Gong Jun is a Convincing Psychologist in “Dream Garden”

Starring Gong Jun (龔俊) and Qiao Xin (喬欣), Dream Garden <沉睡花園> wrapped up its broadcast on February 8. Filming for the 16-episode psychological romance proved to be an enlightening experience for Gong Jun, who enjoys exploring different professions in his dramas. Doing a lot of homework for his role as a psychologist, the 29-year-old actor realized the importance of maintaining boundaries while tactfully guiding clients out of dark times.

Fleshing Out His Character

While researching the working conditions of a psychologist, Gong Jun shared his discoveries, “It’s actually a tough occupation, because psychologists are like an emotional recycling bin where they have to receive clients’ negative emotions, open up their inner knots, and redirect them to a positivity-filled path. It’s a very honorable profession.”

As a meticulous professional with high expectations of himself, the character of Lin Shen can easily be misunderstood as strict and inflexible. However, Gong Jun made him three-dimensional, which drew greater understanding on how Lin Shen is also an empathetic person who controls his own emotions to genuinely work hard in comforting clients.

“Aside from displaying a professional attitude, Lin Shen is also a human in flesh and blood. I’ve discussed with the director and screenwriter on how to portray the character’s professionalism, and we agreed that all the counseling sessions need to follow professional standards such as having a sense of proportion and sensitivity,” Gong Jun said.

Winning viewers over, the actor’s earnest performance received praises such as, “Gong Jun did not play the cliched cold and unfeeling man, but a warm, gentle, and tender person who others can comfortably reach out for help.”

Source: Sing Tao

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Gong Jun is a good actor…he caught my eye very early on with his acting… even when he was not well known.

    1. @hohliu yes, he is a good actor. I can see him getting meatier roles in the future. He is good looking and can act. I see his star continuing to rise. He does remind me of the Taiwanese actor Chris Wu Chengyang. Only difference, Is Chris is stuck with modelling products right now and not getting roles, or much screen time, as he is reduced to two minute appearances.

      1. @Renren Chris Wu iis such a great actor!!! I watched his show for over 10yrs from Autumn Concerto…he is so good as Mamasan in Light the Night..

  2. Didn’t get the chance to watch any of his dramas and don’t think will catch them but saw some clips of his Word of Honor performance and thought he was better than some of the so-called leading actresses and actors these days. Maybe will get to watch his future productions ones day. I don’t catch a drama because I like a particular actor or actress.

  3. @Hohliu I rhink you got the Chrises confused. I am referencing Chris Wu Chengyang from History 3 Trapped. I believe you are speaking of Chris Wu Kang Ren from Autumn’s Concerta. Yes, he is a bonified actor from back in the days when drama actors were awesome talent. I really enjoyed everything he has been in and he has improved tremendously with each film. I believe AC started his amazing rise to the top of the drama world. The Chris I spoke of has a long way to go before being in the same acting of popularity category as your Chris. Wu Kang Ren has a new project out. It looks good and hilarious simultaneously. I will check it out.

      1. @Hohliu it is funny how a lot of diehard fans are saying the reason their idols are not progressing is because of the Covid-19 virus. Gong Jun is red hot right now despite the virus. A lot of the new crop of actors have basically fallen on the wayside despite their so called good looks and *popularity* I agree a lot of production studios have eased off producing dramas and movies dued to the pandemic, but the really popular, talented, OR relevant actors have stood out. Even in Taiwan, the new crop are not being heard of, but actors/singers from the past are in your face like Jam Hsaio, Mike He, Joe Cheng, Aaron Yan, and Chris Wu Kang Ren. These old guys,lol, are revived and leaving guys like Jake Hsu, Chris Wu Chengyang and others anonymously eating their dust. It shows just how much the talent and charisma of the old guys stack up against the new crop. Gong Jun is going to continue to grow as an artist and be in the red zone once he stays out of trouble.

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