Grace Chan Wants a Daughter Soon

When 28-year-old Grace Chan (陳凱琳) participated in the TVB drama, Blue Veins <殭>, she never imagined she would snag the My Favorite TVB Drama Character award at the 2016 TVB Star Awards Malaysia, let alone fall in love with her costar, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎). Although he is 21 years older, the couple did not let their age difference stop them from tying the knot in Bali two years ago and welcome their son, Rafael, the following year. Stepping into the Year of the Rat, Grace reflects on the past year and realizes her biggest achievement was becoming a mom.

“When I was still pregnant, I thought I would return to [acting] quickly,” Grace expressed. “But after giving birth and seeing him grow each day, I can’t bear to return to work.”

Besides, Rafael will start school this year and meet other children, so she hopes to accompany him on the milestone. Although she is putting work on the back burner, Grace promises she is still interested in filming dramas. “I’m not retiring, but I don’t know when I’ll return,” she shared. “[Kevin] supports whatever I choose as long as I can handle it.”

Moreover, Grace said she’s not as healthy these days. “I get tired and sick easily, but I need to be healthy to take care of my family,” the mother of one said.

Also, she wants to have another baby soon, so her children are not too far apart in age. Since she has a twin brother, Grace hopes Rafael will also have a companion whom he can grow up with. “If I have a daughter next, then I can stop having kids, but I hope to have two to three kids,” Grace said.

Source: Mingpao

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  1. Please stay home to care for her family and do not return to acting. She can’t act and horrible to watch

    1. @jane626 agree, please have more kids so she can stay home to take care of her kids. I don’t think I’d watched any or at least finished watching a drama with her in it.

    2. @jane626 Lol…She is at least good to look at no? haha… Yes, she can’t really act but that’s to be expected since what can expect from Ms. HK’s? I actually find Aimee Chan even more annoying to watch. Not that Linda Chung is any better. haha lol….but If I have to pick. Annoying # 1 would be/Aimee Chan/Linda Chung/then Mrs. Kevin C. haha

    3. @jane626 totally agree. she can’t act at all…so please stay at home and look after her family. same goes for linda chung…she can’t act nor sing.

      1. @hetieshou
        I know Linda’s got her fans but I don’t like her. When she first debut, I thought she was cute. Then after watching one drama, I started finding her annoying because she simply can’t act. People improve but she is stagnant. My sister in law found her unbearable after watching a drama with her and bosco where he played a cop to protect her. She must had been acting for at least a dozen years before then but she sucked so bad in it and pretty much every drama.

  2. I feel she is a nice person but no I don’t like her acting.
    I remember when she first acted and she was already lead actress in Captain Of Destiny which was crazy! Without Ruco there to salvage that drama it would’ve been a dump.

  3. Nah i don’t think she’s that bad. She looks pretty as well. I’d watch something with Grace in it (i’m not a fan!). Compared to the other randoms that are getting parts in tvb dramas (ugly, bad teeth, can’t pronounce canto etc), she’s not bad at all. But agree with above comments. Linda Chung is by far the most annoying (her whiny voice and crooked teeth!). Can’t bear to watch her even for 10 minutes.

  4. I personally don’t find Grace to be that bad. Her acting is not the best but it’s not bad. I think she has the potential to improve if she continued to act.

    1. @kokomo

      I guess that shows that acting is subjective as I find her so annoying. She just does not have the innate talent to act well. She may improve with more experience but can never be good. I feel acting is a talent just like singing where you have to kind of be born with it.

  5. please stay home and care for the family let Kevin bring in the income….dont come back to the entertainment industry cant stand her acting i cringe everytime i hear her voice

    1. @sherla1019
      I agree and am shocked that some are saying she is not that bad. I cringe when I hear or see her. She truly loves attention and married her idol which is very rare but does happen.

      1. @hetieshou if you and others here agree that Grace cannot act , and her voice is annoying, then that says it all. You try to be fair #llwy12 also try to be fair and if you guys along with others on this article agree on this, then the people have spoken. I too agree that Grace and Linda are terrible actresses, and I like and know Linda. That should say something.

      2. @renren

        Linda is a bit better as she has more experience but she is not a good actress either. I feel acting just like singing is a skill you have to be born with that you hone with experience and training. But if you naturally do not have it then you just don’t and even after years of acting, you still do not improve much. However, if you have the skill to act well then even when you first start acting, everyone sees your potential right away. I saw that with Tony Leung even when he first started out, which is why he is now one of the best HK actors.

  6. Grace reminds me of Shay Mitchell – both cant act. Stiff expressions & cares way too much about looking pretty onscreen.

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