Jason Chan, Sarah Song Post Baby Vlog

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Jason Chan, Sarah Song Post Baby Vlog

After announcing their baby news last week, Jason Chan (陳智燊) and Sarah Song (宋熙年) recently uploaded a vlog on YouTube, hoping to bring friends and fans along on their journey as expectant parents.

Getting ready to become first-time parents, the couple has been pulling all the stops, including already shopping for a baby carriage despite Sarah only being three months pregnant. Known to be frugal, Sarah exclaimed that the baby carriage only cost her 300 RMB in the video.

While Sarah is fairly relaxed so far in the pregnancy, she revealed that Jason was the one who worried about every little detail and who took every precaution. Acting as Sarah’s nutritionist, Jason monitors his wife’s every meal causing her to cry out in frustration. She exclaimed, “Oh my God, he doesn’t let me eat anything! He would say, ‘Don’t eat that’ and ‘Sit down to put your shoes on’. So annoying!”

Jason shrugged and responded that she has to listen to him during this time although Sarah is normally queen of the household.

Fans witnessing the cute bickering between the two praised the couple for being super sweet and believes they will both be excellent parents when the baby arrives.

Jason and Sarah have been active lifestyle vloggers on YouTube since 2016, where they talk about things they like to do and life together as a married couple. The couple intends to focus more on baby topics as Sarah progresses in her pregnancy.

Jason and Sarah are not the only ones in industry to share some good news with their fans in 2018 though – singer Jason Chan (陳柏宇) and his wife recently shared an ultrasound photo on their social media, revealing that they too will be welcoming a little one soon.

Sarah & Jason’s Baby Vlog Episode

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5 comments to Jason Chan, Sarah Song Post Baby Vlog

  1. jayne says:

    I think it’s a great idea for Sarah Song and Jason Chan to be Vlog stars, as they are a great looking couple and seem very down-to-earth. It’s a fun way for fans to get a glimpse of how TVB stars live.

    Although the idea is good, the execution for the videos can be better. Jason seems to be stuck with his expressions and a bit camera shy (perhaps rehearsing would improve his scenes). The background noise is too strong and some music overlay would make the scenes more interesting. If they are not handy in editing, they can always hire some film students to help them. They are celebrities, but the videos seem amateurish in execution.

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    • kuks replied:

      @jayne I think they’re intentionally producing their videos as raw and candid glimpse into their lives rather than a polished production. Like you said, they’re very down-to-earth, so perhaps their self edited, amateur videos were made to reflect this.

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      • jayne replied:

        @kuks I’m not sure if the raw effect is intended or not. The loud background noise (from wind and random kids screaming) indicate that they need some microphones or better sound editing. Camera angles and spontaneous lines may intend for more authentic effect, but the lack of audibility make them look amateurish.

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  2. jayne says:

    I like Vbloggers, the Fung brothers on YouTube. Their travel and humorous videos are very watchable.

    They stay on topic and their message is very clear, unlike Sarah and Jason who seem a bit unfocused in their videos. The Fung brothers have cute punchlines and their outdoor scenes are not noisy. They add music and graphics to emphasize their points. While their videos are edited, they still come across as very authentic. Also inviting their friends as guest stars adds interest to their episodes, as they often have great group chemistry together.

    Did the Fung brothers have a big budget to make their videos? Having worked in the industry for years, Sarah and Jason should know enough people in the industry to make simple videos for them. They don’t necessarily need a very high gloss finish, but I really think good sound quality in their outdoor scenes are a must.

    The Fung Brothers

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  3. jimmyszeto says:

    For minor or major celebrities, vlogs and youtube videos are certainly the way forward in helping gain exposure amongst the audience. Waiting around for TV sceentime is not enough nowadays and prodicing these videos can help Jason prolong his career within the entertainment industry. This is a clever thinking couple!

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