Hans Zhang Pays for Fan’s Emergency Medical Bills

By on September 18, 2018 in NEWS

Hans Zhang Pays for Fan’s Emergency Medical Bills

Hans Zhang (张翰) is an idol worthy of respect.

On September 17, a netizen asked the Internet for help and donations after her friend, a fan of Hans Zhang known as “Xiaofan,” was admitted to the hospital for acute sepsis, a life-threatening condition where one’s body fails to fight infection. The netizen pleaded for help, and asked for donations to help fund her friend’s emergency medical bills.

Hans’ production studio reblogged the original Weibo post and wrote, “[We’ve] already contacted the Hanbao. Xiaofan’s condition is critical. Han Ge has also ordered us to monitor the situation, and that [he] will be taking care of Xiaofan’s emergency bills. [We] also hope other Hanbaos can lend a kind helping hand. Let’s help our family get through this crisis. Get well Xiaofan!”

Many of Hans’ fans were touched by his supportive gesture. They all wished the fan to get well soon, leaving behind positive and supportive comments on both Weibo pages. “Han Ge and Hanbaos will stay by your side!” a fan wrote.

Source: Sina.cn

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Hans Zhang Pays for Fan’s Emergency Medical Bills

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  • 2 comments to Hans Zhang Pays for Fan’s Emergency Medical Bills

    1. kmfayb says:

      Now that is what I call an idol giving back to his fans. We need more of them like Hans Zhang. I bet that fan scrimps and saves to support her idol. Obviously she is not rich. If she was, her friend would not be asking other fans for donations to help her. BTW, she is the perfect example of a caring friend. Great thay her idol stepped in to help. I can only pray for positive, prosperous blessings a m.p.h. d good health for Hans Zhang. Praying that his fans will get a miracle from God, through the skilful hands of the doctors and be well.

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    2. mangotango says:

      That is great. Good to know that fans can call on their idols for assistance and donations.

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