Grace Chan Goes Grocery Shopping with Son and Helper

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Grace Chan Goes Grocery Shopping with Son and Helper

Since giving birth to Rafael (鄭承悦) this past February, Grace Chan‘s (陳凱琳) husband Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) hired a foreign domestic helper to assist the mother and son duo. Still, Grace seems to prefer to do everything personally – when she’s not attending work events, she’s taking care of her baby.

A few days ago, Grace took five-month-old Rafael to the supermarket in a stroller, accompanied by their helper. Dressed very casually, Grace was responsible for pushing the stroller while the helper tended their shopping trolley. Chubby Rafael was the most relaxed, chilling in the stroller, looking at his mommy from time to time.

As the supermarket is located in the basement of the mall, the trio had to take the escalator. Grace and the helper both lifted the baby stroller and stepped onto the escalator, however, Grace looked extremely exhausted by the third step. It appeared that she didn’t have enough strength to carry the stroller, making the entire process seemingly dangerous.

After entering the supermarket, Grace and the helper carefully selected the frozen meat while discussing what to buy. Their relationship seemed harmonious. When they split up, Grace pushed the stroller into another frozen section to buy vegetables. Afterward, she went to the dry food aisle to meet up with her helper before picking out some eggs. Grace also took the chance to stock up on some diaper deals.

Meanwhile, Rafael looked around curiously and obediently. After spending nearly half an hour at the supermarket, the group returned to the apartment.

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    1. yuc9 says:

      wtf, he’s not even properly strapped in.

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      • serene replied:

        @yuc9 yeah! Hope they didn’t bring him on the escalator like that

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    2. jimmyszeto says:

      Forgot that the baby’s name is Rafael…

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      • oystergirl replied:

        @jimmyszeto the irony of forgetting a name that’s meant to be unique and memorable lol

        What’s the deal with hiring foreign caretakers/helpers, out of curiosity? Seems to be a trend. Why not find someone local who speaks the native language? Lower wages?

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        • jimmyszeto replied:

          Maybe they want to communicate in English or do not trust oriental Asians? Easy to forget because the name does not register with the baby’s appearance. It will take some time to sink in…

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