Celebrity Weddings: June Chan and Jack Wu

By on April 28, 2009 in Celebrity Weddings, NEWS

After dating for 7 years, Jack Wu Lok Yin and June Chan Kei wed yesterday. The couple invited 100 guests for their banquet at the Peninsula Hotel. The bride and groom both wore white, exchanged kisses and posed for media photographs. June wiped her lipstick off Jack’s lips tenderly, showing her love.

June received a generous dowry the parents, which included a set of 10 dragon and phoenix bracelets. June laughed, “The bracelets were so heavy, they left marks on my hands.” Jack added humorously, “The more pain there is, the more auspicious it is.”

Since June overexerted herself for the wedding planning, she fell ill with a fever on her wedding day. However, this did not suppress the bride’s joy and exuberance. June was truly a bride whose “love burned feverishly.”

Since the normally low-key couple announced their wedding plans earlier, many vendors have contacted the pair to offer their services. The wedding gowns and cake were sponsored; Jack hopes that additional vendors will contact them for further endorsements and allow the newlyweds to make money. Since the couple did not want an overly strenuous schedule, they decided to omit the practice of bridal games in the morning. However, June still wore a traditional red bridal dress.

The master of ceremonies was Chow Kwok Fu. The groomsmen included Carlo Ng Ka Lok, Raymond Cho Wing Lim, and Luo Guanfeng. The guests included Nancy Sit Ka Yin, Sharon Chan Man Chi, Shirley Yeung Si Kei, Sharon Lok, Joey Leung Wing Chung, Vinci Wong Chi Yin, Virginia Lok, Tommy Leung Ka Shu, and Poon Ka Tak.

After the wedding photos, Jack distributed red envelopes to the reporters. Jack enjoys distributing red envelopes and intends to stay in Hong Kong during the Lunar New Year holidays, rather than take an overseas vacation.

Jack said, “In the past, I often acted as the Master of Ceremonies at weddings. Today, I am very happy. Last night I only slept 2 hours; I kept reviewing the wedding program schedule in my head over and over again. I want to thank many of my colleagues who attended our wedding today. Also, it is Chow Kwok Fu’s birthday today. I am very grateful to him, as he arrived especially from the USA to host our wedding today. ”

Jack was especially concerned about the feverish bride, who also has asthma. June said, “I don’t feel that tired, but the schedule is demanding. In the afternoon, my hair and make-up need to be completed. Also I have to pour tea to the elders.” When asked about their plans to have children, Jack said he admired Carlo Ng and will learn from his experience.

The wedding cost over six figures. After the wedding, Jack and June will concentrate on working. Jack added, “We dated for seven years before marriage. We have taken a vacation every year, so we can wait until next year for our honeymoon.”

Article Source: Wenweipo

Jayne: Congratulations to Jack and June! The couple look beautiful on their wedding day; can’t tell that June was feverish from the pics! Joey Leung looks so unkept, like he stayed out the whole night before and had a hangover.

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