Charmaine Sheh Shares Fertility Concerns

The 45 year old fears age will get in her way of having kids.

Achieving another peak in her career after Story of Yanxi Palace <延禧攻略>, Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) appeared on Chinese reality show Not a Loner <看我的生活>, in which she unveils her home and discusses her views on marriage and having kids.

Yearns for a Lifelong Companion

In her past relationships, Charmaine was so focused on work that she didn’t have time for her ex-boyfriends. Seeing how her good friend Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) and his wife share a harmonious relationship, Charmaine expresses her admiration, while stating  that she has yet to meet that ideal partner whom she can spend the rest of her life with.

When Bobby brought up the topic of freezing her eggs, Charmaine shared her worries, “I’m already 45 now, and soon to reach 47. When (the child) is 20, I would already be 67.” Adding in a melancholy tone, she wondered aloud, “Can I still have kids?”

The production team later arranged for Charmaine to seek a doctor’s consultation on the process. When the doctor mentioned that egg quality may decline from 45 to 50 years old, but not be directly related to only age, Charmaine sighed with relief, “Then I still have hope!”

Spacious Home Interior

Showcasing how Charmaine spends her time every day, the program offered a glimpse into her spacious home. The actress only does three things at home – use her mobile phone, watch television, and eat. Despite there being no sign of workout gear in her home, the actress keeps an admirably svelte figure due to her good genes.

The program also revealed the large size of her home. Charmaine keeps her prized possessions in a cabinet, while a large L-shaped sofa in her living room gives her ample space to recline comfortably while using her mobile phone.


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      1. @jimmyszeto
        You never know as if she truly can’t, she has to adopt if she wants kids. I am getting up there in age too and used to not even consider adopting but now I would consider it if I truly cannot have my own. I love kids and having biological kids does not guarantee anything. I had 2 aunts that could not have kids but it was not due to age and they adopted kids. Their adopted kids treated them well and took care of them until their last day. One of my adopted cousins said that he would not acknowledge his biological parents and only loved his adopted parents since they were the ones who loved and cared for him while his biological parents abandoned him. You know the saying, the mother who gave birth to you is not as mighty as your adopted mother. Remember actress Ha Ping? She had kids and grandkids, but at the end of life it was her godson Gordon Lam who took care of her. I truly wondered what happened to all her kids and grandchildren?

  1. If she can’t have a child of her own in the future and she loves children very much she can always adopt one just treat the kid like her own child that’s what most people do since she’s rich I’m sure she can do it. Angelina Jolie is one good sample. I don’t think Bobby had any kid either.

    1. @cutie777
      I agree and if you cannot have your own children, adoption is a very good option. I had 2 aunts that adopted children and their adopted children treated them well and took care of them in their old age. You do not need to share the same DNA in order to be a family. Irene Wan has an adopted son and same with Angie Cheung. They both share a close bond with their sons too. Just giving birth to a child does not mean that the bond is automatically there as you need to form the bond by taking care of them and stuff.

  2. of course she can. just freeze it and when she’s ready find a surrogate. not that she has to do it on her own.

  3. Why she can`t find a husband? She is so pretty . I wish she will find her prince charming.

    1. @jujuxoxo Since when does pretty or ugliness have to do marriage? haha lol…Many ugly people gets married too you know.

      1. @oligodendrocytes
        Sadly when you have unrealistic expectations you tend to get disappointed. You need to settle if you want to be with anyone. Lin Chi Ling who is pretty and successful finally got married to a great guy who is younger than her and makes less than her, but she is fine with it.

      2. @snoopy
        I know that and have read about him but from what I know, I think Lin Chi Ling has more money than Akira does but I can be wrong. I remember reading about how she helped him out with something financially so I am guessing Lin Chi Ling has more money than her husband.

  4. I would have thought she’d have decided by now if she was going to raise kids or not. Like she says a baby now would mean she is a pensioner by the time they are 20.

    If she has even some hope left to have a kid (which sounds to me like she does) she should act now. Either freezing her eggs or adopting. Maybe its the thought of going it alone thats putting her off since shes more than financially capable.

    1. @megamiaow
      Charmaine is a party girl who either works or goes out late. Look at her home activities. Barely uses it! Hands around with Eric Tsang and his gang…

      1. @jimmyszeto I would think about it this way: all her good friends are married and have kids now. They have other priorities. Her friends have to have her same amount of and same responsibilities in order to keep hanging out consistently.

        Also, Charmaine keeps on saying she likes “capable men.” What does that even mean? She most likely won’t find her equal professionally who is still single or ready to settle down (they are taken). What if a guy is really educated, but doesn’t have a high salary and is a couple years younger than her and really attractive? He probably would never get to meet her depending on her lifestyle and values.

      2. @jesspepperwang
        Well said and I still wonder what she means by capable men? I am guessing that means a man that makes his own money and does not need to rely on her? Not sure…. I have a feeling she would not want a guy making less than her but who knows?

        Maybe she is feeling left behind as most if not all of her friends are married with children while she is still single. But she can have kids without a man. I think she just does not want to raise the kids alone even with her wealth. What you mentioned reminds me of actress and super model ⎌Lin Chi Ling who just got married recently. She is even more beautiful than Charmaine, is successful and all too. Her husband is 8 years younger, handsome and makes less than her but she is fine with it as he is a great guy.Lin Chi Ling even helped her husband out financially. I wonder if Charmaine would be willing to do that? Charmaine may end up alone or maybe marry a guy that has been already divorced with children, widowed or whatever. Unless she hitches a guy that is way younger than her and willing to be with her even if she may not be able to have kids. A young and handsome Chinese trainee married a Korean singer 18 years older than him so who knows? They just had their first baby recently as she freezed her eggs. Leo Ku’s wife just had a kid at 50 since she also freezed her eggs. Anything is possible in this world.

      3. @jesspepperwang
        Most in Charmaine’s position will be looking for man older than her and earning more than her. Celebrities especially lead actor/actresses earn huge. Small earners will not be approaching her and just a professional who earns a salary will be incapable in her eyes.

      4. @jimmyszeto
        Maybe and Charmaine seems like she would not like a guy earning less. However, at her age, I think she may end up with a guy who has already been married with children so she may end up being a step mom. At her age, she needs to eventually settle or she will end up alone.

  5. Maybe she’s just too picky about guys I mean look at Chris Lai? He’s not that rich like his wife but his wife still accepted him who he is as today. Mat Yeung and Benjamin Yuen both are not that rich like their girlfriend is but they still accepted who they are. I’m thinking Charmaine needs a sugar daddy if she wants a Men’s who’s richer than herself. It would be nice if her and Louis Koo can get together since both are still single for this long time plus Louis is rich too so it’s good for her.

    1. @cutie777 Louis will never get married lol :/ I love him, but by now, I’m pretty sure he isn’t keen on marriage or kids. With Charmaine, the fact that she’s famous and pretty means even if the guys like her, they would not dare to approach her if they don’t think they will stand a chance. And so the girls will need to do the initiating which in asian culture, it’s a taboo/you get laughed at (you are so desperate and need to chase men). Also I think Charmaine said she wants kids for the TV only, by this age, most women accepted that they won’t find partner or having kids. And so they don’t put as much energy into finding a partner or to get pregnant and have a child. Only a few truly courageous one would have children alone (adopting or sperm donation). And idk how hard the adoption process is in HK but in Australia, it’s quite hard. My friend who has 1 son, wanted another. After so many fail IVF, she decided to adopt, but the procedure is just as straining, when you think it would be easier! So now she stopped wanting another child :/ it’s a shame because she’s a really good mother 🙁

      1. @littlefish I would look at it like this: she does want kids, but all odds are against her. I think she has the courage to have kids alone, but it’s 100% understood why doesn’t anyone wanna raise kids alone. Charmaine’s father passed away at a really young age, so she probably doesn’t want any child to go through that. I do believe she’s selfish and unattainable to some degree, but that’s on her and nobody else. Many successful people have more supportive spouses, not spouses as successful as them. Unless, of course, you are okay with nannies and personal assistant raising your kids. She has to stop with the whole “I like capable men” OR should at least clarify what that means.

      2. @jesspepperwang
        You bought up a good point as Charmaine’s father passed away when she was way too young and her mom had to raise her and her brothers alone. Maybe she does not want to go through that? I have a feeling you are right as if you want to have and raise kids, you need to be selfless or else you will be a bad parent. Charmaine may just want to love the single life but is maybe afraid of loneliness in old age. But having kids does not guarantee that they will care for you in your old age.

  6. Why all these talks on Charmaine insisting on capable men? Capable doesn’t equal wealth. As her fan, what I remember consistently from her interviews is that she wants someone who can communicate with her, and compromises with each other. She said she likes men who are confident and assertive.
    Of course, one might think it’s difficult to be confident if that guy has less wealth than her.

    1. All these child talk is for the show effect anyway. She likes children, but she definitely accepted she’s not going to have kids already.

    2. @sehseh i agree with you, all these people making assumptions about Charmaine. She’s probably fine with someone who makes less $ than her. It’s more about timing, personality, etc.

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