Hawick Lau and Yang Mi Make First Public Appearances After Divorce

It didn’t come as a complete shot when Yang Mi (楊冪) announced her divorce with Hawick Lau (劉愷威) last month. Married for five years and the parents of their four-year-old daughter Little Sticky Rice, their separation is unfortunate.

The ex-couple didn’t stay quiet for long after the announcement. This week, Yang Mi made an appearance at the celebratory banquet for her new drama The Great Craftsman <巨匠> co-starring Wallace Huo (霍建華). Reports say that Yang Mi originally didn’t want to attend, but she had to support the cast and the show, as it is her first television drama after the divorce.

As for Hawick, he made a comeback television appearance for the CCTV show I Want to Go On Gala Night <我要上春晚>, where he played a variety of games and interacted with fans.

To get more information, reporters spoke with Hawick’s father, TVB actor Lau Dan (劉丹), who was spotted in Wan Chai earlier today. Lau Dan was careful to not divulge too much information, but gladly answered questions. Asking if his granddaughter missed her mother Yang Mi, who reportedly spent only 37 days with her in the last three years, Lau Dan carefully said, “The only thing [Little Sticky Rice] misses is playing. (Where is Hawick?) I don’t know. (What are his plans?) I actually don’t know.” Asking if Little Sticky Rice was in school, Lau Dan did not answer, but did share that he was out to play ball with friends.

Source: On.cc (1, 2)

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Are those pics un-photoshop or un-touchup??? Bc I sure can’t make them out if I saw that or them in real life. Hawick looks a 1% what I usually see, his professional/advertised pics.

    Wasn’t their divorce mutual? So technically, YM didn’t divorce HL. They divorced each other. It’s demeaning to HL to say it the way this article translated

    1. @jjwong perhaps you read too much into it? I think it’s fine? You can mutually agree on the divorce, but one will always have to say it out first. Just like you can mutually divorce but one will always be the one that said to divorce the other?

      1. @littlefish Perhaps. Or perhaps i just want to emphasis on mutual bc the way it’s written a Hawick fan may be offended bc it makes him sound lesser.

      2. @jjwong The article sounds fine, nothing to do with who divorce who first what so ever. But it revealed that people are still trying to attack YM being the mother who only spent very little time with her child. HL is the one that is not under attack although he is the same as YM. So no worries to you. He was forced to get out of the entertainment industry and that was the only reason why he started to spend time with his child. Otherwise he would just be like YM too. Who sounds better in this article. Of course HL, why would HL fans be offended for everything? Also, HL don’t really have any fans. At first he married her so her fans just took him in. Now they’re divorced, her anti-fans took him in as well, so that they have excuses to criticize her. He’d always been less than her in their career. And in parenting, they are both bad parents, but they have been able to support their child healthily unlike JC so they are both very good parents in the same way as well.

      3. @davy uhm, to assume he has no fan or that his marriage to YM was for her fans is just presumptuous.

        And if we want to talk about how unfair the press is. You think HL has it easy? Apparently if he dares to take his child out of the house in open, her fans attacked him for using their child for coverage, when in fact, 1 -it’s just normal holidays period, every parents take their kids out, it’s very very normal. 2 – it’s a crime to keep the child lock up inside the house, as a matter of fact, latest study show prisoners get more fresh air child than children >_> he’s damn if he tries to be a good father, and damn if he doesn’t. And YM has the same choice, she can take her out as every other normal mother does, and ignore what the press thinks, or keep her child hidden and locked up and cry about how everyone misunderstand her. Again, her choice, but somehow, her fans used her choice and imposed it on HL, and set that standard, so now if he wants to just spend time with his kid normally, it’s “for the press”.

        I know the pic of HL taking the daughter out was old, but the issue is the same. He should not be afraid to take his daughter out just because YM didn’t want to. They can have their secret agreement, or whatever, but my point is you shouldn’t attack him for taking his daughter out, just so YM doesn’t look too bad.

        He’s always less than her in celebrity status no doubt, it started that way, and it won’t change because he started to have breakout roles way too late. But that doesn’t mean everything he does is malicious and try to prey on other women, who has more fans than him >_< I don’t even know why I’m defending HL, but I think the poor dude literally couldn’t do anything without her fans twist it in the worst possible way.

      4. @littlefish
        Funny. No one (not even Yang Mi’s fans) thought that the guy should not bring his daughter out. But he brought her out to the mall days after the divorce announcement like he wanted to show off or anything. But it’s his daughter so yeah he can do whatever he wants. It’s their life anyway.

        Yang Mi never cries about how people misunderstood her. It’s her child, it’s up to her how she wants to be with her, out in the open or just have a quality time together at home or using any other methods. Even she never appears in public places like mall. So what do you (or people like you) think if she suddenly brings her daughter to the mall?

        You talk like the guy’s fans never say anything bad about Yang Mi. So funny.

      5. @alexa777 1- “no one thought the guy should not bring his daughter out”, yet they gave him crap when he does. Contradiction much?

        2 – that news of him bringing her out days after the announcement was faked news. Their studio clarified it was picture from a year ago.

        3 – even if it wasn’t fake news, it’s a holidays period, are you expecting any normal parents to house arrest their child during such time? You must not have children because children love to go outside, doesn’t matter how big your house or your backyard is. They need to experience different thing

        4 – there was an article leaking about her conversation with her insiders’s friend about how everyone misunderstood her, could be fake news, however, it’s easy to understand if she has that sort of feeling, because it’s human nature to not be misunderstood, be loved and admired.

        5 – she has appeared in public place like that before with HL when they were out buying stuffs before they broke up.

        6 – even if she has never done it, the first time might be “omg” moments for her fans. But to the average readers like me, everything needs a start, and once she keeps doing it, it will become a norm. Nothing big deal.

        7 – I actually watch more of YM’s series than HL, I actually avoid his series, while don’t mind trying her. I also think she’s a better actor than he is. But I’m not her fan, nor am I her anti fan. However, I don’t go around saying thing like “he has no fans”, and “he married her for her fans”. Because disregarding whether you like him or not, he seems to be a decent enough, nice guy. He has been in the industry long enough, if he wants to be a fan digger, he would have done so long long ago.

        8 – did I say his fans never bad mouth her? But on this site, his fans have not really stoop to that low level. If YM’s fans saying HL married YM for her fans, wouldn’t that imply their idol is so stupid that she didn’t see it? (And im sorry but YM seems to be a very smart woman, I doubt she would let HL use her in anyway, check out their finance). Their marriage, from what I saw, was love at the start, however, they could not fulfill the expectations or manage their life expectations together well, and therefore breakup.

        10 – I even emphasised that I don’t like HL in my first comment, and that was to respond to @davy, who was out of line.

      6. @davy Not true Hawick doesn’t have fans. He has long before he knew YM. He has won awards in Niang Qi, heirs, etc to name a few.

        When he acted in embroidery workshop (which he acted very well), fans love him. In his role in Sealed with a kiss, fans demanded a sequel after the last episode. These were before he knew YM. There are many other examples but the above are few examples. So cannot jump the gun.

        It’s not true Hawick was forced to leave entertainment industry. He wants to fulfil his responsibility to his daughter just like Michael Mui and his wife left entertainment because of their kids.

      7. @lovepeace123 hahaha are you sure that’s the reason, that he wants to fulfil his responsibility to his daughter? You are just kidding right? He didn’t have a choice, that’s why he left the ent industry. All those you said above was actually correct. Maybe he has a few quite successful projects but you should know one thing, those projects were not THAT successful.

      8. @alexa777 How u know these HL proj are not successful. Don’t judge. U know that hawick doesn’t want t fulfil his responsibility to his daughter or you just make it up because you don’t like him? Are you his friend to know what’s in his mind?

  2. That photo of Yang Mi was actually in May or June last year, not recent.

    Yang Mi’s public appearance after announcing her divorce was at the 5th award ceremony of the Actors of China

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