Carlos Chan Embarrassed by Gay Love Scenes in His Old Movie, “For Love, We Can”

By on April 25, 2018 in NEWS

Carlos Chan Embarrassed by Gay Love Scenes in His Old Movie, “For Love, We Can”

Carlos Chan (陳家樂) has become a household name after starring in Daddy Cool <逆緣>. Before filming the TVB drama, Carlos had a diversified film resume and had even starred in Boys’ Love (BL) short film, For Love, We Can <愛,不難>.

Several EEG artistes recently formed a humorous Facebook page and uploaded a clip of Carlos in For Love, We Can. Carlos was asked to re-watch his own gay love scenes in the 2014 movie. As his reactions were captured on video, Carlos’ cheeks reddened and he became visibly embarrassed.

The film centers around Neo Yau‘s (游學修) character discovering his ex-boyfriend had HIV. Carlos accompanies Neo to get tested for the virus, and the final results were positive. In the movie, Carlos and Neo shared two passionate kisses, including a topless love scene in a bathtub.

When re-watching the scenes, Carlos said, “Wow” and covered his mouth with his hands nervously. The 31-year-old actor said he had forgotten about these scenes from four years ago.

Asked to comment on the differences in kissing a man versus a woman, Carlos said, “Kissing a man– especially Neo Yau–he had some stubble. It’s a bit strange during kissing. It’s a different feeling when kissing a woman. But it was a little exciting.”

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Carlos Chan Embarrassed by Gay Love Scenes in His Old Movie, “For Love, We Can”

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  • 8 comments to Carlos Chan Embarrassed by Gay Love Scenes in His Old Movie, “For Love, We Can”

    1. wm2017 says:

      lol….a little exciting? haha ok…

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    2. passingby says:

      Haha he’s so cute in that pic showing his reaction. Was he in a lot of B grade movies previously? Nvr heard him sing before but if he can sing they shld hv got him to sing the theme song instead of Fred.

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      • llwy12 replied:

        @passingby LOL…that was my first thought too – his reaction was so cute! The pics in the article don’t do justice to his reaction though – need to watch the actual video on Facebook (there’s actually a link to video in the original HK01 article). For me, what made his reaction even cuter was knowing that he’s actually a really shy person in real-life so that embarrassed reaction is genuine.

        Yes, Carlos was in a lot of B-grade movies up until 2015/2016, when he got his big break with the movie “Happiness,” which he co-led with Kara Hui. While I wouldn’t call that movie a big A-list production backed by a major cast (though Kara is as A-list as it gets in terms of HK movie actresses), it’s a wonderfully made movie along the lines of “Mad World” and “Tomorrow is a Another Day” (all 3 movies are usually talked about together because they all deal with real-life societal issues and all 3 were masterfully made despite having newbie directors at the helm and no major producer to back them up). And the movie did win multiple awards over the course of its run, including acting awards for both Kara and Carlos.

        His singing is decent, but he actually doesn’t like singing (despite starting in the industry after participating in EEG’s new talent singing contest) so he decided to pursue acting instead.

        By the way, I found out last week that Carlos will have a major role in the latest Alan Mak/Felix Chong production “Integrity” (Mak and Chong produced Infernal Affairs and Overheard trilogies), alongside Nick Cheung and Sean Lau – now that’s an opportunity that doesn’t come around often! I was already looking forward to that movie after hearing about it at Filmart but now anticipating it even more!

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        • passingby replied:

          @llwy12 lol, you’re right! i saw the clip too and his reaction was so genuine and funny. He was really into character and seemed quite comfortable with initiating a kiss with his co-star whereas the other guy looked a tad uncomfortable. Carlos is one of the rare few actors that i took an immediate liking to the first time i saw him. Watched a few of his interview clips on Youtube and he comes across as a genuinely nice and humble person. Happy for him to be in a new movie with Nick and Sean and i hope he gets his big break soon.

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        • llwy12 replied:

          @passingby LOL….yea, same for me – Carlos is one of the few actors that I took an immediate liking to as well, except it was back in 2016 when I started really noticing him after watching Happiness (I kind of knew who he was from the few HKTV series he was in, but his roles didn’t really stand out enough at the time for me to notice). Yes, agreed that he definitely comes across as very genuine and humble, though I would also use the word “cute” to describe him as well, lol. He actually did an interview with CRHK last week (as part of Daddy Cool promotion) and it was such fun hearing him describe his experience filming the series. Apparently, he said that he and his mom (he referred to her as “my ma-ma” which I thought was really sweet, lol) are huge fans of Wayne – the two of them watch TV together a lot and he said because his mom is a fan, he grew up watching Wayne’s series and has seen practically everything that he’s been in….so of course, finally getting the chance to work with Wayne in this series was a huge deal for him…he said that in the 10 years that he has been acting, his mom never once asked to visit him on set, but this time around, when he was filming for Daddy Cool, his mom would constantly try to make up an excuse to visit (like she would make soup and want to take it to him, haha)…he refused to let her visit though because he knew she would just “fangirl” over Wayne and he didn’t want to bother him (lol…it was so cute the way he described it – it’s obvious his parents are important to him, as he mentioned them often during the interview). I’m glad Carlos is getting so much recognition for his performance, as he’s one who definitely deserves it in my opinion!

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        • passingby replied:

          @llwy12 yes, i watched this short clip on youtube too; is there a complete version? He must be very close to his mother to tease her this way.

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        • llwy12 replied:

          @passingby The version on YT is a 1 minute excerpt…the actual interview itself was around 40 minutes or so. Not sure if the complete version is posted somewhere or not — I listen to most of CRHK’s programs as a paid subscriber via their website / app..

          Yes, Carlos is very close to both his mom and dad (from what I’ve heard, he’s a very filial son). In fact, he said it was his dad who encouraged him to film Daddy Cool because filming a TVB series would help with his name recognition…Carlos was hesitant because he had 2 movie offers around the same time but his dad said to go for it and he would help him out financially if need be (since the 2 movie offers obviously paid way better than whatever TVB was going to pay him for the series).

          Part 2 of the interview is worth a listen as well, since Carlos talks about his path to becoming an actor (including why he ended up abandoning singing even though he got his start by participating in a singing contest) and also what his plans are for the future…oh and there’s also some “sweet talk” about his girlfriend Jennifer Yu, lol….

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        • passingby replied:

          @llwy12 unfortunately I’m not a paid subscriber and don’t hv access to the full interview

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