Chilam Cheung and Anita Yuen to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Europe

Although they have just returned from their free vacation in MaldivesChilam Cheung (張智霖) and wife Anita Yuen (袁詠儀) will soon be jetting off once again to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Europe.

Chilam and his family were recently invited to an all-expenses-paid trip to Maldives by boss Stephen Shiu Jr. (蕭定一) as a reward for his contributions to Shiu’s China 3D Digital Entertainment. He was seen leaving Hong Kong on February 3 along with Shiu’s family, and said that he is looking forward to swimming in the nude. As he wished, he and son Morton (張慕童) skinny-dipped every day and became tanned as a result.

While Anita briefly joined them in the waters, she actually spent most of her time snapping photos of the adorable father and son. On February 7, she posted a photo of Morton’s nude silhouette at the beach, showing off their relaxing vacation. Although Anita’s photography habit captured many heart-warming moments, Chilam is now worried about her stock of nude swim photos. “I’m really afraid that she would lose her cell phone. That would be terrible!”

Marking their thirteenth wedding anniversary this year, Chilam and Anita enjoyed a fun dinner with close friends on February 8 and already have plans to continue the celebration in Europe. Currently preparing for his upcoming solo concert, Chilam will soon fly to Belgium and France to discuss concert costumes with top designers. Since the meetings will take place during Valentine’s Day, he plans to take Anita along to celebrate, turning a work trip into a memorable anniversary present.

Regarding news that Chilam and Morton will be appearing in the second seasons of mainland reality television show, Dad, Where Are We Going <爸爸去哪兒>, Chilam said that discussions are still in progress. “As it involves my family, I’ll have to consider carefully before accepting.” Chilam is hesitating as he does not wish Morton to become an actor in the future, due to the complexities of the industry.

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  1. More than 20 years together and still going strong. Very happy for them.

    1. Agreed 🙂
      It’s so rare in the film industry that there is such a steady loving marriage…. But Anita and Chilam seem well suited – especially in how she says (in her interview with Luisa Maria Leitao’s (黎芷珊) talk show) that “life is short and Chilam is the only one who can always make her happy… and happiness is all that matters to her”. She mentioned that she “probably loves him more than he does her because she needs him more” lol (黎芷珊 was asking Anita which of the two loved the other more as one of her Qs).

  2. this couple seem like to show to the world what gift received by her/him or holidays at exotics places to the world

    1. i totally agreed with you…they seem to like to show off…..sorry cause my personal thought about this couple

      1. I don’t see how that’s showing off… They are simply updating their fans/ close friends to what they are up to…. And TBH, that is all social networking revolves around- showing off. The only reason we check in to places on FB or post photos of our food on Instagram is to “show off”… I don’t see too big of a deal with them updating 🙂

      2. Well said bread breadbreadbread! I do not see how they are showing off. First of all,they are celebs so even if they did try to hide their every move,they cannot because they are always in the public eye. Even normal folks who are on Facebook and other social networking sites update their status and show off all the time and they are just normal citizens too. Therefore,how can celebs avoid that?

      3. They’re quite down-to-earth people – i doubt they are showing off.
        They’re merely blogging/twittering/weibo-ing their plans; and seriously, doesn’t every person (not just celebs) do that these days? I seem to see photos of everyone’s holidays constantly on Facebook… but they’re simply sharing a happy moment with people – not showing off…

  3. Even if it isn’t a true story, it’s a great warning that the minute, Leng Leng could date Chi Lam, she defenestrated some rich old fat guy who was courting her.


    1. It is now the past and at least she had the guts to admit it unlike others who try to hide it,

  4. good if he give some china and hongkong fashion designers chance too, some chinese studens are studing fashion design in france, and some graduated..

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