Inside Scoop of Ekin Cheng and Yoyo Mung’s Wedding

On January 28, 2013, Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健) and Yoyo Mung (蒙嘉慧) secretly got married in Toyko, Japan. Forty relatives and close friends attended the wedding banquet that took place in a French restaurant, Aimee Vibert. Their low-profile wedding was somewhat a success, considering it might have been kept secret if it was not for a netizen who uploaded an image of the banquet’s seating plan on Weibo.

Following their wedding, Ekin and Yoyo stayed in Japan for a three-day honeymoon before returning to Hong Kong. Yoyo’s manager, Ali Tang, told the media that many of their friends did not even know it was a wedding until they reached the restaurant. Did Ekin pay for all the airfare and hotel expenses? “No, everyone treated the trip as a vacation. We stayed in different hotels. Many people did not even have enough time to prepare a wedding gift.”

Ekin’s parents were among the forty guests at the wedding, but Yoyo’s parents were absent. Ali revealed, “Yoyo’s mom has already passed away, and her dad experiences mobility inconvenience, so the groom’s parents were also their representatives.”

Yoyo Mung weddingJerry Lamb (林曉峰) was the wedding host of the night. He laughed and said, “When Yoyo was putting the ring on Ekin’s finger, she had to take a minute to think about which hand was his left hand. It was hilarious.” As Ekin read out his wedding vows, tears filled his eyes. Yoyo soon broke into tears after seeing her husband cry. The moment was truly memorable for the loving couple.

Upon their return from Tokyo, Ekin and Yoyo faced the surrounding media with all smiles at the Hong Kong International Airport. They held hands tightly, and the rings were evident on their fingers. When Ekin was asked about his mood, he replied “I have expressed this before. Thank you to everyone who has wished us. Some friends could not attend our wedding, so we want to celebrate and thank more friends later on.”

Yoyo expressed that they chose to get married in Japan because it was where they went for their first vacation. Asked if the couple is planning to have a baby soon, Ekin said, “It depends on whether or not Yoyo can take care of a baby!”

Yoyo Mung to Film for HKTV?

After their marriage, both Ekin and Yoyo will continue to work hard on their careers. Allegedly, Yoyo is scheduled with TVB through March this year. Afterwards, she will be heading to CTI’s HKTV station under a contract requiring her to film three dramas in two years. Each episode will earn her $50,000 HKD. However, Yoyo’s manager is currently in Shanghai. Ali revealed, “Everything is still in discussion. They must wait until I return to Hong Kong at the end of February to decide further.”

Video News Coverage

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  1. Didn’t he mention they will register their marriage later? Which means they’re not married, yet. Not legally.

    1. Funn,
      Ekin and Yoyo’s wedding may have been planned spur of the moment. However, to the public world and their friends, Ekin has acknowledged Yoyo as his wife. The marriage certificate should not be an issue.

      It was also reported last year or the year before that Ekin, who did not consider marriage to be suitable for himself, changed his mind after witnessing his friends get married and have kids. He doesn’t seem to cross out being a father either. He seems truly happy and ready to enter the next stage in life.

      I hope to see Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng tie the knot this year.

      Will Aaron Kwok truly wait until he is 50?

      1. For them with equal wealth maybe not. But in HK I don’t believe the term common law wife exists so for ordinary folks, the woman will lose out. Any children of course is illegitimate which makes no difference but I do believe in HK same law mostly so probably an illegitimate child can’t inherit from his or her father. Many chinese never make wills by the way.

        This is not marriage. This is public acknowledgement of Yoyo as his other half. A marriage comes with marriage certificate. Until and unless there is a marriage certificate, there is no marriage. So called acknowledged as wife amounts to nothing when he dies without a will. BUT since they’re celebrities and each with wealth, in the end it doesn’t matter. Again for ordinary folks though, do not get married without registering a marriage. Quite a lot of women still fall for the wedding ceremony trick only to realise decades later they have no rights as a wife and their children may be affected. There are always perks to registering a marriage.

      2. Lynn’s dad just passed away so even if Aaron wanted to marry Lynn, he has to wait as you know the rule of waiting for 2 years during the mourning period of a loved one. Therefore, Aaron does have to wait for at least 2 years.

    2. Funn, before they went to Japan, they already registered for the Marriage Certificate. they are waiting in line for the day they can sign their name on the paper.

      1. Anya,
        In Hong Kong, how long is the wait to obtain a marriage registration? Is there a long delay?

      2. That is not registration, that is having got into line to sign before the registrar. My guess is 2 weeks? Enough time for public announcement etc.

    3. yea, what they did was just have a celebration/banquet to announce to everyone that they are married. But until the official register and get their certificate, then they aren’t legally married yet…

  2. wow they look completely in bliss in the first pic. congratulations to ekin and yoyo.

  3. >When Yoyo was putting the ring on Ekin’s finger, she had to take a minute to think about which hand was his left hand. It was hilarious.

    This one’s a keeper.

  4. The above photograph of them is probably the best that I have seen of them! Hopefully their marriage will get registered soon and become legit.

  5. i remember on a game show a few years back, yoyo couldn’t tell which hand was left and which was right. can’t believe she still hasnt figured it out LOL. congrats to them!

  6. What a beautiful Pic!!!
    I’ve not seen Ekin look this good for a long time!
    Yoyo looks lovely!

  7. What is it with Funn and the marriage registration thingy?

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