Dilraba Dilmurat and Ren Jialun Cross Forbidden Boundaries in “The Blue Whisper”

Starring Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴) and Allen Ren Jialun (任嘉倫), historical romantic fantasy The Blue Whisper: Part 1 <与君初相识>, premiered on March 17. The drama explores faith and willingness to cross forbidden boundaries for love.

Adapted into a two-part series, The Blue Whisper: Part 1, tells a story following demon master Ji Yunhe (Dilraba Dilmurat) being tasked to train merman Chang Yi (Ren Jialun) to walk, talk, and serve with loyalty. However, the seemingly simple mission turns out a lot more complicated when Yunhe unexpectedly grows too attached to the merman. Growing internal conflict forces her into a tough dilemma between choosing her own freedom or Chang Yi’s.

The latest trailer envelopes fans into an action-packed xianxia world with its striking CGI scenes, which look highly detailed and professional. The relationship between Dilraba and Jialun is also teased to be an emotional rollercoaster with the back-to-back scenes of trust and betrayal. The costumes also effectively illustrate their roles, as Dilraba looks formidable and imposing in her master suit while Jialun resembles a naive disciple in his soft and plain robe.

With a total of 22 episodes, The Blue Whisper: Part 1 is scheduled to air every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday on Youku.

“The Blue Whisper: Part 1” Trailer

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  1. I finally get to watch the 8 episodes of the blue whisper drama. I love the colorful & full of life scenes whenever I watched the episode introduction. I like the cute & sweet butterfly , surprised by Dilireba short hair, she really look cute with the boyish haircut. Love Allen’s merman tail fin, it was the most fancy fin I have seen so far. A big thumbs up for this drama.

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