International Fans Find Daniel Wu More Handsome Than Lu Han?

44-year-old Daniel Wu (吳彥祖) was part of the generation that sparked a renewed interest in handsome young idols in the Hong Kong entertainment industry. The 20-year veteran has always been a hot favorite for endorsers, and in a new male skincare commercial, he collaborated with popular Chinese idol Lu Han (鹿晗).

Both Daniel and Lu Han have a decent international following due to their respective forays in acting and music—Daniel is the lead star of the AMC television series Into the Badlands, and have made supporting appearances in the Hollywood films Warcraft: The Beginning and Tomb Raider. 28-year-old Lu Han was a member of the popular K-Pop group EXO, and is known for having one of the largest young fanbases in China.

Looks is a very subjective matter, but when the commercial was first revealed, it came to a shock when most netizens seemed to all collectively agree that Daniel was the more attractive one. Fans were all in awe of Daniel’s handsome appearance—although already 44 years old, he doesn’t look a day over 30.

Lu Han, however, did not receive as many compliments. Many international netizens left comments about his feminine looks, with one saying, “I thought he was a woman at first.”


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  1. Daniel has a more matured look whereas Lu Han still looks like a little boy. I personally prefer Daniel.. we live in the same city in the States and I see him and his family around.. he’s very down to earth. His acting is OK.. not great, not bad.. paired with his looks, I would watch any of his movies.

  2. But Daniel Wu is more handsome than 95% of all Asian male stars… try naming a 40-something male star that looks better than him? Can’t think of one

    1. @linda Wu is more handsome than 95% of Asian-American male stars, but there are PLENTY who are even more handsome than Wu: Hu Ge, Yan Yikuan, Jin Dong, Zhu Yilong, Zhang Binbin, Vengo Gao, Wang Kai, Zhang Bo….to name just a few from China. Not to forget Takeshi Kaneshiro, Chen Bolin

      1. @msxie0714 while some names you mentioned are indeed good looking men, but Chen Bolin isn’t one, and while Zhang Binbin doesn’t look too bad, he’s hardly more handsome than Daniel. Without great makeup, Lu Han, as well as a lot of the younger stars don’t actually look good bare face

      2. @littlefish
        40-somethings Jin Dong, Chen Kun, Leehom and
        50 year old Singaporean Chuando Tan are hot.

        young k-pop fans are the ones enamored with androgynous types like Luhan.

      3. @msxie0714 are you trying to list more bad name lol?

        Chen Kun isn’t bad, however, I would say his good look is enhanced by his on screen charisma. I wouldn’t say wow, when I first see him. Leehom is worse, I like his music enough, and found he’s quite talented in music, but handsome wise? Nope! His face is too long! I possibly have higher beauty standard lol.

        Yes, I understand the new Kpop trend, however, wipe off the manliners, the well drawn and plucked eyebrown, they look average at best. Kpop is where literally 90% of the people are made beautiful with good makeup! They are beautiful no doubt, but forgettable and not special

        Lu Han looks terrible and sickly one some of the pic he took with his GF with beard (look like teenager’s beard) on his face.

      4. @littlefish

        I’m not a fan of Luhan or the look of k-pop singers, thank you.
        So you think someone like Leehom with the multi-talent, charisma, height, education, intelligence, and good heart isn’t a qualified true beauty just because of his ‘long’ face? I’ll take him anyday over anyone with a perfect face but empty soul.

      5. @msxie0714 you are DEFINITELY entitled to your opinion, and in NO way is my opinion superior to yours, but:

        1) the people you gave are mostly in their 30s, people actually look quite a lot better when they are younger

        2) even so, only Takeshi Kaneshiro is better looking IMO as the rest of the faces only look good in certain angles. I am a HUGE HUGE fan of Vengo Gao, but even he looks awkward in certain angles. Only faces that are 零死角 can be considered truly good looking imo

      6. @linda

        only a very rare percentage have perfect features. imposing such impossibly high standards to be deemed ‘truly’ good looking, those merely attractive people will be judged as not so good-looking and feel pressured to seek surgery.

      7. Oh god we are discussing about aesthetics, if you wanted to switch to talking about morals, then the fact that this article exists to compare 2 mens’ physical appearances is already wrong. And let me be clear, they are **all** good-looking mannn~! Ain’t nobody who isn’t good-looking in showbiz COME ON

        I just stated my preference in terms of looks. I still prefer Vengo as an actor over Daniel, because people are so much more than just “looks”, look at Edison Chen who was good-looking but caused hurt to Cecilia Cheung & Gillian Chung

        I hope I made myself clear: looks isn’t everything. In fact, it could be nothing because I always fall for the “ugly” boys

      8. @linda Edison Chen has the face that makes you want to punch him. Hard. Never understood his appeal. He looks like a complete loser, someone who “shines shoes”, someone who tags along, someone who you could never trust. (this is all judging by appearance, of course.)

        Cecilia Cheung and Gillian Chung should take responsibility for their own stupidity. How stupid can they be to have taken those pictures – regardless if they were supposed to be private or not – nothing is safe on the computer or cellphone. This is just common sense, and not-to-mention they are celebrities! My moto is: “blame yourself for your own stupidity and carelessness.”

        Actually, I truly believe Gillian Chung is air-headed. Look at how she talks! It’s painful listening to her. She is one of the dumbest-sounding person in the industry. And her “twin” sounds just as bad.

  3. “Looks is a very subjective matter”…….for sure. I don’t find either goodlooking but if I had to choose, I’d say Daniel looks better and yes I agree that Lu Han looks like a woman.

    1. @passingby Agree. I never find Daniel Wu good looking either. He’s definitely more attractive than the teenage looking kid in comparison and he’s certainly more manly and matured looking.

  4. Daniel Wu has more traditional masculine features that has international acceptance than LuHan who looks like a girl that is only popular in Asia.

  5. Nope, never found Daniel Wu appealing physically. His mouth always look weird to me. But I like his personality. Lu Han is a xiao bai lian, pretty boy face. Nothing to remark about him as he’s rather bland to me…but he’s better looking than Daniel

  6. quite interesting how international viewers see aging differently. i thought daniel wu wasn’t aging that well when he hit 28. however, his aging did seem to have ceased after he hit his 30s. so i guess he is still looking young for his age. i think lu han looks cuter, i could seriously have a crush over him if i see him more. daniel wu was seriously hot when he was younger.

  7. No fan of both but based upon looks alone Daniel Wu’s classic manly looks is more appealing than girly LuHan

  8. Daniel Wu looks like a man, the other one looks boyish and/or COULD be a female. I think that’s pretty unanimous.

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