Grace Wong Tore Ligament on Set “Tiger Cubs 2”

While being injured on the filming set is not something new for TVB artists, the cast of Tiger Cubs 2 <飛虎II> is suffering quite a bit. Besides Him Law (羅仲謙), who fell and pierced his behind with fragmented glass, Grace Wong (王君馨) tripped on some improperly discarded litter while running down a mountain in a scene for the action drama.

After tripping, Grace was in immense pain and immediately went to see the doctor on August 9. After getting a cast for her foot, she explained, “My doctor said I tore a ligament, but thankfully I didn’t break any bones.” Even with her injury, Grace is worried that she will cause the filming progress to slow down. Therefore, she is taking all precautions to help speed up her recovery process.

Despite tearing a ligament, Grace was brave enough to attend the recording for Voice of Stars <星夢傳奇>. She appeared with crutches and was accompanied by other contestants.

Grace posted on her Weibo blog, “My MRI showed that the ligament was 90 percent torn, and the doctor said it is necessary to rest for two weeks. Resting at home is the only thing I can do right now, but it’s very frustrating for someone as active as myself. However, I’ll focus on resting and will not waste everyone’s sacrifices and support. Thanks for the 100 percent support from the company and my colleagues! I wish the best for my colleagues on Tiger Cubs 2 and Voice of Stars!” 

Source: Apple Daily

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  1. 90% torn? oh wow! and she doesn’t need surgery for it to fully heal?

    hope she’ll get better soon!

    1. 90% would be a near grade C torn ligament, best treated with surgery. I had experienced it without surgery, but it took me 8 weeks to be able to walk without crutches or limping, definitely not two week rest. No doctor would say two week rest based on MRI showing 90% torn ligament, she is exaggerating about the 90% tear or she is overly optimistic about her recovery process!

      Anyway, it’s good to not see her dance in voice of the stars!

      1. “My MRI showed that the ligament was 90 percent torn, and the doctor said it is necessary to rest for two weeks.
        Agree. 90% torn ligament is pretty serious and 2 weeks’ rest will not be enough. 8 weeks will be more logical. Usually it would need surgery to repair the torn ligament.

  2. It’s 2 weeks of rest … as in absolutely do nothing and stay in bed … not 2 weeks to fully recover and jump up and down again … but as artists, I guess they are expected to continue with injuries …

  3. exaggerating re: 90% tear vs. misunderstanding what her dr told her??!?

    1. Correct. A 90% tear is pretty serious, and I think a surgery will be required to repair the ligament. I had a minor torn in my ligament two years ago, I had to go for physiotherapy for many months.

      1. Correction: “minor tear” not “minor torn”. I wish I had the edit button.

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