Hawick Lau Spends Time with Daughter in Hong Kong

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Hawick Lau Spends Time with Daughter in Hong Kong

Hawick Lau (劉愷威) was spotted back home in Hong Kong today, spending time with his family and daughter. It’s been a chaotic week for the 44-year-old actor, who announced last month that he and Chinese actress Yang Mi (楊冪) have decided to end their marriage of nearly five years. The former couple married in January 2014 and welcomed a daughter, nicknamed Little Sticky Rice, in June 2014.

Despite the divorce, the former couple said they will share custody of their daughter.

Today, Hawick and his family, including his mother, younger sister, and Little Sticky Rice, were seen at the Aberdeen Marina Club in Aberdeen, Hong Kong. They arrived in two separate cars. Hawick carried Little Sticky Rice, who couldn’t stop smiling, all the way to the restaurant. On their way, the Lau family were stopped by paparazzi, who insisted on asking questions about Yang Mi. Hawick didn’t answer, but did politely wish the reporters a happy new year.

Meanwhile, Yang Mi was spotted in Shanghai for an event. Her production studio shared pictures of the event, and her fans were supportive.

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Hawick Lau Spends Time with Daughter in Hong Kong

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