Hawick Lau Believes in Early Childhood Education

Normally possessing a hectic schedule, Hawick Lau (劉愷威) has been focusing more on his family instead of work because of his four-month-old daughter.

After the birth of his daughter, nicknamed “Little Sticky Rice”, Hawick has been turning down a lot of job offers, namely those that require him to leave home for an extended period of time. Putting effort in becoming a good father, Hawick disclosed that he has been very busy with finding a suitable school for his daughter. Hawick explained that his work schedule, as well as Yang Mi’s (楊冪), is inconsistent so it is best to think about education now than later.

Although his daughter is not even 1-year-old yet, Hawick believed in the importance of early education for children to learn about necessary morals and values. While Hawick may place great importance on learning, he would allow his daughter to choose her own career in the future. Should she decide to become an actress, Hawick would supportive as long as she enjoys the job.

Although Hawick and Yang Mi feel blessed and happy after the birth of their daughter, Hawick currently does not have plans for a second child any time soon. While Hawick does enjoy company and is particularly fond of children, he concluded that he would focus on raising Little Sticky Rice first.

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. i believe in early ed, it helps the children are more obedient, discipline, and more orderly. my child was 1.5 year old when she started school, i had doubts about what she could learn at that age. it turned out to be surprising, what she picked up from school, language, eating and knowing that she could sleep w/o a pacifier.

  2. I beg to differ. Children must first learn to explore at young age and shouldn’t be subjected to formal education too early. They should have fun and play and eventually they’ll be ready once they are of age to start formal education.

    1. Yes. They must not lose their fun filled childhood. THey can learn later

    2. Totally agree.. early education is not bad.. just that schooling in HK is too competitive and intense.. too stressful for the kids.

    1. Sounds like a hypocrite, this is the same guy who got his current wife pregnant before marriage. Now, he wants to teach his daughter moral values. HAHA, oh please! They got married on January 8th, 2014 and their daughter was born on June 1st, 2014.

      1. Pregnant before marriage is not against normal moral for westerners. Sometimes, the values change, and there are some that are not detrimental, after all they did get marriage >_> better than not at all >_>
        Also, just because you did wrong, you can’t turn a new leaf and hoping your next generation to be better?

  3. I think early education is a great idea. Especially for social development, learning how to interact with other adults and kids… not necessarily to learn the ABCs. My nephew was soooo shy and passive before he started his one day/week class. Now hes so much more social and interactive.

    1. Agree! Early child education does not mean sitting in a classroom all day. In Canada, day cares and pre-schools are designed to be a fun learning experience – arts & crafts, outdoor walks, learning songs/rhymes, parties, playing dress up, concerts, etc. Children learn social skills and develop independence.

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