Jackie Chan Explains Guns and Grenades Controversy

In a recent interview, Jackie Chan (成龍 ) shared how he had to fight against the triads who had a strong control of the entertainment industry in the 1980s and 1990s. He admitted to carrying guns and grenades to protect himself against the triads. However, arming himself in this manner would have been a criminal offense in Hong Kong.

Bodyguards Carried Weapons

With the rumor that the Hong Kong police started an investigation on Jackie’s gun drawing controversy, he finally clarified that the incident happened about 35 years ago in the United States, and the guns and the grenades were carried by his bodyguards. Jackie said the reason for the misunderstanding was due to his loose-cannon personality, so the press misunderstood his words.

Jackie said,” I don’t understand how an incident that happened 35 years ago would cause such huge controversy. I really have to be very cautious with my words.”

Jackie is confused and hurt by this controversy and complained, “I can’t take it anymore! I cannot believe that with only a few words, I would cause such a controversy. I will be extremely careful from now on. I will try to talk less during future promotional events.”

Jackie is frustrated that the press had been creating many false stories about him. At the Beijing premiere of his new film, CZ12 <十二生肖>, Jackied said, “In the past, if I made a mistake on my statement, the press would usually correct it. Now, it’s a different story, if I made a small mistake, the press will end up writing an entirely different story.

Although he has been in the entertainment industry for many years, Jackie still has difficulty in handling the press regarding rumors and controversy. One of his employees advised Jackie to try to express his feelings and opinions oh his own Weibo blog instead.  He will use this method to clarify himself going forward. Otherwise, the press may continue to pester him everywhere he goes.

Jackie: “I Didn’t See the Need for a Divorce”

At various public events, Jackie has been praising his son, Jaycee Chan (房祖名), for his good singing skills, musical composition talent, and recent movies. Jackie explained that he only praised his son publicly because his wife, Joan Lin (林鳳嬌) urged him to not undermine Jaycee’s pride and confidence.

Joan cried fearfully one time, “What we are doing is pushing him [Jaycee] towards suicide!”

Jackie said, “Thirty years ago, I would have given him [Jaycee] a couple of slaps on the face, to straighten him out. But I can’t do that anymore; otherwise he will say, ‘You hit me, I will sue you! You hit me; I will commit suicide!'”

Married for 30 years, Jackie was extremely satisfied with his wife, Joan, whom he praised, “She takes care of the family and me. She doesn’t go out and there is no gossip.”

Jackie also said jokingly, “I wanted to find a reason for divorce. After searching for a reason for half a year,  I found none. I picked the right wife 30 years ago. She doesn’t make me worry, allowing me to focus on work.”

Source: On.cc; QQ.com

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  1. If he keep his mouth shut, he won’t put your foot in it. Now a totally different fib. What a turnabout! Hence, which one to believe?

  2. “I wanted to find a reason for divorce. After searching for a reason for half a year, I found none”

    Er… so the moron spent 6 months thinking of a reason to divorce his wife??

    “She doesn’t make me worry, allowing me to focus on work.””

    More like “allowing me to screw around with other women.”

  3. I think Jackie hit his head too much doing those action movies that he know can’t even think straight…. He reminds me of my 80 year old uncle who has lost his memory…

  4. Of coz he can’t find any reason for divorce because he is a scumbag to begin with. Perhaps his wife could have more than 100 reasons to divorce him instead!

  5. She takes care of the family and doesn’t go out. That’s why have no gossip. Mr Chan, by making your wife ‘to stay at home’ entirely, you’re making a depress wife probably. And not surprising, your son a young man today also got suicidal tendency now.

  6. I view him as a very straight forward person he talks what he wanted to say right from his heart there is no twist and turn and a very lively person to me he is a happy go lucky person; b’coz of his fame and money manys girls are attracted to him of coz…

    1. “b’coz of his fame and money manys girls are attracted to him of coz…”

      Correction. Girls are not attracted to him, more of he makes use of his fame and money to lure girls!!!

      1. that is right. i don’t think the girls will go to him bcoz of his fame & money. he is the lustful one obviously & trying to use fame & money to sleep with girls obviously.

    2. There is a chinese saying “If Cow don’t drink water,can you push a cow head down” don’t be so innocent you guys. If Jackie has sex scandals the police will come after him like others.

  7. In a way i pitied him. Probably next time he would just have to say “No comment”. By the way, Jayne, I am a bit confuse with current layout. Just realize the news was being divided in several section?. Preferred the old one, simple and nice.

    1. Ita,
      The new layout divides into TV, movies, and music which allows it easier to zone it on news of interest. This is important as we increase our news coverage going forward. Hmm…I realize that some readers prefer scrolling through the text headlines, but hopefully you will get used to navigating the new layout soon.

      I guess it boils down to whether readers prefer more text versus graphics/thumbnails.

  8. Jackie, please be a little more humble and stop talking trash!

  9. People may find Jackie annoying ; you can’t blame him ; he has been in this entertainment industry before many of the younger generations were born; he has reached the level of legend or as big brother.

  10. he’s got to talk, if he doesn’t talk he’d be logging onto monster.com looking for employment

  11. He is lucky his wife raised him a good son. If Jaycee is raised by Jackie, I think either he will commit suicide or turn to a life of drugs due to neglect and emotional abuse.

    1. oh well, still too early to comment on this. we won’t know the actual emotion Jaycee is dealing for having such father.

  12. Jackie is a perfectionist if not today he won’t has this status as for his son maybe he has his mother gene that makes him weaker

  13. “Thirty years ago, I would have given him [Jaycee] a couple of slaps on the face, to straighten him out. “

    What wrong has Jaycee done that Jackie need to slap him? I don’t remember Jaycee having any scandal or bad conduct reputation. He seems to be a pretty well brought up young man.

    I always felt Jackie is too harsh on his son. He often criticises Jaycee in public for no good reason.

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