Crystal Fung Denies Being Materialistic: “How Is That Fair?”

In the latest episode of the TVB talk show Young and Restless <#後生仔傾吓偈>, cast members discuss about the Chinese idiom “Admiration for Vanity” (貪慕虛榮). Crystal Fung (馮盈盈), who has been accused multiple times by tabloids for being materialistic and vain, immediately pulled out a textbook definition of the idiom and shared her frustrations about these claims.

“According to the dictionary, this idiom can also mean someone who reaps success without sowing, someone who steps over boundaries to create a fake image of wealth,” she said. “If I’m spending all my hard-earned money, I don’t think that’s considered vain. You can comment about my spending habits, but if it’s my money that I’m spending, I’m not breaking any rules. Why do you care?”

Crystal also pointed out that many artistes often get mistaken for being vain, especially after gaining popularity, leading to increases in come. “It’s not fair,” she said. “Usually people who are vain and overly materialistic would focus on what assets other people own. That’s all they care about. If you’re comfortable with yourself then you wouldn’t care about that.”

More often than not, young people who often change their phone models are accused for being materialistic. Crystal, who once shared a photo of her iPhone 12 on social media, immediately clarified, “Many people are up to date with technology, and since I owned one, I decided to take a picture of it and share my experience.” Crystal said before using the 12, she used an iPhone X for nearly two years. 

“I genuinely just want to share my experiences,” said Crystal. “I don’t know why everyone has to criticize everything I do, and label me. It has created a very negative space. They accuse me for showing off my wealth and being a social climber.”


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  1. Firstly, I wonder how big is the audience that watches – ‘Young and Restless – 後生仔傾吓偈’ ……..The show itself is annoying with a bunch of half-witted youths discussing about meaningless topics, and when it centers around Crystal, the topics become even more meaningless and more of a joke…….I was once switching channels, and stopped on this show for no more for 5 minutes when I found the things that Crystal and Co. say on this show is totally garbage……….So, back to the point about Crystal denying she is materialistic…….Hard to substantiate that when she has gold-digger written across her forehead!……….LOL.

    1. @conan2209
      Hmmm….the “Young and Restless”….I think it is just a platform for TVB to showcase its new comers. It’s not particularly interesting to me. I did however tune in to watch the Halloween episode where Lisa Tse put in a guest appearance. I thought it was a bit better back in the day when Louisa Mak was one of the hosts. It was interesting to hear her views. But now, I will pass…..

    2. @conan2209 I think they are both equally annoying, can’t really tell who’s better/worse. lol …But CF probably sometimes speaks a little better even thou she also talks alot of nonsense and reveals too much. KK acts like she’s 12 sometimes. I still remember how that Mat Yeung was teasing on how haven’t seem her for a while and she is still just as ‘dai b’ (cantonese metaphor) but he sounded like he meant it not joking. haha lol…They both look like equally materialistic. lol haha

  2. of course it is not fair that she the only one being called out while there are so many others just like her

    1. @m0m0
      I actually quite like watching Crystal when I am in the mood for that sort of stuff. She’s noisy and loud, with no pretext to be subtle. She’s sort of refreshing in that way. (So I can understand why people do like her.) But watching the whole “Young and Restless” group for a whole hour is a bit much. They are young and up-and-coming (not their fault of course), so really nothing very outstanding nor entertaining there at the moment. As to who’s more materialistic than whom, I don’t really care and it doesn’t really bother me to be honest….

  3. What i think is unfair is that women get shamed for looking for financial security while men get very little of it when it’s an older man is looking for a younger woman. One is looking for money and the other is looking for youth and beauty. Both are looking for what pleases them but that stigma is rarely applied to men.

  4. Anyone who works to survive is materialistic. Only if you rely on your parents or your partner for your livelihood you can say u r not materialistic. Write something more meaningful next time.

  5. As much as I hate the way she looks when she talks and her acting, she definitely makes a great “influencer”/ celebrity and I think she’ll be here for a while. I do think Kaman is worse than FYY from what I hear in their interviews. Kaman sounds super self absorbed and attention seeking. FYY comes off as fake with the way she speaks but I think she does try hard in her work. Also was Mayanne dropped from hosting the awards show and replaced with FYY? Because Mayanne was atrocious hosting the gala so maybe she got reprimanded?

    1. @bubbles23 mayanne is actually in Canada so maybe she had to fly back for personal reasons? And I think she was there a few weeks before. Was she that bad at the gala? Lol

      1. @tt23 ohhh that’s why? Lol she was super loud n hyper and at one point she slapped Luk Ho (accident?) and his glasses almost fell off.

      2. @tt23 but reminds me of the awards show… no one gonna talk about how FYY touched the guys nominated without consent?? Mark Ma looked sooo uncomfortable. Imagine the genders reversed. Only in HK….. This harassment is terrible.

      3. @bubbles23 yeah THAT was awkward and so cringey. also did you catch her kiss ass with kaman kong? i think they were asking who would be best actress or whatever and she said kaman but it was soooo fake and scripted

      4. @tt23 I barely rmbr that comment, but like who else would she name lol might as well milk their rivalry.

        Were they trying to be funny? I’d understand more if was a game show but like imagine a male be like let me touch your chest ??

  6. Somehow I really don’t mind Crystal. She’s loud and noisy but I find the in-your-face brassiness quite refreshing. I recall that she was living with her then boyfriend and didn’t hesitate to talk about it. OK maybe there was a bit TMI at some point….

  7. I agree with her saying if she is spending her hard earning money, how is she considered materialistic? But if she dates someone just for their wealth or accept expensive gifts just because then that’s what I would consider materialistic of a gold digger. Not sure which one she is and what she does but nothing wrong with spending your own hard earned money. If that’s all she does then it’s understandable that she would be offended and labeled as such. And if we were to talk about who she mingles with, she’s a celebrity… it’s normal for them to come into contact with those who are rich and powerful. Not sure how upset she really is about being labeled like this, but if she really is letting it get to her, she needs to work on her EQ more. The press will write whatever they want to write.

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