Charmaine Sheh to Become EEG’s Top Sister?

The chances of Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) returning to TVB may be low after all, as Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) is aggressively pursuing Charmaine to sign a management contract. EEG’s deal has been sweetened by offering to cast Charmaine in two films each year for $50 million HKD.

Eager to pull big stars to boost the station’s ratings, TVB has been in touch with Charmaine, hoping to stage her comeback. Although Charmaine said that she is interested in filming with Dayo Wong (黃子華), who is confirmed to star in a TVB comedy, inside sources claim that Charmaine’s return to TVB are slim, as opportunities from EEG may be too good to refuse.

EEG has been eager to sign more artists to round out its acting talent, since the company already has a wide range of singers. However, top EEG star, Joey Yung (容祖兒) is more known for her singing talent rather than acting strength. EEG’s management team has successfully signed Irene Wan (溫碧霞), Michelle Yim (米雪), Kara Hui (惠英紅), and Simon Yam (任達華) last year. Now EEG hopes to sign Charmaine and boost her to the top position, by allowing her to lead in two films per year.

“Charmaine is very tempted,” an inside source revealed. If the contract negotiations go well, it is expected that Charmaine will sign with EEG after Lunar New Year.


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  1. Money is still the most issue for most (if all) artistes. Anyway, I am happy for Charmaine Sheh. She is getting old and should take every good opportunity that is offered to her. It is always easier to make good money in filming movies than drama series, and she does not have to work long hours. After a few years of filming movies, she can get married or switch back to act drama series.

    1. Typo … it should read “Money is still the most important issue to most (if all) artistes.”

      1. It has to be to some extent since the economy is so hard now and the standard of life in HK is really really high… Charmaine should take what she gets before she settles down if she does at all.

  2. Maybe Kevin Cheng and Charmaine will met inside the EGG company since they signed EGG right guys???

    1. KC signed with EEG music, Ah Sheh with EEG, so the chances they will meet are under the functions for EEG Group such as birthday. And in these cases, there are many ppl.

  3. You do sound hopeful for the 2 of them to get together50, Charvin. Well, I’m with you! 50 million dollars is really a lot of money and enough to tempt Charmaine. Hope she makes the correct decision.

  4. Can we get a new top sister for singing too. I love joey but i gets boring

  5. yeah, better to sign with eeg, tvb can’t come up with HK$ 50 million

  6. Once a leading actor/actress works beyond TVB, I can’t imagine why they would want to go back. The movie industry offers better pay, work environment, flexibility, roles than your family-oriented TVB station. There’s absolutely no reason to go back. TVB is a dump.

  7. It will be nice for Charmaine to join EEG cuz they got the money to fund big projects. But isn’t Charlene currently the big sister in EEG? She’s the most successful actress in her generation of movie actresses.

      1. Does singing off key Forensic Heroes 3 theme song counts? 🙂

    1. Because Wayne sold his soul to Txb with a management contract up to 5 years or more?

  8. She’s such a hypocrite. She says love is the most important but you can so tell she’s after the money.

    1. who in this business wouldn’t be after the money if the opportunity was put in front of them….more money w/a nice schedule instead of the low pay and strenuous hrs at TVB?
      Love? What’s that? 😛

    2. what has LOVE got to do with her decision to sign into filming companies??? What??

      There are two different things here. Her career. And her personal love life, which the article doesn’t even mention AT ALL.

      This is a career choice, obviously. stop hating for no reason.

    3. She is just making her own money so what has love got to do with it?? The next thing you know, she may remain single so she has to support herself.

  9. Wow $50 million! That’s a lot of money and it is so tempting to switch..

  10. $50 million for 2 movies? That doesn’t sound right. The highest paying actor ( tony Leung and Donnie yen) gets about $25 million per movie, I am surprise EEG would pay that kind of money for her.

    1. The 50 million is for a management contract in which promises 2 film a year but Charmaine will be expected to work on ads, events, series, etc for EEG too. Practically, EEG is going to managed her whole career so 50 millions sound pretty decent. 50 millions might be a 2-3 year contract cause EEG usually don’t signed an artist for 1 year only.

    2. Is this in Hk dollars?? Even so, that is a lot and I agree with Missy about why she is getting so much?? That shoud be what someone like TOny or Donnie would get, but her?? That is really shocking…

    3. $50 mil for the management contract, not for 2 movies but with a promise of 2 films each year.

      I think film here is series instead of movies because Charmaine is more with TV than movies.

    4. Okay that makes more sense. The article didn’t mention it was a 3 year contract. Actually it’s not alot if she is expected to be doing 2 movies a year (plus the other stuff) EEG will probable make triple that in taking commission from her.

    1. She definately is… But as we all know, luck and other things contribute to money and success, not talent. No wonder so many people want to join the circle since they think it is easy money…

    2. Acting is not always the most important element for a famous artiste. It is the popularity, demand, appearance, market, acceptance by audience, timing, and then acting.

      In Chinese, good education is always not the most important requirement to achieve the success of a person. It is only ranked No. 5. They are as follows:-

      1)命 (fate)
      2)運 (luck)
      3)風水 (feng shui)
      4)積陰德 (accumulated hidden virtues)
      5)讀書 (study)

      1. Really?? Education is only ranked 5th?? Where did you get that list from??? I know that fate is one of the top ones as my parents always say even though I don’t believe in it 100%. I don’t really believe in feng shui very much though.

      2. Everyone (at least the older generations) knows about the above statement. You must belong to the younger ones. Ask your mother and she will confirm it.

      3. As for myself, I don’t quite believe in the original order (i.e. No. 3 and 4). My order will be:

        1)命 (fate)
        2)運 (luck)
        3)讀書 (study)
        4)風水 (feng shui)
        5)積陰德 (accumulated hidden virtues)

      4. I think it varies between the older generations. They may not have stressed education as much in the past compared to now since the world pretty much changed i.e. over emphasis on having a degree and must have some form of schooling pass high school. I can’t speak about then, but I do know in my clinics many of the elderly regret not pursuing an education in the past and instead chose to work like a bull.

      5. Personally I still believe in Fate and Luck, which are more important than Education. Education can help but it may not make you successful. Typical examples are: Lee Ka Sing, Stanley Ho, and many other renowned, rich, and successful businessmen in Hong Kong.

        I remembered that my friend (who was an MBA graduate) told me: “MBA graduates do not always make good money. They just help rich businessmen make more money.”

      6. I understand that luck and fate comes into play, but I guess its a matter of preferences. Many people now don’t sit around and wait until those two factors kick in. They work and gear towards an education hoping their lives would be better versus not having one. While others sit around thinking one day they might win the lottery.

        I am well aware that this world is not fair. I know many people who completed graduate work and were not given the opportunities that they thought they were bound to have. I think people need to realize that pursuing an education does not always guarantee that top salary. In fact I think grad students and graduates of pHD and so forth are so foolish to think just because they completed years of schooling that they’re promised some sort of fixed income. In the end, it’s still you. You determine your own path. I’m a physician assistant who is earning the typical/normal salary. Some of my peers who graduated with me aren’t earning the same amount and they’re kicking themselves in the butt and constantly asking why. Sometime I do want to kick them in the behind and tell them “Stop thinking about $$ and work. You’re in a field that is developing and it’s only going to continue to grow.” This brings us back to that topic of people thinking entering the medical field is bound to make you luxurious, but no one stops and asks themselves, “I have to give in some much for this green that I may or may not even be granted after everything is over.” Of course, I’m only talking about my own respective field and the trend I’ve been seeing.

        But I do believe that if one sets their mind to what they really want to do, despite the fact that even in the future, they may not even see the same ideal results they have in mind…they’re happy individuals in contrast to those who keeps sitting around thinking one day the sun is going to come up.

  11. That’s not a very flattering picture of her.

    Pretty dumb of EEG to make that offer IMO. Charmaine has no market for the film market. Her appearance and acting is too television. Her face is too television. Honestly, Charmaine’s acting isn’t all that great. Ppl make it out that she’s like the best that TVB ever had and that noone compares to her blah blah blah, but that’s just all talk. There’s no proof that she is. And those crappy TVB awards she wins is not proof because those awards are worth nothing. She’s done films before but all her films are flops. And if her acting was that great, her acting would’ve been recognised by then but no even Miriam Yeung has beat her to it and have a couple of acting nominations under her belt.

    She’s also too old and unattractive and have no appeal. She’ll be competing against the likes of Charlene, Angelababy, Fan Bingbing, Li Bing Bing, Zhou Xun, Zhang ZiYi etc…. The Asian film market isn’t easy to break into. I mean if EEG really wants to invest, they should invest into Ruby Lin who’s the same age as Charmaine. She’s so pretty still after so many years!!!!

    1. I don’t quite agree with the above. Charmaine Sheh might not be great in some TVB drama series because all TVB’s scripts were terrible. She acted really well when she had a role to showcase her acting, such as Hazel Yip in “When Heaven Burns”. She did very well in her character.

      In TVB drama series, an artiste does not have much a choice. If you reject certain roles, TVB will “red-circle” her. Therefore, artistes have to do whatever roles are given to them. However, in film industries, it is quite different. Both producers and artistes can make their choices. If the role is not suitable for an artiste, he/she will not have to accept it.

    2. EEG also does investment in TV, so do your research first before commenting. With EEG, she still can do TV in China market where she is liked.

      Btw, agree that Txb awards worth nothing in the eyes of sponsors.

    3. I personally feel Charmaine’s acting was never THAT great as people put it. She’s not horrible though, pretty decent and she does have TV star power after being with TVB for so long. Films, I don’t think she can make it but hey anything is possible in this world. A good script, good promotions, good character….only issue is unless she plays a full villain, I can’t see her in another goody good type of character. I think she played every single kind of “good” character back in TVB. The most ridiculous one was the one in Beyond the Realm of Conscious…I mean no one in this world can be like the character Charmaine played. Way too unrealistic.

      In that series though, IMHO, it showed that Tavia was the better actress. Perhaps Tavia has been acting so long + her acting classes, she picked up a few tricks here and there, not to mention she is very versatile (though I think she is a not so very appealing in crying scenes).

      1. Personally I think Tavia’s acting in BTRC was over-exaggerating. I agree that Charmaine’s character was too good to be true. I did not like her character, or the other characters, in “Can’t Buy Me Love” either. The script was just lousy.

        Personally I think Charmaine is able to portray different types of characters. If she has a good character and a good script, she will showcase her acting, while Tavia can’t. Tavia’s acting was more or less the same in almost every single role, except “BTRC” (she was a villain).

      2. I could see Charmaine Sheh as a different person in the character that she portrayed in each drama series, but I could not see same in Tavia Yeung’s or Linda Chung’s portrayal.

      3. Oh really? Haha. I actually thought Charmaine over exaggerates with her big eyes trying to be funny in her comedy and light hearted series. I thought Tavia did really well with her acting for a first time villain. I’ve only seen Charmaine half villainous and that was her role in Heavenly Sword Dragon Sabre with Lawrence Ng. Maybe she was still new, never gave me a good impression and it wasn’t because her character was so annoying with the half evil, half good. Like can you please choose a side? But that’s because the character like that, not speaking specifically about Charmaine.

        As for Tavia, her roles were always the same either due to script or casting issues, but I thought she found character in each one. Like when she played that open minded “Moon” in Moonlight Resonance? Her character in Friendly Fire was quite refreshing. There was another one I think with Wong He where she was the clueless/goody good girl/crybaby character. I guess acting really is subjective unless you’re actually in the field and know the quirks around it.

      4. I remember I made a comparison between Linda and Charmaine, not really on their acting, but how they began their careers. Both came from pageants and were given chances first hand by TVB. Both are considered “good girls”. Both were heavily promoted…then I got attacked because some one didn’t understand what I was saying. Lol. I do think Linda is following Charmaine’s footsteps where as Mandy Wong is kind of like Tavia. Mandy and Tavia both came out of acting classes and both holds their own ground for their works.

      5. speaking of exaggerating…. “my sister of eternal flower” … what a disaster.

        yeh so what if the role is different. the most important is if you can portray it. she wanted a challenged ,tried it and failed. she couldn’t do it either.

      6. not only in series that charmaine over exaggerates with her bulging eyes but she does that in real life too. her ‘i think im so cute and still young look’ annoys me – you know the squinting eyes, big smile.. looks awful, also emphasizes her wrinkles.

      7. Oh my how could I forget to mention that series? I do not know how I made it through 20 episodes, but I did for the sake of Raymond Lam. Charmaine was okay, not her best, but not her worst. I thought that series with Moses was her worst to something love.

      8. Crystal:
        I do agree with you that acting is very subjective, same with beauty, music, art, etc. Everyone has different expectations, choices and tastes.

        Charmaine’s biggest charm is her big eyes. Eye-acting is the most attractive and difficult element in acting for an artiste. I like Sheren Tang’s acting; she is also excellent with her eye-acting. Their eyes will give out the dialogues; there is no need to speak.

      9. Sandcherry:
        Have you seen Michelle Yim’s series when she was younger? My goodness, her best features are her eyes! She can cute, charming, pitiful…and SCARY. Those glares…

      10. Totally I agree that that “My Sister of Eternal Flower” was Charmaine’s biggest disaster. I did not want to watch it after one or two episodes. First she should not follow Roger Kwok’s way of portrayal. It was very stupid. I did not even like Roger Kwok’s portrayal of “Ah Wong” some years ago. I hated every single bit of it. Charmaine should have acted in her own way. She mentioned that she talked to Roger about her character and how to act Sister Fa. If that was my first impression of Charmaine, I would have “dumped” her completely, but I have watched her acting some good roles, such as the ones in “Return of the Cuckoo”; “Country Spirit”; “War and Beauty”; “Perish in the Name of Love”; “Maiden’s Vow”; “Dance of Passion”; “You are Hired”; “Glittering Days”, etc.

      11. No, but I like Michelle Yim, especially when she was young. Agree that she was cute, sweet but mischievous, and pretty. I was in Canada already when she was acting for Commercial TV and then RTV. We did not have many drama series from those TV stations. Most of the drama series airing here were from TVB.

      12. I used to think of Charmaine as a bad actress until Drive of life. She can change the emotions rapidly in a scene and until now, I don’t see many of actresses in her generation can do this thing. Maybe only Myolie with her. The rest if not wooden, then a face full of botox or facial expression changed, eyes didn’t change. So I set Charmaine higher than the current top 5 and Myolie top the current top 5.

      13. “My Sister of Eternal Flower””

        Maybe her worst but for me I will always hate her WORST performance in that moonlight cuckoo series. But I will always LOVE her performance in An Herbalist Affair. In retrospect she was better when she was still young, fresh and green prior to her so called finding her acting switch in that cuckoo series. Until now to me she is still mediocre. I am waiting for her to take on a truly villainous role or someone as the head of a family. I think these 2 roles will suit her, despite her chicken voice because she can play a woman of steel.

        Myolie started out with a bang but now she is one note. Maybe she needs exposure in other types of productions elsewhere to re-find her switch again but she even does the same old thing in other productions. I am now off her.

        Tavia is actually the better actress but unfortunately she is not mainstream, she is not charismatic enough and being pushed to the front as a leading actress is to me what makes me go off her.

        Linda is a better actress that her haters care to admit but not that great that her fans care to admit too.

      14. I am watching L’Escargot now. She is still the same simple next-door girl to me. Her biggest drawback is her hair style …….. she is wearing the same hair style in almost every single drama series (except in ancient drama series. In fact she looked prettier and different in “House of Harmony and Vengeance”), which gives us the same impression of her. She needs to change her hair style and her image. She can never grow out of the simple and “naive” next-door girl’s image.

      15. I forgot to mention that that Charmaine’s best performance (at least to me) was acting Hazel Yip in “When Heaven Burns”.

      16. I am not an anti-fan of Linda Chung. However, I don’t think she is pretty or she has a good and strong voice. She also has a chicken voice, and I don’t think she will ever be a good singer due to her weak and chicken voice.

      17. Linda always gave me the impression of a random girl on the street with make up. She is very plain, not ugly, but not gorgeous like people make her out to be.

        I like her new album. I do not think she is a fantastic singer but I think she is slowly improving in her studio recordings. Her live performances, well she still has stage fright. If she wants to continue her singing career she must overcome that fear.

      18. Linda Chung’s acting, other than her really beautiful crying (yup, I think she is the best crier among the top 5), is so-so in everything. She can be cute, ok, she can angry, ok, she can plain, ok, but nothing outstanding or not much improvement in the recent years. She has the plain and boring image of a “virgin” yuk lui which will be a big obstacle for her in the future. She isn’t that young anymore, should quit this image soon.

        Fala isn’t really good at anything, but at least she wanna try. Kate is an example of a girl that dare to try. That’s why I put these girls higher.

        For the singing, Linda has some improvement in studio but again, like in acting, she can’t go to anywhere if she is still that conservative or trying to hold her yuk lui image in music. Her stage performance is undeniable shaky. I really wanna know how her mini-concert shall be. Myolie, although the voice is very sour, it’s more pleasant to listen to her album than Linda’s. However she seems to end her singing career there and focus on China market. She reminds me of Charmaine the most. Kate shouldn’t sing and that’s all. But Kate and Fala can perform, Fala’s performance in the JSG award is actually more entertaining than Linda’s.

        And in my opinion, after meeting 3 of 4 girls I’ve mentioned above, Linda looks better on screen or in image than herself in normal life. How to say, Linda is kinda plain, like most of HK girls I saw in the street. Kate looks more bright and less “evil” look in real life with her bright smile and cute personality. Myolie is cute and unique as she is on TV.

      19. I find this whole argument null; it’s like saying who’s the best of the worst. Personally, I think Tavia’s better (in a supporting role), but damn she’s gotten boring these last few years. Charmaine’s better as a leading actress since she has this confidence and particular aura about her (although acting-wise, not so much…).

        Btw, people say Linda’s been pretty stagnant and that her roles are similar, whereas the other fadans tend to be more diverse. Do any of these leading actors/actresses actually audition or have any say in what roles they’d like? Or are they simply assigned any roles that TVB think will fit their image (or help promote them)?

      20. This doesn’t make a case for an argument. Lol. We are peacefully exchanging our opinions. No bad blood compared to other things that happens on the other articles.

        I feel Tavia shines in supporting roles because in TVB’s script, those roles are the more interesting and intriguing, therefore people are more attracted to the character. Of course, that is only me though.

        I said this before about Charmaine, I never seen her as a prolific actress (mediocre at best) and her fame + promotions, to me, was more of a short handed issue of actresses at TVB.

        I think Linda has drastically improved in her acting. She use to slur her lines and speak real slow when she started in VOH II.

        I don’t think TVB does any of those auditioning stuff, perhaps in the past like real back when they started the company and into maybe the late 80s. All of it after, I believe it’s more like the director and management placing these actresses/actors for their roles for promotions and fitting images. However, stars who have the fame and in a way a “say” e.g. Sheren Tang, Ada Choi, etc probably can reject the role if they feel the script isn’t up to par. So when you think about it, the actresses and actors in TVB now probably will take any role if offered. I mean, to them, it’s probably a matter of “I need to start somewhere to gain recognition.”

      21. I think it is very true that “the actresses and actors in TVB now probably will take any role if offered.” They don’t seem to have much a choice.

        I heard that Linda Chung refused to cut her long hair and change her hair style. If she keeps her long hair, she will always be a next-door girl or some people’s “Yuk Lui”. As you say, she is not that young any more, and with her long hair she cannot take any mature roles. I am sure that Linda has improved a lot in her acting, but she still gives people the same Linda Chung’s image, not her characters’ images.

        Though I don’t like Myolie Wu’s acting, I admire her professionalism to cut her long hair to act a tom boy character in “Triumph in the Sky 2” so as to give her audience a new look ….. the actual image of her character.

        Therefore, I think all artistes should be able to do it to make their characters more real and appealing.

        Fala Chan is the prettiest one among the top 5. She is also more versatile in her roles. If she wants to be a leading sister, she will have to work on her acting skills and Cantonese.

        Kate Tsui has picked up a lot recently in her acting and she is prettier and prettier (thanks to makeup or plastic surgery, if any). I never liked her much in the past, but I begin to think highly of her for her versatility.

        Tavia’s acting is so so, but she is not pretty at all. She is, in fact, better now in speaking her dialogues. She used to speak with some lazy intonations in the past.

        Myolie Wu. I like her more as a person than as an actress. She has been the same Myolie Wu in the last few years. She is only good in a few roles, but plain in most of the others.

        In conclusion, I still think Charmaine is the best one among all the new top fadans. With a good character, a good cast, and a good script, Charmaine will excel in her acting. She does have the ability to excel, just like her role in “When Heaven Burns”.

      22. @Crystal: Haha, yeah. I meant “argument” as in discussion (and not you guys going at it like cats and dogs).


        Short hair does not define a tomboy. I see Myolie caked in makeup like any other series anyway, so the only thing that’s changed is her haircut. I hope her acting would be better/different (and not like Charmaine’s Chuk Kwan Ho – man, that was terrible).

  12. Sandcherry:

    I do agree Charmaine is better than most of the top fadans but I still give way for Tavia and maybe Fala in the near future. Btw, Fala is a great beauty. She is just so damn pretty. Lol. I think I have a girl crush on her…

    I would not compare Charmaine with the new top fadans cause she was the generation before them. Just like how, Charmaine was the generation after Gigi Lai, Marianne Chan, Kenix and etc. So in terms of Fadan status and acting capabilities it’s almost always going to be 1st generation (Kenix and them) > 2nd generation (Charmaine, Sonjia, Shirley Yeung) > 3rd generation (current Fadans i.e. Tavia, Kate, Myolie)That’s how I see it.

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