G.E.M.’s Poor Rapport with the Media Continues

G.E.M.’s (鄧紫棋) image with the media is spiraling down. Although the talented singer-songwriter continues to hold successful concerts across the world, the Hong Kong, Chinese, and Taiwanese media have been making negative reports about her, stirring up old rumors and slamming her and her team for being disrespectful to the media.

The 24-year-old’s relations with the Hong Kong media started to worsen in November 2014, when her manager Chang Tan (張丹) offended the Hong Kong reporters with his arrogant attitude at a press conference for her X.X.X. tour. In April 2015, her manager had a row with the production team of I Am a Singer 2 <我是歌手2>, leading to G.E.M. being dismissed from the Chinese singing competition last minute. Her popularity in China declined as a result, and her image also took a toll with the Chinese media. In addition, her producer Lupo Groinig criticized the Hong Kong media for having no integrity while doing an interview with an American media outlet.

G.E.M. has just competed her X.X.X. World Tour, which played 73 shows across cities in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Her last show in London, however, was rumored to have performed poorly in the ticket box offices sales. It was said that fans who had purchased a bundle resold the tickets for a much cheaper price, and sometimes for free. Her agency denied the rumors, claiming that someone is intentionally smearing them.

But despite negative rumors, G.E.M. continues her reign as a successful touring artist. Recently, it was announced that G.E.M. would be holding a concert in Studio City Macau. Her manager, Chang Tan, is acquaintances with Lawrence Ho (何猷龍), the CEO of Melco International. Lawrence Ho is the eldest son of gambling tycoon Stanley Ho (何鴻燊). G.E.M. and Stanley Ho’s daughter, Laurinda Ho (何超蓮), are also close friends.

Chang Tan’s Background

Chang’s father, Zhang Renqiang (張仁強), was a businessman from Beijing. He once worked for Stanley Ho, and established his own estate company in Macau. After graduating from the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, Chang returned to Hong Kong and invested in a slot machine business with his older brother and Lawrence Ho. After selling the business to Melco International in 2004, Chang established his own record label Hummingbird Music, with G.E.M. as his only recording artist.

Source: IHKTV

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. G.E.M in my humble opinion is the chinese female version of Justin Bieber, only a little tamer.

  2. The title should be renamed ‘G.E.M.’s Manager’s Poor Rapport with the Media Continues’.

    The whole article just talk about how G.E.M.’s manager angered many people, but, nothing about G.E.M herself.

  3. The article didn’t say anything g.e.m. It’s her manager that’s being a diva.
    All these rumours about g.e.m aren’t even true. And I wouldn’t even care since she’s talented and has written so many great songs.

  4. Although it is G.E,M”s manager being a pin this time, G.E.M has down some annoying and stupid things in the past. No one should get a free to be a jerk because they are mediocre talented and has written so called great songs

    1. @abc123a I agree! People may try to ‘excuse’ GEM by saying that it’s her manager who is being troublesome, but they obviously aren’t seeing the entire picture.  GEM’s behavior the past few years has been quite poor and her arrogant management team just adds fuel to the fire.  I actually was neutral towards GEM until I started watching some of the Mainland reality shows she was on, after which I started disliking her due to her bratty and arrogant behavior, amongst other things (the poster above who said she was the female version of Justin Bieber is spot on!).  And I absolutely lost any ounce of respect for her (not that there was much to begin with, lol) after watching her performance in Amazing Race China, especially after one particular episode where she and her partner blatantly lied and cheated and took advantage of the other team’s sympathy, even going so far as falsely accusing the other team of harassment (which could’ve had severe consequences given that the other team consisted of 2 guys and GEM’s team was 2 females) in order to force the other team to let them win.

      Instead of constantly whining about the Media smearing her, GEM should really reflect on her own behavior and stop hiding behind cheap excuses.  And to be honest, I don’t see the big deal with her either – there are tons of artists out there who are way more talented than her and 10x less arrogant too.

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