Fans are Divided Over Zheng Shuang’s Slim Figure

Chinese actress Zheng Shuang (郑爽) has always struggled with her self-image, and at one point even admitted that she had consumed nothing else but liquids for fifteen days in order to lose the excess weight.

On November 9, a video recording of Zheng Shuang rehearsing a song with her Love O2O <微微一笑很倾城> costar Yang Yang (杨洋) was shared online, which shocked fans. Zheng Shuang appeared in a white blouse and skinny black jeans that only made her slim figure even slimmer. A netizen remarked, “The only thing you see are her legs. They’re so small they’re as thin as arms.”

Another netizen said, “I feel like it’s going to snap soon!” Another netizen compared her legs to chopsticks. One said, “Honestly, she’s so skinny that there is nothing else to admire anymore.” One netizen pointed out the hypocrisy of fans, saying, “Do fans really have to pretend they don’t see it? She’s skinny to an unhealthy level. How does this look good?”

However, many fans left behind supportive comments of Zheng Shuang, expressing their jealousy of Zheng Shuang’s skinny legs.


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Zheng Shuang’s New Face Spurs Plastic Surgery Rumors

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  1. why do celebrities come up with all these stupid and ineffective methods? if she wants to keep her weight down, the easiest way is to go on the treadmill with 10 layers on or to go to the sauna everyday. losing the water weight will make you look less bloated too

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