Christine Kuo Practices Taking Care of a Child

Wanting to have a child and experience motherhood soon, 35-year-old actress Christine Kuo (苟芸慧) is currently preparing herself through all kinds of methods. Along with babysitting her nephew and co-sponsoring four children with her husband, 45-year-old wealthy car racer William Lok (陸漢洋), she is also practicing through her mother role in Flying Tiger 2 <飛虎之雷霆極戰>. Though her husband is still not ready in becoming a father yet, Christine is optimistic and believes her efforts will eventually succeed in changing his mind.

With the Lunar New Year holiday, this may be the best opportunity to persuade her husband, since greetings and blessings given to a married couple are often child-related. In a recent event when she was invited to draw a pig to celebrate the New Year, Christine drew a large pig to represent herself and also four little pigs beside it. Revealing her desire in wanting four children, she laughed, “My husband should understand!”

William Wishes to Have a “Tiger Baby”

Christine also revealed that William wants to have a baby born in the Year of the Tiger. She said, “We’ll spend time together now and work hard on our careers first. William is very traditional and likes to talk about Chinese zodiacs. He said many of his friends are Tigers. He probably wants to have a friend-like relationship with the kids. I don’t really mind it myself, but I’ll respect his wishes.”

Wanting their first child will be a boy, she said, “I saw Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) and Leanne Li’s (李亞男) daughter, and she’s so sweet! But I hope I’ll have a boy first and the girl second, so that the brother can take care of the sister. I am the oldest sister myself, so I know it’s very difficult.”

Couldn’t Bear to Scold Kenneth Ma

Busy with filming Flying Tiger 2, Christine portrays Kenneth Ma‘s (馬國明) wife in the drama. Laughing that this character is an alternate version of herself, she said, “This character scolds people non-stop. It was honestly quite difficult, because you have to scold someone quickly and loudly. When you face actors like Kenneth, whose innocent face makes it hard for you to scream at him, it makes the job even more difficult.”

She expresses that her character is actually a nice person, but just struggles to express herself. Also noting that this is her first time in portraying a mother with a six-year-old child, Christine said the child is very energetic and while playing with her. She enjoyed the opportunity to understand the thoughts of a child.


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  1. If he doesn’t want kids now, then the year of the tiger will be around 3 yrs from now. She will be around 38 (which is still acceptable age wise) and him 48.
    Being pregnant for the 1st time (at their age) may not come easily for couples unless both have very good genetics. If he’s not eager to be a father yet, good luck to her if she is planning on 3-4 kids..

    1. @marquis If a man is not ready for a child by 45, I wouldnt hold out for him. He should be both financially and emotionally ready at that age. Too late tbh.

  2. Maybe he wants to be like Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Leon Lai and Kevin Cheng who became a father at a late age. One thing I don’t understand why she stick with him if she knew he doesn’t want to be a father anytime soon and that she wants to be a mom that bad so I’m thinking because he’s got money?

    1. @cutie777 Not necessarily. I have a family member who is with someone who is absolutely sure he dont want childrem but she was undecided. She ultimately stuck with him because of love. It sounds cheesy but its losing someone you love over trying to find someone who you may want to have a child with.
      Obviously she (Christine Kuo) is still wanting her cake and eat it too right now 😀

      1. @megamiaow it sounds like the dude’s ambivalent about having kids, leaning towards no kids, but doesn’t mean it’s set in stone. assuming they had talked about this before, it probably means he can be persuaded.

        if he’s firm on his stance with kids, i don’t think she would discuss this topic with the public & show discord over a tenuous issue.

  3. Perhaps the differance is that both Andy & Aaron were very much invested in their careers and maintaining their idol status, hence did not have time to grow family life yet.
    Whereas William is an entitled rich 2nd generation, and judging by his preference of career is probably use to others accommodating his own needs. Or maybe he is worried that after having a child, Christine will focus all of her attention on the baby instead of him..

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