Cecilia Liu Plays Twins in Romance Film “5 Minutes to Tomorrow”

In the upcoming romance film, 5 Minutes to Tomorrow <深夜前的五分鐘>, mainland Chinese actress Cecilia Liu (劉詩詩) portrays a set of identical twins who encounter an unfortunate disaster at sea. The movie, which also stars Taiwanese actor Joseph Chang (張孝全) and Japanese actor Haruma Miura, will open in theaters on October 23.

Based off a Japanese novel by writer Takayoshi Honda, 5 Minutes to Tomorrow is the story of Ruolan and Rumei, identical twins who share a strong sense of telepathy. Both twins enjoy switching identities from time to time, not only to momentarily enjoy the life of another person, but also to tease their boyfriends, who cannot easily tell them apart.

One day, Ruolan and Rumei meet with an unexpected disaster at sea, and only one of them makes it through the ordeal. The survivor, however, has undergone a drastic psychological change due to the trauma, and even the twins’ closest friends are at a loss when it comes to determining which twin is the actual survivor.

Cecilia had previously played look-alike sisters in Bu Bu Jing Qing <步步驚情>, but 5 Minutes to Tomorrow proved more of a challenge because she had to develop three different personalities, rather than merely two. Moreover, she also strove to make it difficult for the audience to guess which twin survived the sea disaster.

Japanese director Isao Yukisada praised Cecilia for her “great inner strength and abundant emotions,” saying that the actress never gave no for an answer and was always willing to challenge herself. Costar Haruma Miura also expressed shock at Cecilia’s concentration and good-naturedly added that the rest of the cast worked extra hard so that their acting would be up to scratch in comparison.

“5 Minutes to Tomorrow” Trailer

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This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. is cecilia popular in Mainland China? She always comeback with new projects in 1 year alone.. curious

  2. She’s comfortable to look at, but can be boring, but still attractive with competent acting skills. Not bad.

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