Jerry Yan Admits He Was Not a Good Boyfriend to Chiling Lin

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Jerry Yan Admits He Was Not a Good Boyfriend to Chiling Lin


A former member of Taiwanese boyband F4Jerry Yan‘s (言承旭) love life has always been in scrutiny. The romance between Jerry and Taiwanese model-actress Chiling Lin (林志玲) was leaked in 2006, but was however short-lived. Having largely kept his private life to himself, Jerry finally shed some light on his past romances in a recent promotional interview for his new drama, The Best Ex-Boyfriend <最佳前男友>.

Low Self-Esteem

Jerry admitted that he was not very well-versed in the art of romance. In his youth, whenever he was teased by girls who had a crush on him, he would mistakenly think that they were bullying him. He only realized when he was older that those girls were merely trying to attract his attention. Jerry explained that coming from a poor, single-parent background, he grew up with an inferiority complex; he was often insecure and constantly felt the need to prove himself. This led to Jerry having disproportionate reactions to many things. For instance, when playing basketball in his youth, losing a match would cause him to be very angry.

As a result of his low self-esteem, Jerry  lacked the confidence to express his feelings and became very abrasive. Jerry interacted with his past girlfriends and his mother in the same manner. For example, whenever his mother falls ill, instead of comforting her, his instinctive response would be to reprimand her and say, “Why didn’t you go see a doctor? Why don’t you listen to me?”

Jerry was unable to be verbally affectionate with the people he loved. It took Jerry a while before he realized that looks and talent did not matter, but what really mattered to women was the ability to bring them joy and comfort.

Regrets Poor Handling of Romance with Chiling Lin

Jerry went on to describe a particularly emotional episode of The Best Ex-Boyfriend, in which his character’s love interest suffered an accident and he was unable to be present at the scene. Jerry said this scene particularly resonated with him, and he could not stop himself from crying even after filming of the scene had ended.

This naturally brings to mind the rumor that when Chi Ling accidentally fell from a horse in late 2005, Jerry’s first response was to send her a text message chiding her for being careless, and Chi Ling was deeply hurt by the message. Jerry did not give a straight answer as to the truth of the rumor but merely admitted that his inability to be sweet and express affection through words was the main cause of failure for many of his relationships.

Jerry added that he has matured after all these years and has learned to be more considerate of the other person’s feelings in a relationship. He hopes for a stable, loving relationship and is particularly envious of Jay Chou (周杰倫), whom he describes as a role model for having loved without restraint and successfully settled down with a happy family.

As for his past lovers, Jerry is content with having created beautiful memories with them. Having gained the appreciation that life is short, Jerry understands the importance of living in the moment and not dwelling too much on the past. He even reveals that if his ex-girlfriend gets married, he might feel a little sore but would sincerely feel happy for her. If he receives a wedding invitation, he would even attend the wedding to give her his blessings. No names were mentioned but all signs point to this “ex-girlfriend” being Chiling, the only woman Jerry has ever openly acknowledged dating.


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