“Heartbroken” Hins Cheung Goes Out to Party with Men!

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Hins Cheung (張敬軒) has been frequently questioned regarding his sexual orientation.  He was previously rumored to have relations with former Boyz member, Kenny Kwan (關智斌) for five years.  Due to Hins moving away from Kenny’s neighborhood, news reports now indicate that their relationship may have ended.  Known for his gentle mannerism, Hins had a sudden change of personality after his heartbreak!  Last night, Hins appeared intoxicated hugged a group of hunky men! 

Hugging Men, One After Another 

Going out for dinner at a Japanese restaurant, thirty-one-year- old Hins Cheung was surrounded by 7 well-built men  and one female friend.  While eating sashimi, he downed several cups of sake until 11 PM.  Dressed in plaid clothing, Hins appeared to be drunk when leaving the restaurant.  This was evidenced by him being unsteady on his feet and talking loudly.  Unable to contain his enthusiasm, he passionately hugged his tall hunky friend.  Then he proceeded to hug another, who was wearing a backpack.  For the entire night, Hins only hugged his male friends and neglected the only female!  

Speaking Loudly while Pointing Fingers 

With his dazed eyes, tousled hair, and dark eyes circles, Hins was extremely drunk but this did not deter from his excitement.  He slurred his words and spoke loudly with animated movements, pointing his fingers in all directions. In a dimly lit corner, he continued to talk to his friends exuberantly. 

Holding his head with his hands and apparently having a headache, Hins did not stop partying.  His female friend assisted in hailing a taxi for him to go home to rest. However, Hins resisted and would not get in the car.

The Party Continues 

Once drunk, Hins continued to demand the company of his friends.  He arranged taxis for all his friends and provided the drivers with the address.  Hins left with a well built man, who was wearing a tank top in the third taxi.  Afterward, the slew of taxis headed over to Hins’ residence so the party can carry on! 

During the entire night, Hins’ rumored lover, Kenny Kwan, was no where to be seen. This may indicate that the break up rumors are true.  Is Hins behaving this way because of his breakup with Kenny?  Or is his natural self, as a party animal, coming through?

Source: Oriental Daily

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13 comments to “Heartbroken” Hins Cheung Goes Out to Party with Men!

  1. KFC says:

    Maybe he didn’t hug the female friend because the media would blow it out of proportion? Like how the female is Hins’ wife or gf? How they actually lived together for years and has a 4 year old son? If I were Hins (homosexual or not), I wouldn’t hug a female friend in a public area. Its just common sense.

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    • Kidd replied:

      That is true what you said. Of course he didn’t hug his female friend. The media might cry ‘sexual harassment’.

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  2. TVBFanatic says:

    Hmm… I seem to recall the hosts of Beautiful Cooking series 2 making a big deal of a relationship between Hins and Ivana Wong… was that not the case?

    I need to dig out my BCooking DVDs again…

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    • pandamao replied:

      Ivana and him are likely best friends.

      Hins Cheung, Kenny Kwan and Alfred Hui supposedly are gay …

      To me, it doesn’t really matter. I enjoy Hins and Alfred’s music so I’m okay w/ them being whatever they want.

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      • TVBFanatic replied:

        Oh I agree… I don’t have an issue with his orientation.

        I was just thrown because they made it seem like Him/Ivana were quite the pair on the show, so I just naturally put them together.

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  3. Selena says:

    His apartment is very nice. Take a look at this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_DJV_iP9R4&list=UUQYZe-lXLv5t37Jadx2HEtw&index=4&feature=plpp_video

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  4. Funn Lim says:

    Ermmm is this article saying he is gay?

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    • Fox replied:

      He is rumoured with Kenny Kwan years.

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    • elin replied:

      most prbbly..

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  5. elin says:

    rithr way i suppose if one breaks up most of us probbly do wht he did.. go drinking wth pals

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  6. Hannahh says:

    WOW i never thought or knew Hin and Kenny is GAY! lolz where was I!

    I can see Hin as being Gay but not Kenny.

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  7. Kidd says:

    Kenny seems to have focus his acting career in China now. I saw him in some China series. Maybe the times part weaken their relationship.

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  8. Ric says:

    I am open to Hins being gay as it has been rumored for many years but this article seems to be making news out of nothing. It doesn’t surprise me if Hins is gay. Wouldn’t matter to me, he is still one of my favorite singers.

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