Dilraba Dilmurat and Yang Yang Test Waters for Romance?

(Above) Both stars had posted photos of takeouts on their social media.

The success of C-drama You Are My Glory <你是我的榮耀> boosted the popularity of its lead actors Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴) and Yang Yang (楊洋). With their sizzling onscreen chemistry, fans of both idols are hoping they could become a pair in real life. The stars’ recent social updates which had similar backgrounds fueled rumors that they might be dating for real!

Testing Waters or Sleek Publicity Move?

With their sweet-as-saccharine romantic arc in You Are My Glory, and the two leads’ cosy interactions offscreen to drum up hype for the drama, fans are shipping the pair and would love to see the stars take their romance offscreen. Recently, Yang Yang and Dilraba Dilmurat both posted meal updates on their socials, and sharp-eyed fans quickly saw that their photo backgrounds looked so similar as to be taken at the same place, except from different angles.

Fan reactions have been split into two camps so far – with the first group of the opinion that the two stars are indeed secretly dating, and are trying to “test the waters” by dropping visual hints for fans, before any public announcement.

However, some skeptical fans guessed it was more likely that Dilmurat and Yang Yang had been at the same work location, and had deliberately posted photos with similar backgrounds to create buzz for an upcoming onscreen collaboration. Their reasoning? That the two popular idols were more likely to keep their romance under wraps, if they were indeed dating!

Source: ChinaPress

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  1. Who knows? Though I’m siding on the latter team as I feel that they’d want to keep things private if they were indeed dating. Tbh, fans scrutinize and speculate things a bit too much. They take a small detail and run off with it, spinning a whole saga, smh.

    1. Yes, I go to bilibili sometimes and OMG these crazy fans indeed have a crazy imagination. haha lol…They don’t care what’s real or not as long as they are obsessing over their most current CP they just speculate and speculate and try to make it seem like they are indeed true and real but in reality you just never know as promotions together are part of their job as well. I do see a lot of YY & DLRB team cp’s but there are also Wu Lei and DLRB teams as well and they spin their sagas like there are no tomorrow. Each thinking the other is fake and their cp is the real one. It’s crazy and funny at the same time.

      1. lolll true, I’m actually a Wu Lei x Dilraba shipper but I’m aware of how ridiculous/far-fetched a lot of the speculations are xD I think most shippers are aware but just want to voluntarily keep up the illusion. Shipping is fun but shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

    2. @Alexis Oh me too. haha I do like WL and DLRB together even thou there are 7/8 years age difference but WL is the most matured 21 yo on or off screen I have ever seen so I don’t really see a big deal over it. They do look quite cute together but am not crazy enough to form teams over it thou. lol…Actually, promos shows they do have a better chemistry than with YY but of course YY hardcore fans of them would beg to differ. Oh well, guess all those cp’s can live in their own world until one of them announces a real relationship. I remember there were insane shippers between that Exo or Ex exo member; kind of feminine looking, not that cute or manly guy with DLRB and that was such an angry situation when he announced relationship shortly w 19 yo a couple of years ago. Never understood how they ship DLRB w that guy anyway? Even thou he’s in his 30’s he still looks kind of small and not matured looking but that’s just me. lol…haha….

  2. They both don’t really need to test the water here. Their acting are nothing to talk about but they are 2 of the most gorgeous Cstars w/ a huge fanbase. Dilraba Dilmurat seems to have romance rumor w/ all her costars (which goes to show how great she acts as loving someone). Her last romance rumor was with Johnny and we all know the ugly and bad personal issue he had w/ his exwife. DD did have a great chemistry with Johnny but the story was not worth mentioning. Her chemistry w/ YangYang was even better w/ a story line that’s suitable for youngster’s struggles. So Yang Yang is an even better suiter. If these 2 actually have a real relationship, I’m all for it.

    1. “Their acting are nothing to talk about” – I couldn’t have agreed more. DLRB I can still bear with her but YY? He’s indeed handsome but same expressions over and over. I am not shallow enough to even pass 2 episodes of YAMG even if he is good to look at. haha lol…. You are right that DLRB has rumors with every costar. I remember my friend watched that one w that really tall and pretty good looking guy as well and I guess people are still shipping them it’s like every time a series is finished, she will immediately be shipped w them same as YAMG. And I wonder what’s up w the Johnny guy that people hate him so much? That series w him was nothing but excessive kissing scenes but a really a stupid series. Needless to say, I didn’t finish either. The only series I was able to finish of DLRB was The Long Ballad. Bilbili those crazy CP team indeed hate him the most, that it can be anybody but him? haha lol…

  3. The only I have agreed with when it comes to Communist control: limit fans’ obsessive actions towards celebrities. Do Chinese fans want YY to never get married so they can forever idealize him OR do they want to pick a wife for him he has 0 feelings for? Same goes for DD. Y’all gotta come the F down 🙂

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