Did Rumors with Michelle Ye Bring Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin Together?

Fans around the world rejoiced when 36-year-old Wallace Huo (霍建華) and 40-year-old Ruby Lin (林心如) announced their romance on May 20. It’s been a long time coming, as the two have a relationship that dates back to 2006, when they starred in the Taiwanese drama, Sound of Colors <地下鐵>.

According to reports, their 2006 collaboration brought the two closer together. However, Wallace avoided getting too close with Ruby, as she was already in a relationship at the time. He didn’t want to create even more confusion and misunderstandings. Nonetheless, the two continued to stay close, and their rumors blossomed after the release of the series.

Wallace and Ruby’s dating rumors never exactly died down after Sound of Colors. Tabloids mentioned that they started dating after Ruby ended her previous romance in 2009, but these allegations were shot down. When Ruby casted Wallace in her 2011 self-produced drama The Glamorous Imperial Concubine <傾世皇妃>, their dating rumors came up again, but their managers eventually released statements denying the romance, claiming that they were only close friends.

The rumors took a different turn in 2013, when “an insider” released information that Wallace and Ruby had actually been secretly dating for three years. However, their relationship hit a rough patch with the appearance of Michelle Ye (葉璇), Wallace’s costar in the 2005 wuxia drama The Royal Swordsmen <天下第一>.

The source at the time claimed that Wallace often took time off his schedule to visit Michelle on set. They were spotted linking arms, dining together, and hanging out off their Hengdian World Studios set. It was said that this went on for an entire month while Wallace was still allegedly dating Ruby. If true, Michelle could be a contributing factor in solidifying Wallace and Ruby’s relationship.

Both Wallace and Michelle eventually denied dating. Michelle’s reps affirmed that they are only longtime friends. While Ruby’s manager did not brush off the Wallace-Michelle rumors, they did maintain the PR stance that Ruby and Wallace were only close friends. 

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. There’s no relationship between the article and the tittle. Disappointing

  2. The title suggests michelle helped them get closer. The article is blatantly saying wallace cheated on ruby with michelle. Truth is back at that time all were friends. No relationship. Love blossomed from friendship only very recently. Whatever rumours in the past were purely rumours. Wallace did say he regretted not chasing after s girl in the past, that she was a good girl. May or may not be ruby. I just feel this is a case of friends progressing to love. That’s all.

  3. Such a misleading title. I was under the impression that Michelle was a matchmaker, not a supposed third party.

  4. The media needs to back off already. So much lamebrain gossip in Hong Kong. It is so low class and pitiful how they put their spin on things to sell their magazines. The couple is together they need to leave it that way. Wonder what Grace Chan is G to yak about to get the spotlight back on her and her da…….Kevin now that there is a new couple in town.

      1. @kaykay408 , yes I know that Ruby Lin and as you put it “whoever this man is” is not from Hong Kong, but HK media reported article?

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