Christine Kuo, Oceane Zhu, and Candy Chang: Who Will Become Next TVB Fadan?

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The Miss Hong Kong Pageant has traditionally cultivated many film and television actresses. However, in recent years, TVB appeared to favor winners from the Miss Chinese International Pageant rather than the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, promoting Chinese women raised overseas instead of local beauty winners. As numerous fadans have left TVB in recent years, newcomers such as Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), Oceane Zhu (朱璇), and Candy Chang (張慧雯) were now offered with incredible opportunities to distinguish themselves and rise to become the next leading lady! 

In the film industry, the Miss Hong Kong Pageant created many household names such as Maggie Cheung (張曼玉), Michelle Reis (李嘉欣) and Anita Yuen (袁詠儀), who developed admirable careers. In the television circle, the pageant also produced famous actresses, such as Ada Choi (蔡少芬), Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), whose popularity extended across the world.

In recent years, it appears that the Miss Hong Kong pageant contestants have failed to carve out successful acting careers. Although former winners such as Kayi Cheung (張嘉兒), Toby Chan (陳庭欣) and Sandy Lau (劉倩婷) are TVB managed artists, they have failed to leave any lasting impression upon the viewers. 

“Miss Chinese International” Winners Rise in Prominence

In recent years, the Miss Hong Kong Pageant has created a limited number of leading actresses. Only Kate Tsui (徐子珊) and Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) have risen to fadan staus. In comparison, contestants from Miss Chinese International have been more heavily promoted. Former TVB actresses, Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) and Michelle Ye (葉璇) were among the first leading ladies sourced from the Miss Chinese International Pageant.

Subsequently, Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and Fala Chen (陳法拉) were also heavily promoted by TVB. Linda also managed to breakthrough her acting in Yes Sir, Sorry Sir <點解阿Sir係阿Sir>and Witness Insecurity <護花危情>. Fala was nominated for Best Actress at the 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards. Recently, she was even given a chance to release her first music album. 

 Who Will Become the Next TVB Fadan?

As compared with the Miss Hong Kong Pageant, the new breed of actresses emerging from the Miss Chinese International Pageant has forged more desirable careers. Amongst them are Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), Oceane Zhu (朱璇), and Candy Chang (張慧雯) who are currently given many opportunities to shine at TVB.

Winner of the 2009 Miss Chinese International Pageant, Christine was cast in many top rated TVB dramas, such as The Mysteries of Love <談情說案>, and  Forensic Heroes 3 <法證先鋒III>. Recently, she is being featured more prominently in Tiger Cubs <飛虎> and Ghetto Justice 2 <怒火街頭2>, in which she plays the ex-wife of TV King, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎). Possessing a beautiful face and a stunning 34C figure, Christine is considered as a “sexy goddess” among many male viewers! However, viewers have also commented that she needs to improve upon her acting skills. 

After being crowned as the winner of the 2008 Miss Chinese International Pageant, Oceane Zhu was invited to lead in movie, Prince of Tears <淚王子>. In 2010, Oceane was nominated for the Hong Kong Film Awards’ Best New Performer category, as well as the Asian Film Awards. Possessing a bubbly and straightforward personality, Oceane is also being cast in high-profile dramas, Sergeant Tabloid <女警愛作戰>, Love Exceeds the Coastline <情越海岸線> and Season of Love <恋爱季节>. Viewers have commented that Oceane needs to improve upon her Cantonese and drop her Mandarin accent if she wished to strengthen her presence in TVB dramas.

Candy Chang was the second runner-up of the 2010 Miss Chinese International Pageant. As a newcomer, Candy was already featured in popular TVB drama, The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>, and acting alongside with Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Tavia Yeung (杨怡). Only 22-year-old, Candy has won praise for her natural acting in The Hippocratic Crush. She will also be appearing in coming TVB dramas, Highs and Lows  <雷霆掃毒> and A Chip Off the Old Block 2 <巴不得媽媽…> . 

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15 comments to Christine Kuo, Oceane Zhu, and Candy Chang: Who Will Become Next TVB Fadan?

  1. lolol says:

    And, of course, her heavy accent and lisp are other annoying factors.

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    • TVBFanatic replied:

      You can teach acting/speaking… but you can’t teach attractive 😉

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      • Anon replied:

        Attractive can be achieved with makeovers. Acting and speaking needs training.

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    • sandcherry replied:

      Christine Kuo did not seem to have much talent in acting despite her weak Cantonese. She had already been cast in 11+ drama series ever since she joined TVB, and all of them were not kelefe roles.

      Her Cantonese has improved a bit in the last four years, but not much in her acting.

      As for Candy Chang, she does not look very pretty even at the competitions, but I think her acting skills are much better than Christine’s. She just needs more time and exposures to improve her acting skills.

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      • Agnes replied:

        I agreed with u

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  2. Hannahh says:

    Christine – Pretty girl but her acting really really BAD. She need acting class and improve her Cantonese.

    Oceane – Hot looking girl and her acting is good. Yes she need to drop her Mandarin accent. Her Cantonese is getting better in the sitecom Come Home Love. ( I LIKE Oceane and hope she can get promoted)

    Candy – Cute but not pretty. Her acting is pretty good in On call 36 considered that is her 1st series.

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  3. Selena says:

    can’t stand christine kuo. stop watching ghetto justice 2.

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  4. NP says:

    Whatever happened to Mandy Wong, Selena Li, Aimee Chan, Nancy Wu, etc. I thought those girls were in the pipeline to become TVB’s next wave of fadans. Are we talking about the next next line with Christine, Oceana, and Candy?

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    • Hannahh replied:

      Maybe they’re talking about next next line. I will think Mandy Wong, Selena Li will next after Myolie and Linda.

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  5. lolol says:

    Why didn’t Lynette die in the car crash?! Spare the audience from her horrible acting please! There should be a movement to write complaints to TVB of her terrible acting skills.. haha

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    • Selena replied:

      agree. please no more christine kuo. can’t stand her.

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  6. JDub says:

    Here is the truth everyone: 620 loves Christine, so you don’t have to choose between the three! To be honest, your first performance can be very misleading! Candy did a great job in the beginning, but she might level off and become a supporting actress. Oceane started off way to potent with a leading role in a film?! Now, they have to bring her back down a little so the public does not reject her. So maybe Christine is one of those people that start off extremely horrible and then become better. Also, when I watch her acting, I actually don’t even listen to what she is saying……..there is not point. Just look at her acting!

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    • Nicole replied:

      Unfortunately her acting is as bad as her cantonese.
      I laughed so hard at this scene.

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      • looooooooooooo replied:

        ahhahaahah………so hilarious

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  7. Nicole says:

    Wow… with JJ, Christine, and KING KONG in GJ2, it seems like GJ2 is gonna be the series where everyone ends up speaking mandarin due to their bad cantonese. JJ was speaking Mandarin in Ep 8, and Christine and King Kong speaks mandarin in Ep 9.
    And Christine’s Taiwanese accent is very strong.

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