Crystal Liu Tackled by Crazed Male Fan

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Crystal Liu Tackled by Crazed Male Fan

While promoting her upcoming film, Le Paon de Nuit <夜孔雀>, Crystal Liu (劉亦菲) was suddenly violently embraced and tackled to the ground by a male fan. The actress did not sustain any major injuries, but she was severely frightened by the incident.

On May 19, Crystal was at a movie theater in Guangzhou for an event promoting Le Paon de Nuit, which translates to “Night Peacock.” Because the event was mainly an opportunity for fans to interact with Crystal, the movie production team did not hold a press conference. As a result, news and videos featuring the crazed fan initially came from fans present at the event, not from the media.

In one of the released videos, Crystal can be seen interacting with fans on stage. Suddenly, a man wearing a red-checkered shirt suddenly ran onto the stage and frantically embraced Crystal. The two fell to the ground and out of sight of the video camera. However, a loud sound can be heard after, presumed to be the two falling to the ground.

Fans in the audience immediately cried out in alarm, and the situation descended into chaos. However, the staff members at the event were able to subdue the attacker, while Crystal was carried away by her staff. The event quickly ended soon thereafter, and police arrived at the scene to collect evidence and conduct an investigation, which is still ongoing.

Fortunately, Crystal was not injured, apart from a few scrapes on her arms and legs from colliding so violently with the ground. Otherwise, she is in good health, just frightened, reported the Le Paon de Nuit production team in a statement that evening.

The statement apologizes to Crystal for the incident and ends with an appeal to fans: “We earnestly request that fans maintain reason when chasing celebrities. Use love to give back to and support your idol.”

According to another statement from the Le Paon de Nuit team, the attacker is said to be from Guangxi and has been a fan of Crystal for many years. He said that when he saw the actress on stage, he got very excited and simply wanted to make his feelings known and become her friend. Some netizens suspect that he has already tailed Crystal many times.


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12 comments to Crystal Liu Tackled by Crazed Male Fan

  1. bubbletea says:

    That certainly is not the way to become a friend to anyone. He wanted to let his feelings known… I guess he thought he stood a chance to date Crystal. What a crazy loonie. He needs a vacation in prison, followed by one in the loonie bin. Hope Crystal will be okay emotionally and psychologically.

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  2. msxie0714 says:

    Crazy fans/stalkers everywhere in the world. Look at all the Hollywood stars who have been threatened.

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  3. elizabeth says:

    What a nutter! No need to attack her if you want to be her friend!

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  4. mulder99 says:

    Wow, that’s one delusional nutter..
    Crystal is lucky to get away with minor injurIes..

    Security will need to be strengthen now for all celebrities

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  5. ninasimone says:

    I think he done his cold calculation, and was willing to risk it all just to be able to embrace her.

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  6. happybi says:

    wow that was scary! He came out of nowhere and just tackle her! She went flying! Glad she wasn’t hurt but she must be shocked! They need more security for sure!

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    • bubbletea replied:

      @happybi he certainly went after her like a professional wrestler didn’t he.

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      • happybi replied:

        @bubbletea Yep! It’s not a hug for sure.. it’s a damn tackle like in football!

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      • linvin8 replied:

        @bubbletea It was very much like a rugby tackle!

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      • bubbletea replied:

        @linvin8 and @happybi, maybe he is a football/rugby/wrestler, cause he took her down like she is a hated opponent or enemy. If he took down the woman who he loves and wants to be friends with like that, imagine what he would do to an enemy.

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  7. johnst says:

    wow lolol I hope crystal is okay. Her oppa better give her lots of hugs for this incident

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  8. bubbletea says:

    After watching that clip again, I think Crystal should press charges CV against Mr. Nutter. How can someone who loves someone like he claims he does, take the object of their affection out like that. A true supportive fan does not want to tell a celebrity how they feel, unless they are sick, obsessed and delusional. A lot of network cases out there. Like the ones who want to cut your throat if you comment on something about their idol, even when the something about their idol is true. I am convinced they will kill the commenter if they were in the same space. They even lose the ability to be rational and post the most ignorant, asinine belligerent things. This man is an example of such a fan.

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