Fan Bingbing to Make Comeback with Hollywood Film “355”

During last year’s Cannes Film Festival, rising Hollywood star Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) excitedly announced her participation in the upcoming American production, 355. However, it was believed fellow Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) would replace Fan Bingbing following her tax fraud scandal, as the release dates of her latest films L.O.R.D.: Lord of Ravaging Dynasties 2 and Air Strike were all pushed back. Yet the latest news suggest Fan Bingbing is still set to appear in the spy thriller despite her whirlwind of a scandal that made headlines worldwide.

Earlier, 355 director Simon Kinberg confirmed in an interview that Fan Bingbing is still attached to the film – as is the cast announced last year. She will be starring alongside award-winning actresses Jessica Chastain, Penelope Cruz, Marion Cotillard, and Lupita Nyong’o. Simon stressed, “They are not only interested, but promised to star in this movie.”

The espionage movie has entered the final script revision stage and is expected to begin production this year. Currently casting male actors, the film is scheduled for a 2020 premiere. Led by an all female main cast, 355 is the female version of the spy film 007. In order to make it more international, five actresses of different nationalities were specifically selected to participate in it. However, it was previously rumoured that the film company was worried Fan Bingbing’s scandal would negatively affect the movie and wanted to replace her. Now that the director confirmed she will be in the movie, it proves that Fan Bingbing can pick herself back up and no one can replace her.

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  1. A movie full of A-listers. It’ll be really hard for the film to fail. This means FBB bounceback is likely imminent.

    1. @coralie Oceans 8 did well so its possible. (*Tries to forget ghostbusters remake*)

      Only thing is the theme. Espionage…hm..sounds very dull, unless its comedy, but you never know.

      1. @megamiaow This movie is so international that I think it’ll be hard to fail. We got Marion Cotillard from France, Lupita from the U.S., Penelope from Spain, Fan Bingbing from China and finally Jessica Chastain (not sure what she represented lol.) Even discounting U.S. box office sales, if only a portion of people go watch in theaters for all those represented countries…it’s gonna be a blockbuster. Plus they’re all A-listers, renowned for good acting. Even FBB is okay & acceptable.

      2. @megamiaow well, that too lol. I liked Ocean 8, esp Ann Hathaway – she was fun.

        But I’m really excited about seeing Marion. I love her acting a lot and she’s been a fav of mine since the movie “Love Me If You Dare.” So I’m a bit biased about this film just from that, to be honest

      3. @coralie I think Jessica is representing USA while Lupita is representing Kenya (Africa). Just to be diverse in skin colour

  2. peoplewith the tall nose bridge do very well in photos. penelope is the most eye-grabbing in all the photos. bing bing next b/c of her light skin tone contrasted by her long black hair.

  3. Uh, Hollywood and lets change the sex of a theme franchise to make it new -.- James Bond is 1 man, but this is 5 ladies? They couldn’t call themselves charlie’s Angels so they are trying to go the James Bond’s route? Uh -.-

    And yup, FBB is lucky that she managed to insert herself into Hollywood and Cannes before the scandal blew up, because Hollywood is ok with you and your tax fraud, only not ok if you are involved in sexual harassment of some sort.

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