Grace Chan Wants to Get Married in Taiwan

By on May 23, 2017 in NEWS

Grace Chan Wants to Get Married in Taiwan

With no current filming obligations for TVB, Grace Chan (陳凱琳) went to Taiwan to attend a tourism promotional event. Grace fondly shared that she has an exceptional affinity towards Taiwan, and would like to get married there.

After Grace signed up to join the Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2013, her parents had taken her to Taiwan to help ease her nerves. She joked that the trip made her even more uneasy, because she was worried about missing messages from the company. Fortunately, she did not receive notification until a few weeks after returning from Taiwan. She has since held on to the belief that Taiwan is her lucky place.

When asked whether she knew that her boyfriend, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎), also first found success in his career in Taiwan, Grace nodded in agreement and said, “I want to find a chance for us to go [to Taiwan], so we can make some memories together!” When asked whether she would consider getting married in Taiwan, Grace said, “I would consider it. He has lived there for a period of time, so he is familiar with it. He can take me around to eat!”

Turning 25 years old in June, Grace shared that Kevin is currently busy with work in Mainland China and will not be returning until August. Although he will not be in town for her birthday, she said, “We may celebrate early! In Taiwan! Three days, and two nights would be enough. Yep, let’s just call it that!”


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13 comments to Grace Chan Wants to Get Married in Taiwan

  1. jjwong says:

    The article is about 270 words. A little over 50% is about Kevin. Is the ratio of her face-to-face interviews are like that as well? She talks as much, if not more, about Kevin than herself? Just curious.

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    • bubbletea replied:

      @jjwong all that woman ever do is flap her turbo tongue about Kevin and their relationship.Maybe the only reason she is not talking about how good he is in bed is because she wants the world to think she is still a virgin. When they get married, she might finally spill the news on their bedroom activities.

      She should read the most recent Jaynestars Aaron Kwok article and learn how to answer reporters without giving her life biography.

      Her tongue is on speed and steroids.

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      • janet72 replied:

        @bubbletea even if she doesn’t learn from Aaron kwok, she has a veteran boyfriend in this industry. Perhaps she thinks she is very smart and doesn’t need to take lessons from anyone. I really wish she will disappear from tvb for good. She is really a pain.

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    • llwy12 replied:

      @jjwong LOL…well, I guess all that matters for Grace is that the media loves her, since she is always so willing to spill the beans on everything. It makes their jobs so much easier!

      Honestly though, if she keeps shooting off her mouth like this, I think it’s going to take a toll on her relationship with Kevin sooner or later. Kevin isn’t really the type who likes to have his private life aired in public and I remember in one of his recent interviews, he looked surprised when one of the reporters told him that Grace had given details to the media on some outing they had gone on. Unless Grace shapes up and stops feeding the media train every chance she gets, I wouldn’t be surprised if this couple ends up parting ways at some point…

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    • jjwong replied:

      @llwy12 @bubbletea Yea, she needs to learn there’s a difference between being transparent and TMI. I too think her TMI-ness is or will take a toll on their relationship. Kevin is old school mindset where he keeps private life as private. He has already compromised by admitting to their relationship. It seems like she has a lot of growing up to do, to me. I’m not just talking about her age/year/number, but her mentality and maturity.

      @janet72 Agree that she’s quite a pain and annoying; BUT, I would overlook that if she’s actually good at acting. She either needs to improve or just fade to black xD

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      • stargirl replied:

        @jjwong @llwy12
        Yup, I agree that she gotta learn how to be more guarded about her personal life… It sounds like she’s treating the media and reporters like her friends and just answering and even volunteering details without hesitation. It’s one thing to be open and friendly but she’s forgetting that when there’s a mic in front of her, she’s saying those things to the rest of the world.

        Also, I do believe and feel the same way about her mentality clashing with her boyfriend’s mindset. Despite others working out fine with the big age gap, there is that added risk of generation gap, It seems like Grace, being raised in Canada, may have significantly different opinions about publicizing her life opposed to Kevin’s. I remember Kevin never really taking the initiative to confirm any of his past relationships and it was probably Grace who wanted it to be disclosed in the first place.

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      • llwy12 replied:

        @jjwong Definitely agree about the mentality and maturity part. I remember watching a snippet of TVB entertainment news awhile back ago where Grace was at some event, I think it was in Malaysia, and there were crowds of people there and during the interview, she kept gushing about how all the people were there for her and she felt like a superstar, blah blah blah…she sounded like a naive teenager (and a delusional one at that, lol). I actually pulled an Anthony Wong and turned off the TV before she finished her interview, lol…

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  2. aiya says:

    What exactly is her elderly boyfriend working on in China? As an extra? LOL!

    It seems like that’s the catch phase whenever he is mentioned and then we see diddy squat from him.

    Justly like the catch phase “very popular in China” we saw shortly after BBJX .

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    • msxie0714 replied:


      you make it sound as though her bf is 80 years old! Although a child of 10 would think 40 is ‘elderly’

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      • aiya replied:

        LOL! I believe my use of the adjective is in accordance to the wide definition of the word:

        adjective: elderly

        (of a person) old or aging.
        synonyms: aged, old, advanced in years,)

        Of course, as you aptly put it, I do understand readers’ interpretation is very much subject to their own cultural and personal bias. For example, in the HK entertainment world, a 40-yr-old is still considered a young up-and-coming leading man, which implied that a 30-yr-old is still not considered an adult. LOL!

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    • rainbow28 replied:

      When you mentioned about “elderly” boyfriend, I thought you were talking about someone 80+ years old. Or at least 65. But I would only call a 65 years old a senior, not an elderly. So if Kevin is an elderly, Grace must be a middle-aged woman.

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    • rainbow28 replied:

      Do you think Kevin will quit TVB to be an extra in China? Unless the mainland pays a lot more for him only to be an extra.

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  3. coralie says:

    I will go against the grain by saying I don’t mind her overly TMI blabbing. I find it entertaining.

    I prefer it more than those who don’t say anything about their personal lives, though I have no issue with that either.

    I mean, what’s the point of reading entertainment biz if not because we’re nosy? Even if what she blurts out isn’t about her necessarily, but her BF, I would think it’s because her BF is more famous than her. Plus their relationship is full of drama. His age, her age, their status, etc. It’s probably more interesting than their each individual works tbh lmao.

    Now what she DOES need to work on is her voice/diction & her acting.

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