Hans Zhang, Claudia Wang in Cruise Drama, “One Boat, One World”

Filmed in multiple locations, the production team behind “One Boat, One World” had put in much effort to portray the everyday lives of cruise professionals.

Filming for Chinese drama One Boat, One World <海洋之城> has long been completed, but the premiere date has yet to be confirmed. The main leads, Chinese actor Hans Zhang (张翰) and Claudia Wang (王丽坤), picked up many useful cruising pointers and overcame their phobias while working on the drama, which focuses on the daily lives of cruise professionals.

A Refreshing Role for Hans Zhang

Often stereotyped as the confident CEO, Hans plays a refreshingly motivational character this time. He has hefty goals of becoming the first ethnic Chinese captain in the world. As Chief Officer on board who takes charge of passenger safety, he patiently completes his work duties while chasing dreams of great success one day.

Besides his onscreen roles, Hans’ love life has also garnered much attention from fans. His past relationship with Zheng Shuang (郑爽) put him on the receiving end of derision and doubt from her fans, and a later relationship with actress Guli Nazha (古力娜扎), also ended amicably after just two years.

Claudia Wang Portrays Hans’ Love Interest

Claudia Wang’s character is a tenacious individual who refuses to bow to life’s challenges and has tried her hand at many different jobs including being a data officer and a barista. Playing a tour guide who meets Hans Zhang’s character Ding Kai, the two will later develop mutual feelings.

Mention Hans and his works such as Meteor Shower <一起來看流星雨> and  Boss and Me <杉杉來了> come to mind. Despite taking part in many film and television productions over 15 years in the industry, viewers are hard-pressed to recall any of Claudia’s representative works. Despite so, her acting has generally been recognized. In the Baogang Zhao-directed drama Beijing Youth <北京青年>, her role as a mental illness sufferer who mutters incoherent speech showcased her impressive acting as well as a strong foundation in dance.

Up-and-coming Supporting Cast Members

Lawrence Wong (王冠逸), who rose to popularity for his role as Hailancha in 2018’s breakout drama Story of Yanxi Palace <延禧攻略>, will be second lead actor. Lawrence’s facial features has earned him the unflattering nickname of “big-mouthed monkey” from netizens.

The second lead actress is 26 year-old Zhang Yamei (張雅玫) from Hans Zhang’s Studio, an artiste management company operated by the actor. Zhang Yamei achieved an impressive second runner-up ranking at Miss Universe China pageant in 2011 . Under Hans’ lead, she has enjoyed many cameo opportunities, including web series Ten Deadly Sins <十宗罪> and Paris Unhappy <如若巴黎不快樂>.

Despite the lack of acting veterans in One Boat, One World, fans are looking forward to Hans Zhang and Claudia’s onscreen collaboration and hope that the young cast of the drama can deliver unexpected surprises.

“One Boat One World” Trailer


Source: Sina

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Too many airplane Captain already! Soooo cruise ship captain it is!!!! I predict a sinking ship…. but that’s just me xD

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  3. After I Googled Claudia Wang, I just realised that she has been around for quite sometimes but she is so forgettable…

    1. @niangniang she was in schemes of a beauty with ruby Lin, and was the main antagonist, she actually has more rooms to act than ruby since she has like 2 roles. However, her acting back then was forgettable. I think I only like her in an mv with Feng Shaofeng. Didn’t see other series of her, but I think she’s also doing pretty safe roles, so that’s why it’s pretty much forgettable and she couldn’t compete with the like of YM or ZLY

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        She was the Spider Demon in Journey To The West too with Kris Wu. But maybe with all the makeup I can’t recognised her…haha

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