Felix Wong Helped Wife Battle Leukemia: “I Can’t Collapse”

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Last year, Felix Wong’s (黃日華) wife, retired actress Leung Kit Wah, was diagnosed with leukemia. Although the couple initially dealt with Kit Wah’s illness privately, they recently accepted a radio interview and openly shared their struggles during the chemotherapy treatment.

At first, Kit Wah believed she merely had the cold and was reluctant to visit the doctor. Kit Wah said, “We found out it was a big issue after the doctor examined the results of my blood test. He told me that a normal person’s blood platelets is between 150 to 200, but mine was only 10!”

When Felix first found out about his wife’s illness, he felt as if his world had fallen apart. He said, “We both stayed strong. I told myself I have to accept and face reality. I need to give my wife confidence and positive energy. I had to believe it was curable. I was calm. Even until now, I have not cried at all, nor have I ever lost hope.”

In contrast, Kit Wah was extremely nervous. Due to the concurrent issue of HKTV’s license being rejected, there were many negative news claiming that Felix was distancing himself from the broadcaster. Kit Wah clarified, “My husband and daughter had to take care of me and couldn’t attend Ricky Wong’s (王維基) functions.”

Having to deal with work and to take care of his wife, Felix truthfully admitted that the treatment process was exhausting and he suffered from mood swings. Felix said,“At the time, I really wanted to drop my work and spend all my time with my wife. But she insisted that I continue working because I can’t break promises. I felt that Heaven was testing my willpower. I can’t collapse.”

Hid Truth from Daughter

To avoid affecting their daughter, Adrian Wong’s (黃芷晴) mood and work, the couple initially hid the diagnosis from their daughter. Felix said, “After she came back and completed a show, we sat down for a family meeting. When she found out, she burst out crying and wanted to see her mother. When she saw Kit Wah, she was extremely worried and sad.”

Having mutually supported each other through 27 years of marriage, Felix is grateful that Kit Wah’s leukemia treatment has been successful. “I am very grateful for my wife’s strength to face this illness with courage. I feel honored to be her husband. Through the years, she has taken care of me, advised me to improve my shortcomings, and made me become a better person.”

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

12 comments to Felix Wong Helped Wife Battle Leukemia: “I Can’t Collapse”

  1. P. Tan says:

    A truly courageous and supportive husband! Felix is there when his wife needs him and I call that true love. My greatest respect and admiration for Felix and hope for Kit Wah’s full recovery!

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    • Elizabeth replied:

      Agree. Felix has proved his commitment to his wedding vows 27 years ago and stayed by his wife’s side through thick & thin, in sickness and in health. I feel happy for Kit Wah that she found such a good husband and through her illness, she stayed emotionally strong and her family worked together instead of falling apart.

      I wish the best for the Wong family and hope Kit Wah recovers soon.

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  2. janet says:

    standing by each other…this is true love.

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  3. sandcherry says:

    Leung Kit Wah looks okay in the above photo, not that pale and skinny.

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  4. Lucia says:

    That is what a loving husband and wife’s relationship: to stay together through thick and thin, healthy and sickness…etc!!

    I hope Felix is also a good son, not like what the media has portrayed his relationship and his father.

    It is hard to believe that a good husband is not a good son.

    Congrats to Leung Kit Wah’s recovery!

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    • HeTieShou replied:

      My thoughts exactly! I still hope that Felix works things out with his father before he regrets it. I have seen good husbands that are not good sons and vice versa.It just depends on the circumstances.

      Anyways,it is great that he is a good husband and wish Kit Wah a good recovery.

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    • janet replied:

      maybe there is a poor relationship with his father from young…nobody knows.
      but to enjoy a happy marriage in the entertainment industry for so long is not easy.

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  5. dee says:

    who’s the person standing on the right? male or female?? sorry i can’t tell and i’m really curious!!

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  6. Panzer says:

    She is really lucky to have a husband like Felix to support her. I can’t think of anyone more of a “strong hero” type (because of film roles) than him to help her through it.
    He sounds like he took his acting roles to heart and became a super hero for her and his family. Must have been tough for all of them, not only for the illness but for all the undeserved media negativity they got throughout the whole HKTV thing.

    I wish Felix and his family a long and happy life. Surely they are all stronger because of this ordeal.

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  7. Zowie says:

    Felix: this is absolutely a grand Chinese New Year gift to your family. You and your wife deserve each other. Your family is a role model. Wishing u and ur family much happiness, prosperity and longevity.

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  8. nomad 822 says:

    Heartwarming story, and so beautiful to see because it’s getting rarer. Especially since it’s already 27 years.

    The depth and sincerity of any relationship shines through when such challenges in family life are supported with enduring dedicated care.

    Instead of selfish avoidance (in the name of work, busy, others can also take care of it), and excuse for affairs.

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  9. nomad 822 says:

    All the Best to his family, and may the year ahead bring better scenarios overall for them.

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