Grace Chan is Glad to Have a Twin Brother While Growing Up

Grace Chan (陳凱琳) and her twin brother, Derek, make a striking impression whenever they step out together. Attending a lingerie promotional event together on September 2, Grace is used to being in the spotlight, but Derek is more camera shy and glad to have his sister by his side. 

Sharing a deep bond as most twins do, Grace and Derek have similar hobbies and many memories from kindergarten through high school together. “We were each other’s other half, so our relationship was great. Since he was a boy and I was a girl, we shared so many different things and [perspectives].”

Although Derek is more tanned, he and Grace have similar facial features of sharp eyes, high cheekbones, and strong nose profiles. When asked if they had always looked alike, Grace laughed and said, “Of course, I would want to think so because we are twins. We looked most alike when we were babies, but then completely different [while growing up]. Now, I think we’re starting to look alike again!” 

While many people love seeing the twins together, Grace said they would likely not have the chance to make joint public appearances frequently, “Derek has a full-time job. I just wanted him to try it out, because it is such a rare opportunity.” 

Grace’s Own Children

Always putting her family first, Grace often shares photos of her own two sons, Rafael and Yannick, on Instagram. Recently, many netizens commented that Yannick closely resembles Grace’s father. “I agree! They are both fair skinned. I didn’t see it before, but now I do. Since Yannick’s complexion is creamy with pink undertones and doesn’t tan easily, he looks like an innocent little lamb or doll. He has my dad’s look, except with the super round eyes.”

Grace shared that many parents and grandparents are excited to hear that the younger generation looks like them, “My dad was very happy when I told him that.” 

Source: HK01

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  1. No matter what they say or what angle to look at him, there is no denying that the brother looks South Asian/Indian. I’ve never heard him speak but I envision an Indian canto accent!

    1. Yes, grace used to look very South Asian too with darker skin as well. Perhaps her brother will look lighter and more Chinese as Grace teaches him her ways in HK.
      Perhaps their parents got donations for ivf or something along those lines..

  2. Grace and her brother look like they have Indian blood, different from her eldest sister who looks pure Chinese. I guess this is no one’s business and am sure I may offend people for speculating. Just saying though. They look like they have a lovely, close relationship.

    1. Yes they look like they have middle eastern or Indian blood. I have a cousin that is half Iranian and he has a look sort of like this.

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