Hawick Lau and Yang Mi Plan for Second Baby

Hawick Lau (劉愷威) and Yang Mi (楊冪) became first-time parents to a baby girl, whom they affectionately nicknamed “Little Sticky Rice,” in June last year. To protect their daughter from the prying eyes of the public, the couple did not reveal any portraits to the media.

Although the power couple has a busy work schedule, they have successfully established a good balance between work and family life. For Lunar New Year, Hawick and Yang Mi visited Hawick’s parents in Hong Kong with their daughter. Despite having a babysitter with her at the airport, Yang Mi still personally took care of her daughter and was seen changing her diapers.

When interviewed yesterday, veteran actor Lau Dan (劉丹) confirmed that Hawick and Yang Mi had returned to Hong Kong. He said, “I miss my granddaughter. When she leaves Hong Kong, the entire house is quiet!” Lau Dan also reveals the couple already has plans for a second child, to give “Little Sticky Rice” the joy of having a sibling.

A fortune teller predicted that the couple may be in luck for a second child in the Year of the Ram, “The two are both born in the Year of the Tiger. It is a year of happiness and romance [for them], so there is a high chance for another child. But there is a greater chance to have a daughter [than a son].”

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. The y chromosome comes from the guy anyways. If the couple’s unable to contribute a son, you can’t blame the mother

    1. It’s not that simple. The uterine environment/egg can actually select for sperm as well.

  2. “I miss my granddaughter. When she leaves Hong Kong, the entire house is quiet!”

    So Hawick Lau wants to raise his children in mainland China. Seriously?

    1. Is it that bad?ts his daughter ,he thinks the best for her so it probably wont be a problem. Mainland isnt that bad right? I’m Chinese American (half white) so…

      1. Polluted environment, fake/counterfeit products, pretty much no freedom of speech, and definitely no democracy, etc. Sorry I’m Taiwanese not Chinese. That’s how I perceive of China.

      2. How is Taiwan much worse? I’ve been to Taiwan, HK and the Mainland. I have to say Taiwan was by far the cleanest, safest, friendliest and least polluted. (Of course, the Mainland is a huge place, I’m sure there are places that aren’t polluted there also.)

  3. It seems to be a trend nowadays for Chinese/HK celebs to nicknamed their kids with food name. I think it started with Kelly Chen.

    1. Oh yeah. I think so too. She nicknamed her sons 蝦餃仔 and 小籠包。

    2. Fruit Chan was the first, then along came those Apples and Coffee.

  4. a healthy child is very important…but it is normal for couples to want to have a boy and a girl. looks like hawick’s daughter is brought up in china but born in HK.

  5. poor grandpa Lau dan! wouldnt it be better to raise the kid in HK than mainland? i guess both working long term in mainland.

  6. i’ve been to hk dozen times and i my skin especially face was peeling badly but i didn’t have that problem when i was in china.

    I actually hate hk – so crowded and rude people also nothing to do besides shopping. I just have no choice because had to visit relative. I prefer china over hk

    1. I guess it varies between individuals. My feet got swollen when I was visiting Taiwan. Since I use to live oversea where the environment and climate are totally different, I guess that’s the cause.

      1. If you travel by airplane, swollen feet is kinda expected, especially on long flight. Or because you eat food with high salt content.

    2. Really? I actually heard that people are rude in China but not HK. Can you elaborate on that a bit more? Many prefer HK over China. My brother’s family went to China and HK and prefer HK over China. They said people in China are rude and it was extremely crowded. Therefore,it was the opposite of what you told me.

      Your feet got swollen in Taiwan? I have never heard of that. My cousins and brothers went to Taiwan a couple of times and loved it. They said that they did not even want to come back to the US. I guess maybe they were in the vacation mode so do not truly understand how life really is there.

      1. Yes, I was visiting Taiwan with my parents. At first, I didn’t notice it until my aunt told me that I have big feet. There was no symptom or hurting at all. But it was gone after a few days. I have never experienced swollen feet before until visiting TW.

      2. Its the same for both. Rude people arent only from China. They’re everywhere around the world.lol

      3. @nori,
        Thanks for sharing but besides your swollen feet,what did you think of Taiwan? My family members loved it and want to live there. They said that’ Taiwanese girls are pretty and Taiwanese people are nice. I met some Taiwanese in the US and they were ok,but were not pretty at all.

        Yes,rude people are everywhere. But in some countries it is more prevalent than others.

      4. I actually was in Taiwan along w/Japan last Xmas of 2014. Both are awesome countries esp Taiwan. I think everyone adjusts differently to another country, I was sick as a dog in my 6 days there even thou it was miraculously warm so it was even more shameful that I was sick. haha LOL…One thing I can tell tell you about Taiwan is people are nice there as they are always people you can ask and they are always responding to you nicely and Japan/Tokyo as well. I mean it’s from my experiences there. China & HK – really depends on the people too, I never actually like HK, I find HK ppl more rude and crowded than China so for those who always puts mainland China down I don’t b/c sometimes it really depends on where you are and your experiences there during your trip. Taiwan – So much to do, so much to eat and soooo cheap. haha lol…I an one on those ppl, who tries NOT to to a country twice so I don’t waste money on same countries for vacation but Taiwan and Japan and China definitely are countries that are worth visiting again since there are always some parts that you might miss to me anyway since I didnt even get to truly taste all the goodies in Taiwan cuz i was sick. haha…Nori had swollen feet, I was sick like crazy so it really depends on the person too. I was not as bad in Tokyo.
        Pretty ppl in Taiwan – I didn’t notice any pretty ppl? haha LOL….The ones I know and see in US are not lookers either? haha LOL…One country I notice has BEAUTIFUL ppl is NOVA SCOTIA, I came across lots of beautiful MEN and WOMEN there, literally everywhere you walk and it’s small you really see lots of beautiful people but since that was many moons ago I don’t now if they have bred uglier ones now. haha LOL…

    3. Based on the smell of the public toilets, I prefer HK to china. South Korea is even better.

  7. Lol they can barely take care of the first kid. Both are working all the time so kid is probably spending lots of time with nanny/babysitter only

    1. They can afford to hire nanny’s and all so why not? It is great to be able to care for the children yourself,but many cannot afford to give up their career to do so because career is what raises the family. Of course that is not a problem for them because they both make big bucks.

    2. If I have the $, I wouldn’t mind to have more too. When one has the $, a lot of problem can b solved comparing to those low/average income earners. For famous ppl like Hawick / Yang Mi, I don’t think they really have the time to care for the daughter as much as we normal ppl do. $ can buy then tonnes of babysitters. If I can js go bck and play with my kids and leaving all the dirty / messy / tedious job to others, I don’t mind to have a football team too! Haha..

  8. So they are both borned in the year of Tiger.. so I guess they are aged 12 years apart ??

      1. I surprisingly find Hawick Lau still quite good looking and I don’t really see that 12 year age gap. I mean you can just tell right away but them I don’t see it. Yang Mi woman does not look that young to me anyway.

      2. I know right, you can’t really see the gap between the two probably because of Botox

  9. no need to plan…just do it! what they have is money. hawick is not young.

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