuts off her work. If she has no work, how can she show she is hard working? It doesn’t make any sense.

    I don’t know if she is innocent or not but if I were to flush out the rest of pot users, probably would be 90% of the other people Virginia Lok is promoting as well. Candy was just unlucky and got caught.

  15. Regardless of whether she’s charged, her career will definitely be affected. That’s just being realistic. Young pretty actresses are a dime a dozen, and there’s a new batch every year from MHK and MCI. TVB isn’t gonna choose promoting someone involved in a drug scandal over 100% squeaky clean image Eliza Sam or Crystal Li.
    Bad luck.

  16. I believe in Candy but her reputation is very important especially since its the beginning of her career. In “on call 36 hours 2” she will be a doctor and if she was caught with drugs it was ruin how people think her as a doctor in that show. However, I do believe in her and I hope nothing happens to her and her career

  17. don’t worry about her, she can always find other jobs, i hope she does, the way she lied, she’s of a good quality idol material

  18. She looks like such a good girl. Hard to believe she would do something so stupid. Well, shes innocent until proven guilty.

    1. “She looks like such a good girl.”…… I surely hope so. It could just be the image of her doctor-character in “The Hippocractic Crush”

      I read quite a bit about Candy Chang in some Hong Kong magazines a few months ago saying that she was a girlfriend (or mistress) of a mature, married, rich businessman. Candy had a luxurious “rich housewife’s” life in Hong Kong.

      Not sure if the above was true or not.

      1. Mind linking me to the article? I’d love to read it for myself :O

      2. Sorry I read them in some Hong Kong media magazines at a hair salon some months ago. It was not on line. Cannot give you the link.

      3. Momo
        The reporting was just a few lines and with some photos – Candy Chang was partnering with a mature man.

      4. Even if the rumor was true, it doesn’t surprised me really since Vivian Yeo landed herself into some rich hk man and live in some luxury mansion above the hill. If vivian yeo can find herself rich guy, why can’t candy? candy is young and pretty. I’m sure many mature rich guys want her 😉

  19. The male friend was found with drugs in his system plus it belonged to him if they already tested the guy then I’m sure they tested Candy as well and it came up with nothing, wrong place at the wrong time. HK industry is just so sensitive and judgemental about some issues sure its illegal but so is jaywalking and I see everyone does it.

    Honestly many do drugs I don’t see it as a big deal I’m not a user myself but its very common

  20. Just like any killer would plead for innocence, LOL.

    Bottom line she isn’t exactly pretty nor talented from what I have seen (THC). Or will she be the new goddess of drugs, LOL.

  21. At first they said he is her bf and now a stranger? Uhm but sleeping in a stranger’s car is never a good idea because he can take her to somewhere she can’t know. So I don’t really blv in her story.

    1. The male friend had his girlfriend with him, they were both arrested as well.

  22. just do a freaking drug test, that would clear her if she protests that she’s innocent.

    1. The male companion was already tested and they found drugs in him so if he was tested it’s most likely she did as well and nothing was found in her that’s why she’s re;eased on bail.

  23. Haha, unbelievable for girl to travel at stranger’s van n some more, sleeping too. I cant believe it either unless that guy is not stranger or influence by drug.. What a shame as a celebrity that dont know how to protect herself.. Positive thinking, she is good gal but naive..

  24. i saw Candy smoking a joint at a club in HK several times plus I know she hung around with gangster types. I am back in the states now but can verify that she is not as innocent as you might think.

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