Eliza Sam Not Used to Speaking Cantonese Again

The actress is back for “Who Wants a Baby 2” after a hiatus.

As filming for TVB drama Who Wants A Baby 2 <BB大晒> kicks off, Eliza Sam (岑麗香) admits that she has been feeling a little anxious about speaking Cantonese on camera again.

The mother of one said, “The whole family speaks English, and I’m the only one speaking Cantonese.” Reading out the script at home in the hopes of improving her enunciation and tone, Eliza would carry her son so he could hopefully pick up some Chinese, but Jacob would quickly fidget around and get distracted. Laughing that she never imagined herself to be her son Jacob‘s Chinese teacher, Eliza wants him to learn “as many languages as possible.”

Eliza had considered carefully before agreeing to film for TVB again. She discussed with her family and made childcare care arrangements for Jacob, also using FaceTime while working to keep tabs on her son. “I know many working moms who have given me lots of encouragement.”

Eliza shared that her child in the drama is older than Jacob, and she has already picked up some useful parenting tips. For example, she learned how to pick out a school for him while reading through a few episodes of the script.

Probed about whether co-star Kenneth Ma (馬國明) had been distracted by the recent media spotlight regarding his rumored relationship with Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), Eliza replied that she had just met Kenneth once since filming only started recently. She was unaware of the news revolving around Kenneth’s personal life as she has been busy studying the script.

Source: Sing Tao

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @oligodendrocytes couldn’t tvb cast someone else instead? even if tvb doesn’t use Ali who is the original in the first part, i’m sure there is another suitable actress. No Grace Chan please.

      1. @janet72
        Think TVB should move onto reality shows. Dramas are dead. Scriptwriters are young and inexperienced. Either storylines and scenes can be predicted or they are disproportionate and edited poorly. Actors are ok but actresses are pageant winners with no cantonese pronunciation nor understanding. Time to pack it all up and move on…

      1. @jingxi2943 Ohhh….They were known as the VIRGIN club group previously when they were all single since most of them esp Grace Wong confessed and quite adamantly no sex until marriage. haha..lol and they are really good friends and all from CANADA probably so they were known as the V group. It was this girl, Christina forgot her name, Grace Wong, Linda Chung & the pretty wife of Wong C Lam the short guy? I don’t quite remember if only 5 or more at the moment. haha :0/

        ohhhh…found an old article 🙂

  1. if there was a list of worst actresses to lead a TVB series then Eliza has to be near the top. Apart from the heavy accept, she barely understands the cantonese dialogue, she has to say…

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